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Juan Manuel Marquez

Marquez targeting Pacquiao for fifth fight

40-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KO’s) has his eyes on a fifth fight against Manny Pacquiao if he can get past Mike Alvarado (34-2, 23 KO’s) in their HBO televised fight this Saturday night at the Forum, in Inglewood, California, USA. Marquez wants the Pacquiao fight because he’s the WBO welterweight title holder, and Marquez wants the opportunity to win a fifth division world title.

For him winning fifth world title will somehow validate his long 21-year pro career. You can’t help thinking that even if Marquez beats Pacquiao to capture his WBO title, Marquez will continue on and have some other goal that will keep him fighting. Hopefully, Marquez doesn’t get it into his head to try and capture a junior middleweight title, because that would be really pushing it.

“We all want the fifth title. It’s very important to all of us,” Marquez said. “That’s the motivation now to keep going. The first thing is Alvarado, but we know that the fifth fight with Pacquiao is a possibility.” Continue reading

“WBC Heavyweight Champ Bermane Stiverne” edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”

Tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST, “JEK III Productions” presents a big “Stiverne vs. Arreola” edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”!!

Pugilist KOrner listener line: 718-506-1506

Throughout the first thirty minute segment of the two hour program, The Pugilist KOrner team will discuss last night‘s historic Heavyweight title fight in Los Angeles, California, and analyze how Bermane Stiverne broke down Chris Arreola over five plus rounds.

James and Joseph will also talk about the controversial ruling of the WBC, that Adrien “The Problem” Broner will not appear on any of their rankings until he issues a formal apology…was the order by the WBC just and merited? Continue reading

Video: Road to Marquez/Alvarado Full Episode

HBO Boxing presents “Road to Marquez/Alvarado,” a compelling special examining the upcoming welterweight encounter between legendary champ Juan Manuel Marquez and all-action former junior welterweight title-holder Mike Alvarado. The two are set to meet in one of the year’s most anticipated showdowns Saturday, May 17 at The Forum in Inglewood, CA, televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing ®.

The 15-minute special will also be available on the HBO On Demand® service, HBO GO® and at as well as various other new media platforms that distribute the series. Other HBO playdates: April 19 (12:45 a.m.), 20 (10:45 a.m.), 24 (8:15 a.m. & 2:45 p.m.), 28 (4:45 p.m.), 30 (10:15 a.m.) and May 9 (1:00 p.m.), 12 (8:15 p.m. & 2:50 a.m.), 14 (6:00 p.m. & 5:40 a.m.), 16 (9:00 a.m. & 3:45 p.m.) and 17 (8:15 a.m.).

HBO2 playdates: April 21 (11:30 a.m. & 12:15 a.m.), 27 (9:15 a.m.) and May 10 (1:00 p.m.) 13 (3:15 p.m. & 9:15 p.m.), 15 (7:45 p.m.) and 16 (1:15 a.m.). All times are ET/PT.

A retrospect of the 4th fight between Manny Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez – would five times be too much?

The 4th fight turned out to be a climatic episode of the famed rivalry and a defining moment for Juan Manuel Marquez. This was the third KO loss for Manny Pacquiao in his stellar career and normally it would mean the end of the road for a 34 years old welterweight . He has rebounded from the fiasco, rebuilt his bona fides and the dramatic turn of events has set up the stage for a 5th episode.

I’d like to focus on the knock down and KO punches thrown by Marquez in the 3rd and 6th round of the 4th fight as it was basically (but not exactly) the same shot. It appeared Marquez had adapted the punch specifically for his rival, a tailor made “Pacquiao special”. The move was designed individually for Manny Pacquiao taking into consideration his southpaw stance, fighting style, temper and usual reaction to attack. It could be argued that the KO was caused by a lucky strike, a fluke combined with lack of focus on Pacman’s part who believed (not without reason) that his opponent was finished. It has to be taken into consideration though that Marquez laboriously executed his game plan under severe stress while he was being outclassed and on the verge of being stopped by the congressman. Continue reading

Marquez vs. Alvarado: Saturday, May 17 Live on HBO – Tix On Sale Today

Boxing is back at the Forum (3900 West Manchester Blvd., Inglewood, Calif. 90305) and the historic inaugural brawl will feature four-division world champion and Méxican icon JUAN MANUEL “Dinamita” MÁRQUEZ battling former junior welterweight world champion and the pride of Colorado “Mile High” MIKE ALVARADO.

Márquez (55-7-1, 40 KOs), of México City, a longtime Forum stalwart who never lost a fight at the legendary boxing venue, and Alvarado (34-2, 23 KOs), of Denver, CO., will collide in a 12-round World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight title elimination bout on Saturday, May 17. The Márquez-Alvarado welterweight rumble will be televised live on HBO World Championship Boxing®, beginning at 10:15 p.m. ET/PT. The winner will challenge the victor of the upcoming WBO welterweight championship rematch between Manny Pacquiao and Timothy Bradley, Jr. Márquez and Alvarado boast a combined record of 89-9-1 (63 KOs) — a winning percentage of 90% and a victory by knockout ratio of 71%. Continue reading

Mike Alvarado wants to retire Juan Manuel Marquez on May 17th

Former WBO light welterweight champion Mike Alvarado (34-2, 23 KO’s) wants to not only beat 40-year-old Juan Manuel Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KO’s) in their fight on May 17th, but also send Marquez into retirement. For Alvarado, it’s about redeeming himself from his recent 10th round stoppage loss at the hands of Ruslan Provodnikov and also doing it in a fashion where he sends Marquez into a permanent retirement. I guess it’s one of those two for the price of one deals.

“Redeeming myself and retiring the legend is even better,” Alvarado said to Radio Raheem. “I’m destined to be great. I’m good but I’m not better than good.” Continue reading

“Marquez vs. Alvarado and Golovkin vs. Chavez Jr.” edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”

Tonight at 9PM EST/6PM PST, “JEK III Productions” presents a special “HBO vs. Showtime” edition of “The Pugilist KOrner’s: Weekend Wrap”!!

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Throughout the first thirty minute segment of the two hour program, The Pugilist KOrner team will discuss the announcement of Juan Manuel Marquez versus Mike Alvarado, which has been slated for May 17th, as well as the potential super fight between Gennady Golovkin and Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., which could be announced in a few short weeks!! Continue reading

Juan Manuel Marquez vs. Mike Alvarado a done deal for May 17th

The WBO welterweight eliminator bout between former four division world champion Juan Manuel Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KO’s) and former WBO light welterweight champion Mike Alvarado (34-2, 23 KO’s) is a done deal for May 17th in a Top Rank promoted fight that will be televised by HBO from the Forum, in Inglewood, California, USA.

It’s kind of an unusual eliminator bout in that both fighters are coming off of losses. Normally, eliminator bouts involved two fighters who are coming into the fights with winning streaks and are fighting at a high level, but not in this case.

Marquez was beaten in his last fight by Bradley last October by a 12 round split decision, whereas Alvarado was stopped in the 10th round by Mike Alvarado last October.

Alvarado has lost 2 out of his last 3 fights. With that many losses in his last three fights, Alvarado really shouldn’t be considered for the fight. Continue reading

Marquez Vs. Alvarado on May 17th

The fight will take place at Inglewood, California on May 17th and it will be televised live on HBO. The winner of this elimination bout will be the mandatory challenger for the winner of Pacquiao Vs. Bradley. This means there is a hope of Paquiao Vs. Marquez 5 if both of them come out victorious from their fights….. Unless there is a spoiler.

I have a strong feeling that Pacquaio will come out as the winner in his upcoming fight by an impressive performance. Lets face it: Pacquiao will go for the kill against Bradley because he needs to avenge his “loss” and he will not hesitate because of Bradley’s feather dusting punching power. Bradley will not be able to outbox Pacquiao like he did with Marquez. Pacquiao is not a “wait and counter punch” fighter like Marquez. He will move in with a strong offense and that will push Bradley to fight or run. Either way he will get caught by a fighter much faster and powerful than fighters like Kendal Holt and Prodnikov who have made Bradley taste the floor. Continue reading

Juan Manuel Marquez faces Mike Alvarado on May 17th at Inglewood forum

Juan Manuel Marquez (55-7-1, 40 KO’s) will be fighting former WBO light welterweight champion Mike Alvarado (34-2, 23 KO’s) on May 17th at the Forum, in Inglewood, California, USA. The winner of the fight will be facing the winner of the April 12th fight between Manny Pacquiao vs. WBO welterweight champion Tim Bradley.

Marquez, 41, wants a chance to win a 5th division world title; whereas Alvarado is just looking to get his career back in order after getting stopped in the 10th round last October by the tough as nails Ruslan Provodnikov.

It’s unknown why Marquez feels that he needs to win another world title in order to somehow validate his career, as he’s already shown he’s a Hall of Fame type of fighter. Winning another world title is pretty much a meaningless thing at this point, especially if it comes against Pacquiao, who he already beat in his last fight. You have to wonder whether Marquez will feel he needs to win a 6th world title if he accomplishes his goal of winning a 5th. It goes on and on, and it’s not really worth it. Continue reading