Juan Manuel Marquez to fight Brook in 2015?

Fernando Beltran and Ignacio Beristain (promoter and trainer for Marquez) have said that Juan Manuel will fight again and that it will be in 2015. At 41 years of age the Mexican legend has the right to be picky with his fights and having fought just once in 2013 and 2014 it is likely he will only take one fight for this year also.

Marquez has said that his final goal as a fighter would be to win a world title at 147 and become the first Mexican boxer to win titles in five weight divisions.

Because of this target Brook would be the number one option for him being the only opponent who has a title who he hasn’t faced. Rematches with Bradley and Pacquiao are not out of the picture and guys like Brandon Rios and Mikey Garcia would also prove to make great fights, but I think at this point in his great career it is his legacy he is looking to improve and the title may be the most important thing.

Kell Brook is fighting his mandatory Jo Jo Dan next but after that would be looking for a big fight as welterweight and if Amir Khan cannot be found for a fight Marquez would be one of the best fights out there for him. Brook has an undefeated record and a world title, but one thing he doesn’t have is a lot of recognisable names on his resume. Marquez would be the best name of his list of fights and this would go a long way to legitimising him as a champion in the welterweight division.

Personally, I think this is a great fight and hope it gets made for later in this year. Aside from the name Manny Pacquiao who may be caught up fighting Floyd Mayweather or Amir Khan, I think this is the best fight out there for both fighters and a great one for the fans. Each man sees what they need for their careers in the other and this would make for a tantalising matchup.