Ryan Garcia Defeats Devin Haney In A Modern Day Classic!

By James Slater - 04/21/2024 - Comments

And so many of us felt the fight should not have been allowed to go ahead!

Tonight in New York, Ryan Garcia dropped Devin Haney three times in winning a 12 round majority decision in a fight that, oh so ironically reminded us all what is so great, so special about the sport of boxing. After one of the wildest, at times most disturbing fight build-ups ever seen – with so many of us worrying about Garcia’s mental health – Garcia showed us how special a fighter he really is.

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After 12 at times sizzling rounds, with “KingRy” the man landing the sizzlers, scoring those three knockdowns, the scores were all over the place, at 112-112, and 114-110 for Garcia and 115-109 for Garcia. The crowd, well behind Garcia all the way through, had zero problems with the decision. Neither did this fan, who is so pleased to have stayed up into the early morning hours to watch this great, dramatic fight.

Garcia didn’t win the WBC 140 pound belt tonight, as he failed to make weight, but he sure won our respect. Garcia is now 25-1(20). Haney, who showed heart in getting back up so many times and in battling through a bloodied mouth, his jaw possibly damaged, is now 31-1(15). Haney had never before been on the canvas, yet tonight he was dumped multiple times.

Garcia got off to a great start, wobbling Haney with a crisp left hook that was followed by a right hand. Haney knew already this was going to be his toughest fight. Haney, who looked big for the weight, his shoulders bulging, was often the man on the front foot, but after he was hurt, as he was many times tonight, Haney was guilty of holding on for dear life.

Haney seemed to get into his groove after his opening round scare, with Garcia going backwards and not letting enough punches go. Some of us might have been waiting for the predicted/feared Garcia meltdown, yet it never came. Garcia instead remained focused and patient. Haney stunned Garcia with a left hook of his own in the third, and Garcia snarled as he banged his gloves together. Haney was winning the rounds now though. Garcia exploded into life at the start of the sixth round, but his attack was not consistent. Then, in round seven, all hell broke loose.

Garcia landed a left/right to the head and down went Haney, badly stunned. Haney got up and he held on tightly, with Garcia hitting Haney on the break as the third man got in and broke the two, and Garcia was docked a point for the foul. Twice more, Haney went down, the referee, Harvey Dock, calling both falls no-knockdown. The crowd was on fire!

Haney came back in the eighth round, while both men had their moments in the ninth. Round ten saw Garcia blast Haney to the mat yet again, his lefts and rights doing damage. Haney was really holding on tight this time, but Garcia kept on punching. Dock issued a “final warning” for the holding. On the fight raged, with Garcia cracking Haney with another huge left hook to the head. How Haney didn’t go down yet again you will have to ask him.

Haney did go down again in round 11, and “The Dream” was now looking beaten up, his mouth and jaw swollen and bloody. But Haney’s heart proved to be massive and there was no quit in him. Round 12 saw Garcia showboat his way to the final bell, assured as he was that he had the win in the bag. And so he did.

Going into tonight’s fight, nobody, as in NOBODY predicted a Garcia points win, or even a win at all. Garcia showed us all who he really is tonight, and the rematch is already being called for, as great as tonight’s battle truly was.

Thanks go out to both men for giving us the 2024 FOTY. So far.

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