Who Would You Rather See Manny Pacquiao Fight Next. Danny Garcia Or Mikey Garcia?

It’s not locked down yet, but the word is Manny Pacquiao will very possibly fight a Garcia in his next fight: Danny or Mikey. This is the likely scenario according to Manny’s right-hand man, Mike Gibbons.

Pacquiao, a true fighting marvel who has thus far been hugely successful in beating up Father Time, or at least keeping him at bay, seems destined to keep on keeping on for some time. Hey, as good, or as great as he has looked in his last two ring appearances – in defeating both Adrien Broner and Keith Thurman by clear decision – why wouldn’t Pac Man carry on doing that which he so clearly and dearly loves doing?

Quite a lot has happened outside of the ring since Pacquiao’s quite superb win over Thurman. First off, fellow living legend Bernard Hopkins has stated how he feels Manny will break his record as the oldest of the old to stay at the top and keep going until he’s turned 50 years of age! That really would be mind boggling – imagine Pac Man still gobbling up opposition ten long years from now.

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Bob Arum disagrees, pouring cold water on Pacquiao’s big win over Thurman at age 40 by saying how the punches Manny took in the fight “will affect the way he lives the rest of his life.” Arum suggests Pacquiao fights Floyd Mayweather in a rematch and nobody else and then calls it quits. Arum insists he cares about Pacquiao and that his long term health is what’s paramount.

As for Thurman, “One Time” recently let it be known he is injured once again, that he felt pain in his hand in the Pacquiao fight, and that he will not fight again until next year. Really, has any modern day fighter been the victim of so many injuries so close together? It’s tough not to feel bad for Thurman, who is trying to put the frustration behind him.

So Pacquiao moves on, possibly to Danny or Mikey Garcia. Of the two former champions, who would you prefer to see Pac Man fight? Garcia looked pretty good in his last fight when be stopped Adrian Granados in April, while Mikey was last seen losing every single round to Errol Spence in his 147 pound debut back in March.

Who has more left, and which Garcia would give Pacquiao the better fight? Would either man beat Pacquiao?

Still one of the top three or four biggest names in the entire sport, Manny Pacquiao is still thrilling millions of fight fans. But for how much longer can this modern day fairy tale continue?