Where Does Fury vs Wilder 3 Rank Amongst The Greatest Heavyweight Battles?

By James Slater - 10/11/2021 - Comments

There is no doubt about it, we got a great action fight, a momentous slugfest, a truly sensational give-and-take war on Saturday night when (still) bitter heavyweight rivals Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fought the final instalment of their at times controversial, at times shocking, at times thoroughly entertaining trilogy. The two giants traded knockdowns, they both had to dig deeper than ever, and Fury and Wilder gave us a fight that will be talked about for some considerable amount of time.

Was Fury-Wilder III an all-time classic? Promoters Bob Arum and Frank Warren, both having been around the sport for decades, instantly declared how they have never seen a greater heavyweight fight. This is quite the statement, especially when we consider how Arum was there at Ali-Frazier I, and when we consider how both Arum and Warren were watching Ali-Frazier III when it went down all those years ago. Does Fury-Wilder III deserve to be ranked alongside those two epic rumbles? Does Fury-Wilder III deserve to be placed in the Top-10 Greatest Heavyweight Fights of all-time?

Where Does Fury vs Wilder 3 Rank Amongst The Greatest Heavyweight Battles?

Ali-Frazier III, “The Thrilla in Manila,” will never be topped as far as many people go, and only the third and final act in this, the bitterest, most savage heavyweight rivalry of them all, ranks above “The Fight of the Century.” And plenty of fans/experts/pundits rank all three Riddick Bowe-Evander Holyfield battles as the next best heavyweight action fights after the 1970s epics. So which fight deserves to be placed next on the list?

Can we ever forget the sizzling slugfest George Foreman and Ron Lyle put on, in a non-title affair in 1976? Not a chance. How about, when we go back further in time, the too-much-action-for-the-brain-to-keep-up-with, multi-knockdown thriller between Jack Dempsey and Luis Angel Firpo? And Larry Holmes-Ken Norton, and in more recent times, Anthony Joshua-Wladimir Klitschko? Indeed, it is tough coming up with a Top-10 Greatest Heavyweight Fights list that pleases everyone. Impossible more like it.

Where Does Fury vs Wilder 3 Rank Amongst The Greatest Heavyweight Battles?

But the argument has already been made: the long, hard, at times thrilling, at times almost mind-boggling to watch, at times brutal battle Fury and Wilder dragged each other through whilst completing their rivalry is worthy of being ranked alongside any great one you care to mention. It really could be quite some time before we see a greater, more pulse-quickening heavyweight slugfest than the one that went down in Las Vegas on October 9, 2021.

The heavyweight division is thriving once again.

Where Does Fury vs Wilder 3 Rank Amongst The Greatest Heavyweight Battles?

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  1. How about Jersey Joe Walcott vs Rocky Marciano I…or Jim Braddock vs Max Baer…or Ali vs. Chuvalo…or Dempsey vs Tunney

  2. Some sore, sad lovers posting on here. Fury is a legend and whipped Deontay’s ass.

    • They cheated on the count again but you won’t ACKNOWLEDGE the fact because he’s black🖤. You gotta be retarded to ignore A HALL OF FAMER CALLING THE FIGHT A LIAR WHEN HE SAID LIVE THAT IS VERY SLOW COUNT. CHEATING IS CHEATING SMH UNLESS YOU’RE BLACK THEN ITS STOP COMPLAINING.

    • Deontay Wilder was cheated in all three fights.
      He was robbed of an unparalleled legacy, millions of dollars, and physically and mentally damaged by drugging and glove tampering. Perhaps fury’s boxing career is over now. If he fights Oleksandr Usyk in the Ukrainian, there will be no steroids cocaine crank or tampered gloves. At least the Ukrainian boxing regulatory agencies Will not tolerate such criminal activities.

  3. Wilder got exactly what he deserved. I’m not buying this “he had so much heart”. He’s had a laundry list of excuses, as far back as the first Fury fight. He blamed his long time trainer Mark Breland for heaven sake; one of the nicest guys in Boxing. He blamed a 40lb outfit he chose to wear to the ring in the second fight. Shows you he’s not very smart either. So now he’s been knocked out twice by Fury and arguably lost the first fight, when Fury had been so inactive. This isn’t a “heat of the battle” response following another beat down Saturday night, he chose not to shake hands, and claimed he was cheated on. Classless and clueless…

  4. The Shrek look a like ogre should be stripped of the WBC belt fined and imprisoned for attempted murder.

  5. Deontay Wilder has so much heart he fought on despite being drugged again, and fury was fighting with gloves with no padding again.
    Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question.
    There’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without cheating

  6. There’s no heavyweight boxer in history that can beat Deontay Wilder. He keeps getting cheated by practically every opponent he faces with steroids. But this fury is on a roll setting records for getting away with it. Floppy gloves, eggweight loaded gloves, padding repositioning advantage, steroid use, fighting while high on enhancers every time. He tried that in the UK and the British boxing board of control suspended permanently fury’s boxing license, stripped him from his belt. They are tired of his cheating tactics again and again over and over.

    • Wilder has been overrated since the day he laced him up he is a once punch knockout guy that’s all he has and he got beat 3 times by fury now complain come up with excuses doesn’t matter he got beat

  7. All of the legends and sports commentators and professional boxers ate bound to a certain amount of professional courtesy, I am not.
    Deontay Wilder was cheated again there’s no way fury could ever beat Deontay Wilder without cheating.

  8. I think the fight was epic because as hurt as wilder was throughout the fight I was worried . All three fights were dramatic and left you wanting more. The first fight as the rounds went on and fury was still standing made it exciting the 12th was the stuff of legend. The second fight fury reinvented himself and told everyone what he would do and did it and more. The fight was more of the same , wilder showed heart because he could have said screw it several times and checked out. I been watching fights since ali/Frazier 1 saw foreman lyle on tv , Holmes / Norton and these 3 fights were more exciting to me. Bravo to both for making history.

  9. Multiple knockdowns don’t determine an epic fight. Wilder like Joshua doesn’t take punches well. This ranks behind a George Foreman/Ron Lyle fight. Ali had the three greatest fights of all time with Joe Frazier. Ali had three wars with Ken Norton. Larry Holmes had an epic war with Ken Norton. Ali had the epic fight with George Foreman. Evander Holyfield had three wars with Riddick Bowe. Mike Tyson had two wars with Razor Ruddock. I saw everyone of those fights live. I’d say Fury/Wilder was a very entertaining fight, but it ranks behind these 14 fights just mentioned.

    • Your guys the chicken excuse maker, excuses after another excuse after another excuse.
      1. ” I won’t fight Deontay Wilder because he accused me of cheating like Martin Carefully, and the British boxing board of control.
      2. ” The contract expired”
      3. “I caught covit”
      4. My newborn is having health problems
      On and on ,one thing after another.

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