Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez: “I would love to fight Miguel Cotto”

By Joseph Herron - 09/01/2013 - Comments

YouTube video
Video by Carlos Sacriste – This Labor Day weekend, universally recognized Middleweight Champion Sergio “Maravilla” Martinez was in San Antonio, Texas, participating in the annual “People Magazine en Espanol” festival, representing HBO Latino.
While the Argentine ambassador was visiting with the thousands in attendance, the slick southpaw spoke about how he plans to fulfill his remaining two fight obligation with Home Box Office.

Co-promoter DiBella Entertainment stated publicly that Martinez will not return to the ring until spring of 2014, due to injuries suffered to his hand, shoulder, and knee. After his previous outing in Argentina, in front of almost 50,000 of his adoring fans, the 38 year old fighter stated that he wasn’t happy with the way his body responded throughout the grueling 12 round battle with previously undefeated Briton Martin Murray, and wanted to give his body adequate time to heal.

“I don’t want to fight until my body is 100%,” stated the talented boxer/puncher. “I haven’t trained since my last fight, and won’t fight until I’m all healed.”

According to the person responsible for introducing “Maravilla” to world, co-promoter and manager Sampson Lewcowicz, his star attraction would love to fulfill his two fight obligation to HBO Sports by facing future Hall of Famer Miguel Cotto and current WBA Middleweight title holder Gennady Golovkin.

“If it were up to Sergio, he would prefer to step back in the ring and face Triple G, Gennady Golovkin, right away” stated the longtime boxing manager. “But with the recent inactivity and nature of his injuries, we feel that the style of Miguel Cotto would be a more suitable comeback fight. He’s one of a few that we have in mind.”

“But there are no guarantees in the sport of boxing. Cotto has to be successful in his upcoming fight with Delvin Rodriguez…and as we were just reminded last weekend, anything can happen in the ring. Just ask Abner Mares or Jhonatan Romero.”

While a potential HBO PPV in 2014 against Miguel Cotto would greatly satisfy the HBO brass, Martinez claims that the Puerto Rican star is just one of a few fighters currently being examined for the eventual comeback fight next year.

“Hopefully he can win this fight,” states the current Middleweight kingpin. “But nothing is easy in boxing. He’s one of the few that we have in mind, but I would love to fight him.”

Although a bout with Cotto would be a very intriguing and action filled contest, the match-up that most die-hard fight fans overwhelmingly clamor for at 160 pounds is “Maravilla versus Triple G”.

When asked if he thought an eventual showdown with one of the hardest pound for pound punchers in boxing was inevitably looming in the distance, Martinez was very positive.

“Definitely. Yes. If he continues to work hard like I did to get my opportunity, then yes…he will get his chance…he will definitely get it.”