Joe Joyce’s Granite Chin – Truly Something To Marvel Over!

09/25/2022 - By James Slater - Comments

Without a good chin, a fighter is battling more than his opponent, especially if he’s plying his trade in the heavyweight division. And last night in sensationally knocking out the previously unstopped Joseph Parker, 30-3(21) in their thrilling slugfest, Joe Joyce proved once again that he has SOME chin – maybe one that is capable of withstanding any punch from any fighter out there. Heck, is it going too far to suggest Joyce has one of the best chins in heavyweight history?

Joyce showed again last night, in overcoming his toughest test yet, how he has an almost unbelievable way of shrugging off a hefty shot to the head, only to carry on rumbling forward. Never has a boxer’s nickname suited him so perfectly the way Joyce’s “Juggernaut” handle suits him. But Joyce has more than just a rock for a head; he has a fine left jab, he has immense physical strength, and he has raw punching power.

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Indeed, the only knock on Joyce is his speed, or lack thereof. But this has not bothered Joyce thus far in his now 15-0(14) pro career – and maybe it never will. No opponent has been able to take advantage of Joyce’s slowness to the extent that they have been able to beat him, with only one man being able to make it through to the finish line against the massive four-wheeler that is always looking to run over anything in its way.

Joyce has another knock on him as far as his age. At 37 a typical fighter doesn’t figure to have too long left at elite level, even a heavyweight. But then Joyce is no typical fighter. He is – as plenty of fans, pundits and fellow fighters have been posting on social media after having seen what Joyce did last night – ‘not normal.’

Here are some of the ways this incredible fighter is being described on social media:

“Slow-motion wrecking machine.” “Joe Joyce is not an ordinary man.” “Joyce and Haaland definitely manufactured in the same factory.” “Hardest substance known to man is now officially Joe Joyce’s face.” “Even the Terminator would have trouble with Joe Joyce.”

What Joyce is, though, is a fighting man who is willing to rumble with the best of the best, with anyone. Joyce called out Oleksandr Usyk post-fight (these two having met over five rounds in an amateur bout, with Usyk winning a fairly wide if not too comfortable decision) and this is another in the current line-up of fascinating heavyweight fights to be made. Could Usyk box his fight for 12 full rounds against Joyce, this without being worn down and stopped, his reserves depleted like never before? We would all tune in to find out, that’s for sure. Joyce, the interim WBO champ, has earned his shot, it’s now just a case of when he gets it.

If Usyk doesn’t fight Tyson Fury next, or maybe Deontay Wilder (Wilder, by the way, is another absolutely fascinating potential foe for Joyce; could Wilder’s withering power get to Joyce!!?), then it could be Joyce. Usyk may have finer skills than Joyce, he may have the higher ring IQ, he may be the far better fighter overall, but never will Usyk fight a man with the kind of unstoppable qualities Joyce possesses.

Can any man knock Joyce down, let alone knock him out!?

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