Jermell Charlo tells Tim Tszyu: “I made more money than you ever did”

By Will Arons - 12/13/2022 - Comments

Undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo made it interesting during Tuesday’s kickoff press conference with Tim Tszyu for their January 28th fight on Showtime, telling the unbeaten challenger that he’s made more money than him.

Charlo (35-1, 19 KOs) didn’t seem interested in talking about what he planned on doing against the unbeaten Tszyu (21-0, 15 KOs) when they meet next month on January 28th at the Michelob Ultra Arena in Las Vegas.

What did seem to interest the 32-year-old Jermell was talking about the “multi-millions” that he’s made in his career. For Tszyu to enjoy the same wealth that Charlo has during his 15-year career.

“That’s what I do. I’m not making this up. I’ve proven that with multiple opponents and undefeated fighters. They’ve never been the same after they got in the ring with me,” said undisputed 154-lb champion Jermell Charlo during Tuesday’s kickoff press conference for his title defense against Tim Tszyu on January 28th on Showtime.

“I went through so many fighters because I stayed fast on my focus. I’m dead serious about how I feel about it. It’s a different energy in America,” said Jermell.

“I’m weird all the way around,” said Charlo when asked what Tszyu will find out about him on January 28th.

“What do you mean ‘weird’?” said Tszyu.

“Google that word. I’m weird in the ring and everywhere around,” said Jermell.

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“After his fight with Brian Castano, he was sitting in the press conference, and he’s going off at different reporters. I was like, ‘Man, this guy just won the undisputed world championship. Have a smile on your face at least,'” said Tszyu, commenting about how Jermell Charlo appears very angry, like an ‘old man.’

“Hey, I’m about my business. I ain’t arrogant. I’m humble,” said Charlo. “I’ve been in places and things in life. I’m not enjoying my fight with your Australian media asking me questions.

“Y’all wanted to ask me questions after the fight. Y’all should have called up and asked how much it was going to cost to get an interview with me.

“Don’t bum rush my moment in life after going through some tough rounds [against Brian Castano]. Ask me about him. That ain’t even a moment of taking a fight.

“I didn’t take that fight because of that. I took that fight because that’s what I have next. They say you’re up there in the rankings, and your tough this and that. What else am I going to fight? I’m the top dog.

“I’m not going to be wasting my time. I don’t  care about you talking about me arrogant. Yeah, my life is flashy and good. Ain’t no arrogance.

“You’re wrong when you come down to that. I know your whereabouts. I know everything. Let me enjoy my win. You can’t tell me how to act and how to be. I handle business,” said Jermell.

“I wasn’t the one that questioned you. It was the media,” said Tim Tszyu. “Don’t put it back on me like I did something wrong.”

“I was checking those guys that didn’t believe in me. I’m handling my business,” said Jermell about how he was going after some of the media members after his fight with Brian Castsano due to them not having him on their pound-for-pound list.

“They still down me. They can’t blacklist me. My world don’t revolve around your world. I’m out of this world, baby,” said Jermell.

“What does this have to do with me?” said Tszyu.

“You spoke on my arrogance. You spoke on me worried about a fight,” said Jermell. “Are you losing it? You’re the one that said after the fight that I should have been enjoying my win, right? I did enjoy my win. I didn’t let the world see how I enjoyed my in.

I made more money than you ever did outside of boxing,’ said Charlo, suddenly changing the subject and bragging about his wealth. “After that fight, I still made more money than you did in your whole career.”

“How do you even know?” said Tszyu.

“I know this, baby. I do mine,” said Jermell.