Regis Prograis says Jermell Charlo too big for Crawford

By Will Arons - 12/13/2022 - Comments

Regis Prograis feels that Jermell Charlo is too big for welterweight champion Terence Crawford. Prograis says he’s sparred with Jermell (35-1-1, 19 KOs), and he notes that he hits “really hard.”

Prograis feels the shots that Crawford was getting hit with by David Avanesyan last weekend would be dangerous for him if it were Jermell Charlo hitting him with those same shots.

Terence Crawford (39-0, 30 KOs) could be moving up to 154 in 2023, as he’s got to make the move next year because if he stays at 147, he’ll need to deal with Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis.

The unbeaten 25-year-old Boots (29-0, 27 KOs) would feast on the 35-year-old Crawford and take advantage of his diminishing reflexes and hand speed.

Crawford will need to add weight to his frame next year for him to compete at 154, and that’ll slow him down even more.

“He’s a serious threat, but I’ve got Jermell because of the size difference. That’s what I’ve got. Jermell is f***king big, bro,” said Regis Prograis to Fighthype when asked about his thoughts on a future fight between the undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo and Terence Crawford.

“Crawford is my size. I might actually be a little big bigger than Crawford. We were standing next to each other at the [David Avanesyan] fight. He’s solid, but he’s kind of my size. Jermell is big for a 154-pounder.

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“You talk about the twins. Those dudes [the Charlo brothers] are big. Yeah, I feel like Crawford could be better boxing-wise, but he still has to get hit, and Jermell is still going to hit him. I just don’t know how he’s going to react to that.

“The stuff that Avanesyan was hitting him with, he can’t get hit with Jermell like that, because Jermell hits f***king hard. I know. Me and Jermall used to spar a long time ago. Jermell hits hard.

“I think he [Crawford] can do good in boxing and stuff like that, but size-wise, I think Jermell is too big.

“Crawford is a special dude. The dude, Avanesyan came to fight. But I feel, I would beat Avanesyan. Honestly, I feel I would have beaten Avanesyan in less rounds than Crawford did. Crawford was picking him apart. We have different styles.

“Crawford was picking him apart, moving around and pot-shotting a little bit. When it was time to put the power behind it, that’s kind of his style. That’s what he did.

“That dude he beat [Avanesyan], I feel I would have done it in less rounds than six. It was a good fight, He [Crawford] sells in Omaha. They said it was 18,000 people. I don’t know if that was official or not, but it was packed in there. He does sell put the house.

“It was a good fight, a good atmosphere. He sells out the house, and I think he should keep doing that,” Prograis said about Crawford.


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