Wardley vs Clarke: The Brutal ‘Bad Blood’ Showdown Ends in a Draw!

By Amy A Kaplan - 04/01/2024 - Comments

What we witnessed last night was nothing short of a barbaric ballet, a dance of destruction that had Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke turning the ring into their personal battlefield in what was billed as the “Bad Blood” showdown. It was as if they were settling an age-old vendetta, with every punch thrown carrying the weight of a hundred grudges.

Wardley, oh, the brave warrior, found himself donning a crimson mask, courtesy of a nose that just wouldn’t quit bleeding, as if trying to keep pace with the relentless onslaught. But let’s not forget Clarke, the man who seemingly has a skull thicker than the plot of a daytime soap opera. That right hook from Wardley had “Goodnight, sweetheart” all over it, but Clarke just shrugged it off like it was a mere nuisance. Is he made of flesh and bone or bricks and mortar?

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As the rounds dragged on, it became painfully clear that neither fighter was going to give an inch without demanding a mile in return. The end, when it mercifully arrived, was met not with a knockout, not with a triumphant roar, but with the sound of a bell tolling for a draw. Yes, a draw. After all the hype, all the anticipation, and a year’s worth of buildup, we got a stalemate that had the crowd throwing their hands up in exasperation.

But let’s be real, this fight wasn’t about the belts or the glory; it was about two men who decided that if they were going down, they were going down swinging. Clarke, dishing out uppercuts like they were going out of style, and Wardley, whose face was a testament to the night’s brutality, gave us a show that was less about the sweet science and more about sheer, unadulterated resilience.

And then there was that moment, that one unforgettable moment when Clarke’s gumshield decided to take a leave of absence, adding a touch of awkwardness to the carnage. In the end, both men stood tall, or at least as tall as their battered bodies would allow, basking in the respect of the fans and probably wondering if it was all worth it.

The judges scored the bout 114-113, 112-115, 113-113 and Wardley retained his British and Commonwealth titles. But perhaps that’s fitting, for in a fight this savage, this unrelenting, there are no real winners, only survivors.

This fight will be remembered as the night when Wardley and Clarke decided to throw caution to the wind and just go for it, consequences be damned. It was brutal, it was messy, and by all that’s holy, it was entertaining. Here’s to the rematch, because after a spectacle like that, how can we not want to see these two gladiators go at it again?

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All results:

  • Fabio Wardley vs. Frazer Clarke: Draw (Split Decision, 12 rounds); Wardley retains British and Commonwealth heavyweight titles
  • Chris Kongo vs. Florian Marku: Kongo wins (Unanimous Decision, 10 rounds); Welterweights
  • Viddal Riley vs. Mikael Lawal: Riley wins (Unanimous Decision, 10 rounds); Riley retains English Cruiserweight title
  • Alen Babic vs. Steve Robinson: Babic wins (TKO, Round 6 out of 10); Heavyweights
  • Callum Simpson vs. Dulla Mbabe: Simpson wins (KO, Round 4 out of 10); Super Middleweights
  • Ben Whittaker vs. Leon Willings: Whittaker wins (Points, 8 rounds); Light Heavyweights

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