Wardley vs Clarke: The Brutal ‘Bad Blood’ Showdown Ends in a Draw!

By Amy A Kaplan - 04/01/2024 - Comments

The O2 in London is set to explode with BOXXER’s “Bad Blood” event on Easter Sunday. Fabio Wardley and Frazer Clarke are leading the charge, ready to throw down in a fight that’s been brewing with more heat than a kettle on the boil. Sunday’s Peacock USA live stream begins at 1:00 p.m. ET.

These undefeated giants are itching for a scrap, each aiming to claim the throne as Britain’s heavyweight king. After a botched purse bid last year turned up the heat, Clarke, the mandatory challenger for Wardley’s British Title, had to step back. But the back-and-forth banter since has only fanned the flames for this Easter showdown.

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But that’s not all – the undercard is jam-packed with brawls you won’t want to miss. Florian Marku and Chris Kongo are set to bury the hatchet in the ring after a presser last year nearly turned into a free-for-all. And let’s not forget Viddal Riley facing Mikael Lawal for the English Cruiserweight Title in a bet365 Wildcard brawl, alongside Alen ‘The Savage’ Babic and Steve Robinson in a heavyweight clash that promises fireworks.

Ben Whittaker, the showboat who’s been lighting up social media, and Callum Simpson, the super middleweight sensation from Barnsley, are rounding out the card, each with sights set on stealing the show.

With over 10,000 tickets already snapped up and more now available due to high demand, this is shaping up to be a night of boxing that’ll be talked about for ages. Don’t miss out, get your tickets at BOXXER.com

So, who do you reckon will have their arm raised when the dust settles? Who’s going to be the big boss in this boxing bonanza? Let’s hear your bets, but remember, this ain’t no tea party – it’s boxing, and it’s brutal.

YouTube video

Date: Sunday, March 31
USA Start Time: 1 PM ET
Venue: The O2, London
Streaming: Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Peacock (USA)

Updated Fight Card:

Main Event:

  • Fabio Wardley: 17st 5lbs | 243 lbs | 110.22 kg
  • Frazer Clarke: 19st | 266 lbs | 120.66 kg

Co-Main Event:

  • Florian Marku: 10st 6lbs 5oz | 146.3 lbs | 66.37 kg
  • Chris Kongo: 10st 6lbs | 146 lbs | 66.22 kg

Undercard Fights:

  • Stephen Robinson (Heavyweight): 17st 1lb | 239 lbs | 108.41 kg
  • Alen Babic (Heavyweight): 15st 7lb 5oz | 217.3 lbs | 98.57 kg
  • Dula Mbabe (Super Middleweight): 12st 1lb | 169 lbs | 76.66 kg
  • Callum Simpson (Super Middleweight): 11st 13lbs | 167 lbs | 75.75 kg
  • Leon Willings (Light Heavyweight): 12st 9lbs 5oz | 177.3 lbs | 80.43 kg
  • Ben Whittaker (Light Heavyweight): 12st 9lbs | 177 lbs | 80.29 kg
  • Mikael Lawal (English Cruiserweight Title): 14st 2lbs | 198 lbs | 89.81 kg
  • Viddal Riley (English Cruiserweight Title): 14st 2lbs 5oz | 198.3 lbs | 89.95 kg