Parker’s Cringey Call-Out of Whyte: A Desperate Bid for Relevance?

By Michael Collins - 04/01/2024 - Comments

Joseph Parker’s oddball singing video call-out aimed at the old veteran Dillian Whyte has fans questioning the move.

While the video by Parker was interesting to watch, it shows his lack of ideas and willingness to take on the younger, more viable heavyweights in the division, who are firing on all eight cylinders and giving him a better fight.

YouTube video

Whyte: Washed Up and Easy Target

Dillian Whyte has nothing left in his game at this stage of his career and would be an easy mark for Parker to beat up and pad his record with another old veteran.

Parker’s recent fights against 40-year-old Zhilei Zhang and 38-year-old Deontay Wilder. You get the picture of the type of fighters Parker is interested in fighting.

If the Saudis continue to bankroll Parker’s fights, they need to put their foot down and insist he fights younger contenders instead of what’s become a habit with him of selecting faded old vets.

Unfinished Business or Revenge Fantasy?

Choosing to target a rematch against the 36-year-old Whyte (30-3, 20s) suggests that the 32-year-old Parker is still upset about his loss to the British fighter from 2018. This move suggests that Parker still has lingering resentment for what happened to him in his loss to Whyte six years ago.

That was a clear robbery victory for Whyte, who threw the rule book out the window for that fight and roughhoused his way to a 12-round unanimous decision.

With all the fouling Whyte committed in the contest, he should have been docked at least five points and/or disqualified.

The contest’s referee, Ian John-Lewis, did zero to police the fouling, so Whyte got away with murder. The fight, by the way, took place in London, England. You can argue that Parker would have won easily if the clash had a different referee working.

Yeah, it was sad to see Parker get royally robbed against Whyte, but it’s too late now. The horse is out of the barn, and fighting Whyte now won’t prove anything because he’s too old and feeble to put up a good fight. We saw that in Whyte’s last three matches against 38-year-old Christian Hammer, Jermaine Franklin, and Tyson Fury.

Parker (35-3, 23 KOs) is a legitimate top-five heavyweight contender stooping to the level of targeting another semi-popular, washed-up older fighter on his last legs, looking to pad his resume and bank account.