Deontay Wilder’s trainer sees trilogy fight delay as a positive

By Michael Collins - 07/26/2021 - Comments

Coach Malik Scott views the delay for his fighter Deontay Wilder’s trilogy match against WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury as a positive because it now gives them more time to prepare for the fight on October 9th.

Interestingly, Malik doesn’t believe Fury’s COVID-19 excuse for why he couldn’t face the talented former WBC champion Deontay (42-1-1, 41 KOs) on their originally scheduled date of July 24th.

Although Malik isn’t saying what he feels is the true reason for Fury (30-0-1, 21 KOs) pulling out of the fight, he may believe he wasn’t ready physically to get back in the ring with the big-punching Deontay.

Fury has been a man about town since his victory over Wilder last year, and he’s been lapping up the compliments from the back-slappers.

Malik predicting an ugly ending for Fury

“It’s a great thing. I said Fury wasn’t making it out of five rounds before. But now, since we have more time, it’s really about to get ugly,” said trainer Malik Scott to Talksport about the postponement of the Fury vs. Wilder 3 fight.

“So, if anything, I just felt bad for Deontay because it’s the third postponement that has happened to him for the trilogy.

The adoration that has been poured over Fury’s head by the bucket full apparently has slowed his progress to getting back to the grindstone.

Deontay Wilder's trainer sees trilogy fight delay as a positive

When you’re getting complimented the way Fury has by his fans, it’s got to be hard for him to go back to the torture of training camp.  Also, this wasn’t a fight that Fury.

To be sure, the ‘Gypsy King’ Fury didn’t want to face Wilder a third time, as the money he’s going to get is nowhere near the $100 million smackers that he would have gotten had his undisputed clash with IBF/WBA/WBO champion Anthony Joshua ahead for August 14th.

Moreover, there had been nasty rumors about Fury getting knocked about by his young 21-year-old sparring partner Jared Anderson during preparation for the July 24th fight against the 6’7″ Deontay.

Obviously, getting poleaxed by Anderson might have had a negative effect on Fury’s mindset, causing him to hesitate about plowing into the trilogy fight with the devastatingly powerful Deontay.

The rumors are that Anderson knocked Fury out in sparring and that he’d been battering the living daylights out of him daily.

Malik not buying Fury’s COVID-19 excuse

“Either way, more time we get to marinate Fury is going to make the taste of victory even sweeter,” said Malik about Deontay, ready to drink up the glory from a victory over Fury.

Deontay Wilder's trainer sees trilogy fight delay as a positive

“I’m not leaving camp until Deontay Wilder is the two-time heavyweight champion.”

“I don’t believe nothing Tyson Fury says,” said Malik about Fury supposedly having COVID-19.

With Fury, you just don’t know the deal with this guy for his postponement of the trilogy match with Deontay. What we do know is this is the second straight time that Fury has failed to come through for a big fight, and it’s starting to be forlorn with how important matches involving him continue to fall through.

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First, it was the Joshua fight that had been pegged for August 14th. Poor Eddie Hearn worked his fingers to the bone to get that match over the finish line, only to have it implode after the U.S arbitrator choosing to rule in Deontay’s favor.

If Fury hadn’t walked away from his contractual rematch with Deontay in the first place, it wouldn’t have been an issue.

Hearn is now jaded about Fury, believing that his October 9th fight with Deontay won’t happen. Something will take place that causes that to get postponed as well, predicts Hearn.

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  1. Calm and relaxed is the key . If you lose composure and the temper it diminishes your power .

  2. Deontay Wilders legacy is cemented already and further legendary unfolding can only be postponed.

    • Malik and Deontay Wilder have demonstrated calmness during all of these endless antic’s designed to sap your resolve , focus and energy during the summer solstice .

  3. The WBC belt hasn’t been defended in two years and the WBC belt will not be defended until us white’s want to , ” if ” we want to no matter what you or your screwy courts order .
    It’s a white man’s world .

  4. Yeah ,fury has quit boxing. He would rather get sued for breach of contact than get permanently disabled .

  5. Fury was on steroids for the second fight. He claims that he ate meat that had steroids. Fury didn’t beat Wilder on the first fight. It was clearly a draw.
    Fury be chicken!

    • The phoney Shrek look a like ogre has been on steroids and cocaine during all his fights and has glove tampered in most fights as well . Otto Vallin dotted his eye and cross his t because he underestimated Ofto and came into the fight with padded gloves .

    • Yes , steroids and cocaine bribery glove tampering , this is why fury was banned from ever fighting in the UK again .

    • Deontay Wilder was robbed in the first fight . That’s why fury is afraid of Deontay Wilder . Deontay Wilder knocked down and the out cold everyone put in front of him even this wild boar testicle eating, cranked up lunatic , escape from a mental institution ogre .
      Run cockroach run .

  6. His big goofy jackA– will be in A, mega humongous, gargantuan law suite of unprecedented proportions ,him and his entire team and networks,if he bails on October 9th let him try it the powers that be are prepared for this snakes slitherings.

    • Ha ha ha ha ha ha . Deontay Wilder is one scary boxer , fury is afraid of being beat into an imbecilic idiotic moron , disfigured and speachless for the rest of his life .

  7. I agree but I also think the simple fact is this, he isn’t scared of fury. Fury might not be scared of him but when it comes to actions he clearly shows a hesitant reaction no matter what which makes you believe that he is plotting something in the end. And if you don’t see it something is wrong. Heck, I think Fury had a great last fight but I don’t see him winning this time. The BAMA BEAST is gonna walk away with the strap. He has nothing to lose and comes into the fight with a chip on his shoulder while in the other corner Fury comes into the fight with everything to lose and no pressure which will mess him up in the end. And also, being big headed and cocky isn’t helping his own cause🤣

    • No Phil , we won’t see in October , you don’t have eyes to see now , you didn’t see anything all along and you won’t see in October .

  8. We will see in October. If Wilder gets beat then all the silly things he s said are eqvilent to Trump’s conspiracy theory s.

    • Wilder is an arrogant dick he could accept he got beat byba guy was out boxing him the first fight then when he basically shut him off in the last round the got up and beat him for the rest of the last round setting the for the rematch go forward , be aggressive , use you size and tire him out , then stop him , remember fury got knocked down twice in the first fight, the second knockdown he look dead but he rose up and won the rest of that round by backing wilder up and that set the tone for the rematch where fury totally destroyed wilder from round one and when fury knocked him down the second time he didn’t get up and have his head well so it was a good call by the referee to stop the fight then wilder made all theses crazy excuses including tarnishing the reputation of one of the most honorable men in boxing mark Breland, that guy wilder make me sick i hope he gets slept in the first round in the trilogy, hell he could not even ko internet troll extraordinaire Charlie zelenoff 🤣😁

    • Imbecilic low IQ morons . Ha ha ha ha ha ha , it was fear that compelled the fury’s to sprint for the nearest exit, holding on to their hats and crying last me the little baby boys they are , waaaaaa mommy ” waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa mommy , mommy I don’t wanna fight Deontay Wilder waaaaaa .waaaaaa .”

    • After fury quits boxing for good , retire like I ordered him to do months ago , then the whole boxing world can go back to avoiding the best heavyweight champion ever living or nonliving , Deontay Wilder .

    • Theorem not theory , these guys are all on film and no one is brave enough to prosecute and hold the.criminals accountable . So the public suffers for lack of strength .

    • Deontay Wilder is not arrogant that’s my job . Deontay Wilder is confident , so confident that you critics criticize critically publicly but in private you are absolutely terrified horrifically shamelessly plotting to cheat again . You must because fury can’t fight, he can’t box so he must gather volunteers to help cheat again and again and again .

    • No Mark , I have the biggest balls in the business , you are afraid to admit fury can’t box or fight . That’s why he cheats

  9. You guys are so biased towards Wilder it makes your reporting 3rd rate nonsense. You’re just a regular testicle Tarzan.

    • Hey Mark , ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . I told you so . Cowardly phoney baloney belt holder may have caught the covit one day before the fight , more than likely he was suffering from menstrual cramps . Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .

  10. Yes I believe that the October 9th fight between Fury and Wilder will not take place as I believe Fury will either vacate or retire

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