Deontay Wilder is out of character – says Andre Ward

Andre Ward says he doesn’t like the way former WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder chose to tune out the comments from Tyson Fury during their recent kick-off press conference for their July 24th rematch in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Ward says it’s out of character for Wilder (42-1-1, 41 KOs) not to be his normal self during press conferences. He’s not sure if that will work for Wilder, but he doesn’t like it.

For Wilder, he’s got to try something to keep from being thrown off his game before he gets inside the ring with Fury in this crucial trilogy match.

It won’t help Wilder if he’s in a rage when he gets inside the ring with Fury. If Wilder loses this fight, it could be game over for him. He won’t get another crack at a world title unless Anthony Joshua chooses to throw him a bone by fighting him for the sake of career pick me up.

Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury - Boxing News

“No, not really,” said Andre Ward to Fighthype when asked if he saw anything from the recent face-off between Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury during their kick-off press conference.

“I didn’t like the headphones from Wilder, but that’s the strategy he’s taking and we’re going to find out if it works or not,” said Ward.

It’s obviously hard for Ward to relate to what Wilder is doing because he never lost to anyone before during his career. If one of Ward’s past opponents had knocked him out and then trash-talked him for a solid year, as Fury has done with Wilder, maybe he would want to tune his comments out with headphones as well.

“Fury has basically been doing what he’s been doing, talking his talk and he tends to back it up,” said Ward. “Wilder is out of character in a sense that he’s not his normal self, but we got to see if this new tactic of tuning the world out and tuning Fury out will works.

“We’re going to find out in a month from now. I don’t think he has a better chance. I think he has the chance that he’s always had.

“He’s dangerous, but I think he’s always going to be dangerous,” said Ward about Deontay.

“But in this fight I think he’s going to be dangerous in a different kind of way because of the circumstances. He’s got a lot to prove,” said Ward about Deontay.

Wilder has got to try something different this time because it didn’t work for him in his previous two fights with Fury.


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  1. These are two good world-class fights, and I think anyone who takes his chances during the fight might win.

  2. Fury himself said the 270 lbs. range is his natural weight he has 3 previous bouts at 270lbs. range won all by TKO I am not a fan of either Fury or Wilder but in my opinion Fury is too big,smart
    and skilled for Wilder it will be a better fight than the second but Fury will win again !

    • Wilder do not allow Fury to hug you. This is a fight, not a wrestling Match. Don’t swing wildly. Shorten your punches and Knock his ass out.!!

  3. So, the rumor going into the last fight was that DT smoked a LOT of weed during training. And it’s been well documented that he’s notoriously moody to the point where it’s impacted his training and trainers (Peace, Mark Breland). What we know is that DT possess dynamite in both hands…but a boxer he is not. Fury, on the other hand is unorthodox AF, can take a helluva punch and is convincingly not afraid of Wilder. COG is spot on: Wilder’s new approach is worrisome…makes me think he’ll try to change his stripes, and style of fighting, compromising the only chance he has to beat Fury. Anything short of a KO for Wilder is gonna be controversial. Hate to believe it, but the Gypsy King’s gonna win with a TKO.

    And whoever wants to equate struggles between blacks and gypsies, please stfu and move on to a diff thread.

    Fans of the sweet science only here. Take your race-baiting politics somewhere else. Dummy.

    • As my father was my boxing coach, I have loved the sweet science everyday of my life. I’m also a “Gypsy” or a member of the Roma people, if you want to be…no so ignorant. What I really wanted to say to you is:
      1)You should take caution anytime you attempt to marginalize the suffering of any group.
      2) My people survive the Holocaust and struggle for equality and basic human rights still today.
      3)Watch your mouth.

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  5. You are all funny. Fury is a boxing genius. Plus he fights bareknuckle. That’s why his gloves flop around. If you know anything about boxing, it is dangerous to fight that way. When he put his fists in the glove he took him out quickly. Corners watch the opposing fighter get wrapped up and inspect the gloves. Thats how Margarito got caught. DW just met someone that can take a beating and still come forward. He was not ready for that. Just watch his expression in the 12th round of the first fight when Fury got up. His eyes literally said WTF.

  6. Are people forgetting fury had a plate in 1 glove and cushion removed from the other glove 🥊 it’s been proven how can you be a Tyson Fury fan. Knowing he had to go to that level to’s not excuses it’s facts and his old ring coach was in on it ..the plate left a dent y’all delusional

    • Its been proven by whom? Thats a load of crap some conspiracy theorist put out there and people such as yourself give life to. If it were Proven Fury would be banned and his championship forfeited.

    • He would have been banned if that was the case. Do you know that both fighters have representatives from the opposite side watch them get their hands and gloves wrapped before and unwrapped after the fight?

    • It wasn’t proven.. He would have been band from boxing, his title stripped, and a huge fine.. His career would have been ruined.. He just whooped wilder, and to try and save face he went grasping for straws and gave excuses.. I used to be a Wilder fan, now I see him as a crybaby.. This next fight will prove that he relied exclusively on his power and never improved technic.. THTS his downfall. Could have been the greatest ever.

    • That has never been proven whatsoever 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I’m a boxing fan but not a fan of either one of these 2 but not one thing Deontay wilder has cried about hasn’t even remotely been accurate and definitely not proven 😂

    • You are absolutely retarded lmao gloves are weighed and inspected before each bout😅😅 quit making excuses because “black guy lost to white man” lmfao

  7. Fury got up from both of those wilder sledgehammer blows and won the round almost on the last one . Wilder didn’t handle fury’s power to well. Fury is alot of man to have hitting you repeatedly. Yes it does get to fury’s opponent later on. So yes I believe someone gets stopped in this 3rd fight.

  8. Yes DW is a very sore loser,and yes deontay Wilder can’t box and yes he has fought a whole lot of bumps but let me make this perfectly clear all of them were not hand-picked bums for example I think that Ortiz or stavern ,you know the Haitian guy would knock Tyson the f out,and yes I believe Tyson fury did freaking cheat, and yes Tyson fury doesn’t have any good defense. everyone for the most part would be a fool to to deny the fact there is some degree of racism in it on both sides,because deontay Wilder always talked about his blackness him being a prince and King and to the white racist well fury was there great white hope to shut that man’s mouth but here’s the thing ,it all going to be determine in the ring where there is no color .if deontay Wilder can actually step up and learn how to freaking box on the inside and outside ,and stay away from that man stick and move and don’t wrestle with his weight and get tired out.then I Believe DW going to knock fury the f out that’s it .,but if he doesn’t learn how to box and be technical in the ring then same thing what happened last time will happen again ,we will see .may the best man win no matter what color

    • Wilder is a one trick pony with no boxing skills….Fury will have both his ears bleeding this time. PS: Fury is a gypsy….gypsies have faced just as much ‘discrimination’ as blacks throughout history…but they don’t get ‘affirmative action’ spoils for it…

    • Cecil, measuring discrimination when you have the experiences of neither group to faitfhully make a comparison—baseless and prejudiced opinion is the only perspective you have to offer. You’re likely one of those dumb asses that don’t know the clear distinction between a Romani Gypsy and Irish travellers. Sit your privileged ass down…

    • You’re hyping this up more than necessary because just like alot of other Tyson fury fans you sir seem to forget about the very first match when Dontey clearly won and it was called a draw. You yourself said you thought Tyson cheated add that on to him being cheated in the first fight…we seem to be giving the wrong guy… Tyson Fury that is….the edge. Tyson should of never took this fight because Wilder is adding all the factors up entering the trilogy. Which this first and foremost the second fight doesn’t matter PERIOD…I was a boxer in the first with just a good right and no animosity. Now I’m coming with wisdom and power and blood in my eyes…just assuming this is his mindset??!! come on man this is a wrap for Fury ….you never give an opponent this much ammo. They’re both professionals so out of character is popostrouse he’s just enhanced his craving for victory. Knowing he’s the better skilled fighter all you’re getting is a glimpse of his confidence and the rest is going to come in the ring. This is going to be the greatest match ever and yes it will come with a price to pay

    • What wilder needs to do to win this fight cannot be learned in a few months, for ex:mike tyson could not fight backing up. And got beat up by holyfeild twice. Same here. The yools wilder needs should have been picked up early in his career. 🥊🥊🥊

  9. It’s always 50/ 50 until they touch gloves … Mike Tyson was out weighted and shorter then most his opponents … I like Wilder with the odds of winning he has the most to prove and Fury only need to last the night through to retain the belt … Boxing is funny when you’re Champion … Most Champions wants to survive and retain … If Fury fight and retain then he will definitely get my vote … Wilder has to fight on the other hand or he becomes a pawn in the game again … Wilder checkmate …

  10. Fury won 17 of the 19 rounds they fought in the last 2 fights. Nothing changes here. When Wilder gets whooped again, he can go back to fighting bums in Alabama.

  11. I think DW will win this. KO round 5 I think he is ready to redeem from the lost to TF it will b an exciting fight

    • Wrong he has never been a boxer he is Jake Paul for real. But its a boxer against a puncher. Though even Jake Paul trys to learn and grows in boxing Wilder just depends on that right hand

  12. Wilder will win this fight! Just like at tge press conference Fury will come in, out of shape high and taking him lightly, I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s coke in his water bottle. Fury has a fast head, dodges jabs well. DW has a over hand that dropped him I first fight. You great white hope will lose and Joshua will loose to Wilder also.

    • There will always be imbecilic comments from leeches like this….Good luck to Both Contestants.👊💥👍

    • I see so your a Racist since this is all based on color?? Learn boxing instead of thinking color has anything to do with it Wilder has one 2 rounds in 2 fights give me a break color

    • You got a attitude problem just like wilder. Wilder never had this attitude until going into his second fury fight.. Whatever you think dude but your putting all your beliefs in the fighter with the least. Experience of the 3 because he be knocking out bums

    • Damn are you gonna look like a fool when Wilder gets his ass handed to him next month.
      As he did before.

  13. The Gypsy King has 100yrs of Bare knuckles in his blood after Joshua got exposed and Deonte stoped fighting bums you see What happed fury is to skilled of a fighter and any guy that wants to drink another man’s blood is just SAVAGE🥊🏁

    • That fat chump has 100 years of alcohol abuse, and inbreeding in his blood. He’ll be his own biggest obstacle, and he’ll self destruction… again

    • Fury has been caught cheating; I am a Fury fan and a Wilder fan, so before you go crazy, I think the fight will be stopped early due to a TKO. I’m just not sure if it will be Wilder or Fury. I’m predicting the 8th Round.

  14. Fury comes from a generation of bare knuckle fighters it’s in his blood I always said Donte was fighting theses hand picked bums and with Joshua being exposed by Ruiz The Gypsy King will remain the King of Boxing 🥊🏁

    • Fury is a cheater, true to himself ‘gypsy” thief. And addict, he cheats to win. Who wants a cheater?..You?.

    • Who has fury took down ???? Klitschko Wilder×2 and a washed Derek Chisora everyone else is legit tomatoes cans didn’t defend his and is by no mean a top heavy weight just a bum who got lucky all Fury who are currently boxing are bums Hughie Fury can’t show up to a fighter with a name

  15. Lol at all the white racists . Furyis a cheater and whites turn the other way when one of their own chests especially against a person of color. Whites are the devil that’s why you see so much lies and deception. Every sane person that’s not white knows fury cheated.

    • your out of your mind and sound like a racist?m!!fury didn’t cheat there is people and refs in the room and they sign gloves,also wilder accused his trainer of poisoning his water,wilder is always full of crazy excuses,even down to his costume weight!!doesnt matter what color someone is to determine wilder is a sore loser,and if wilder loses again he will have more excuses and cry cheating cause thats what he does!!!

    • cheated how? he got floored in the first fight did an undertaker i am alive got up and beat wilders ass, then the second fight he beat the daylights out of wilder, where is the cheating

    • I’m white…and firmly believe Fury cheated. And I’m one of the biggest deontay wilder fans there is! He’s from my home state. Really hope he knocks fury out and gets his belt back.

    • He definitely is a cheater and thats why he vacated the title the first time. He altered his gloves against Asbery and even a ref called him the dirtiest fighter ever. Case closed this article is even skewing wards words and perspective. Racist mainstream old white media always does this. The same media that encouraged Floyd to fight stupid so he could lose. We see thru them now.

    • Wilder’s lack of actual boxing g skill got exposed in the last fight. Fury’s gamelan was perfect; that’s why he won. I am excited to see if Deontay can adjust and actually box. If so I think he could win.
      BTW- every race has racists and we’ve all been racists to some degree, and anyone that uses the term “white devil ” is f’n racist and ignorant, so piss off.

    • If the white man is truly the devil, then maybe you should tread lightly boy! The devil may get you! 😁😅

    • DW won two fn rounds out of two fights with Fury …… You just mad an awkward white boy knocked your KANG the f out . First it was the ring attire , then DWs own camp cheated him and now Fury’s gloves were weighted . Go get you a cape do you can be super mad , you already super ignorant .

    • You need to wake up and Look around you. Color don’t have anything to do with this fight! Fury probably is the better boxer! But the Alabama wild man has the bigger Heart and he has learned from the last two fights! He will bring it hard and heavy and in a hurry! Mr Deontay Wilder will knock fury out by round 3.

    • DW has smoked way too much weed LOL this is why he was unable to speak at the press conference cuz all that comes out of his mouth is incoherent baby babble about his costume being too heavy getting hit with weighted gloves his trainer conspired against him the fact of the matter is he is just lazy in his training and does not realize the fact that he needs to improve his boxing skill and movement I don’t like Fury but the sad fact of the matter is he is the more skilled by far fighter out of the ring and in it

  16. Last fight you could see something wrong with wilder. He was bleeding out of his ear. He probably had damage to his eardrum which would make you dizzy and disoriented. I think this will be a better fight but that being said, Fury will take it.

    • Wilder is just another wanna be thug…no intelligence, no skill or heart. The porch swings a lucky round house punch. True dat!!

  17. Man Fury looks like lurch from Adam’s family 😂 That boy smoke more crack than a little bit. He was so coked up that’s why he got up on the last knockdown in the first fight and he put weights in his gloves last fight that’s why he arguably won. This fight all of that will be detected and Wilder will regain his throne like the true king he is

    • Spoken like a true 80 IQ loser. Your boy got melted by a superior man, and you take issue because of your inferiority complex pro black culture that a white man so thoroughly beat your boy pilar to post.

    • Let me guess .youve never read a book in your life? Shocking.let people with developed brains have a chat first. Go smoke some weed and play some of that rap noise. Wilder has a punchers chance . fury showed hes a puss poor defender . an area nonone considered as he knocked out every tomato can in the division. Unless hes learned how to cover up .he’ll be laying down with a concussion by the 4th.

    • Tyson is the devil like his forefather Esau that the Bible speaks of. That’s why he has to cheat against a Israelite King the one and only Deonta Wilder.

  18. For the record its fury 2-0 against wilder..this trilogy shouldn’t even be happening. But I got fury for a third time taking the W. As far as their draw can’t get beat up for a whole fight and score a knockdown and act like it was even . Not even close. I believe wilder will go the distance, but it will be lopsided. Fury….AND STILL

    • For the record officially it’s 1draw 1 loss no matter how u see the first fight but officially 1draw 1 loss so if fury that good then it should no be a problem beating him again

    • The only reason fury won is because he weighs 40 pounds more than Wilder. That should be illegal to be that big.

  19. Deontay Wilder experienced an unpleasant surprise in the second fight with Fury.
    This has given him the energy for a super dangerous surprise for Fury come July 24, 2021.
    Fury is going to leave the arena unable to look up.~ 7th round KO !

  20. Wilder telegraphs his big can see it coming 2 minutes before he gets it off..Dont care for either but Fury is too big for the excuse making Wilder..Ive sparred with Fury a couple times..He hits hard…Wilder will get served the f☆☆☆k up..WORD UP

    • You sparred with Fury? Did you spar with this version of Wilder??? Idunno to me it’s a 50/50 fight because of that big ERASER

  21. Ali has greatness, Deontae isn’t great thus far and his resume proves that.

    Has DW learned anything new? I guess we’ll soon see, however, in a close fight/ tough fight, he’ll go back to his comfortable old habits which could make things worse. I actually think Joshua would be a better fight for DW, Joshua can’t take a punch and insta great boxer either. Although he beat Ruiz, his corner was scared of Ruiz letting his hands fly. His corner is yelling to get out of the way when Ruiz looked aggressive.

  22. I just want to see a good fight. IF Fury cheated he can’t cheat now & Wilder knows damned well his old tactics can’t see the Gypsy King. It didn’t work twice so he better BOX. Straight up.
    I expect a late round ko from one of them sowho’s got the cahones? We’ll see the 24th 🤷🏾‍♂️

    • People keep saying that Wilder needs to box,but he isn’t a boxer. Never been….he will try to come out and box to do something different. But I believe he will ultimately lose to Fury again. People keep talking about Wilder being motivated,no one thinks that Fury isn’t motivated to do it YET AGAIN? I believe Fury’s confidence way more than i do Wilder’s. Wilder i believe is weak mentally. That Press conference was shameful and I for one would love to see Wilder lose again. I want it badly,Wilder is definitely a sore loser….when he loses again,put that muthaphucka on suicide watch!!!

  23. * Pressure reveals character and DW showed he didn’t have any.
    * DW has no technical boxing skill, see his so called jab
    * DWs powerful right hand is seen a mile away, he throws it from behind his back.
    * DWs defense is weak and he’s open for a fighter who will brawl him. All he does is extends his arms forward which leaves him open.
    * DW has not developed into a professional boxer-puncher. A bigger stronger boxer can take advantage of his weakneses especially if the boxer is skilled and bigger/stronger/faster. Fury’s weight is also alot for DW to try and physically move, pushing weight will get DW tired.

    Fury must make a mistake to lose. He can win a decision or TKO.

  24. Why isn’t anyone talking how Fury had Meth in his system right afterwards? Fury to a dirty gym and changed it up. How about how they covered up the all access cameras in his locker room after tape up. Gypsy King is a straight crackhead. Watch him lick Wilders ear while his pupils are straight dilated.

    • Meth in system, maybe wilder should do him a couple bumps before the fight, just maybe he will put on a boxing performance. That one shot KO ain’t gonna work, ever, especially when wilder is beat already psychologically by fury.

    • That’s because this time Wilder plans to do to theory that he never done to anyone else hurt. And ways he never been hurt before.
      Water will not play the German game he means business and he wants fury bad because he believed very cheated him.
      I want a man feel wronged he wants vengeance and worst way possible.
      He would torture fury and then beat him down to every end of his life.

    • How many crackhead excuses you morons going to think of? I guess you could start the wild ass excuses now for when wilder gets skinned up and pounded into retirement in July. I never seen a fighter so beat psychologically as I see wilder, he will fold in 3 rounds this time. Lol

  25. Adjustments, strategies, more skilled boxing instead of slugging. Look at 2nd fight again. Wilder wasn’t moving like Fury. This time will be different. Neither you or me can box better than we talking. Let’s keep our mouths shut because it’s going to be jaw dropping in the Triology. Wilder going to get his revenge. Protect your open mouths from flies who love the stinking comments. Let’s go Deee Onnn Taayyy!!!

    • Well if we dont have a Deontay Wilder mark in the house.You dont even believe what your sayin,your trying to convince yourself that hes gonna win this time when you know deep down it aint happening.

  26. I think whoever continues to put the pressure on the other boxer wins…Deontay has to dominate the fight early and fury needs to box him…do not get into a brawl with him, he has to be tactical…if he brawls with deontay he will get knocked out early….may the best fighter win!

    • Who ever get tired first or who ever land the money blow first is done big facts!! Let’s go blk man!! Love the underdog.

    • Every body got so much to say ))) opinions,opinions, their just like A-HOLES EVERY BODY ONE.JUST THAT SOME PEOPLE TALK SH- – OUT OF THEIR MOUTH.have a good day.

  27. Wilder is done & certainly is no champ the way he carries himself is worse.than a 3 year old..FURRY K.O. WIN IN 5TH ROUND!!!

  28. This is the biggest dick riding comment ever! No objectivity! Gold star for dick riding goes to you


  29. How can it be over. 42 and 1 with 41 ko’s Get a story to tell Will. U suck and obviously don’t know about Boxing.

    • Right on me Wilder is a dangerous man and anyone that thinks otherwise is not that smart…

    • Dontay has one weapon left hand punch if he lands it he not a boxer fury has skills, boxing experience and he knows how to get into your head the fact that dW knows he got beat and this his last shot he’s already lost cause he keeps replaying well what if I lose again he lost before he got in the ring he didn’t beat him the 1st time nor the 2nd DW is a big sore loser. No respect

  30. I will say I had ever been a Wilder fan even watching him in the Olympics. I thought he was overrated a real bum. But them I started watching his fights without sound and realized he is a beast. I’m not sure why he spouted off all the “blames and conspiracy theories”, but Wilder will win this fight by KO. Fury isn’t taking this fight seriously because of how easy it looked to beat Wilder. Wilder KO in 6

    • Wilder is washed up. TF had him. He really doesn’t stand a chance. I watched both fights TF might kill him like dead literally. DW needs to learn to box. He really got lucky fighting nobody’s for a long time. I bet washed up Mike Tyson would Woop DW’s ass. I would pay big money for that but to watch TF brat his ass again is not worth the money. I give DT to the 5th round before TF Knocks him out.

  31. 😂😂😂😂You Fury fans are str8 delusional. After July 24th yall can go back to the hole yall was in before Wilder blessed Fury by even giving him a chance…because that is where Fury is gonna go. Take his money and run…I just hope he doesnt relapse…😳🙏

    • Your absolutely right.Wilder was man enough to give Fury the rematch and then Fury tried to duck him for another rematch.The first fight wasnt a draw neither.Wilder will win this fight and he will knock Fury out

    • Blessed? He only gave Fury shot because he thought fury was easy bait. He thought Fury was finished because of the mental issues and the drug issues. Wilder has always hand-picked the people he fought which are mostly bums With lopsided records. Wilder has never been a champ he has been a chump fighting other chumps. He gave fury a shot and it backfired on him twice this time it will be the end of Wilder‘s so-called career. How can Wilder consider himself champ and the baddest man ever when he only had one belt and never went after the other four. He didn’t go after the other four because he was busy fighting chumps. Five years as a heavyweight champion and all he had was one of the belts the guy is a freaking bum.

    • Lmao, you are obviously speaking from a biased position and have no actual knowledge of the sport. Sit down, the grown ups are talking…

    • Wilder can’t box bro, he’s athletic and bigger than everyone.As soon as he fought someone bigger he lost. He honestly got worked in the first fight. One knock down and somehow that gets him a draw. He better be learning how to box or he’s going to get embarrassed again!

    • Fury will take the money and run and his title and then all will hear are all the lame excuses just like before.Fury isnt stupid sure hes talking trash it puts asses in the seats but he also knows how dangerous Wilder can be if he clips him.Hes gonna tie him up everytime he comes in trying to throw that big bomb and lean on him making Wilder support his weight just like the last fight which will start to irritate him and make mistakes.

  32. Tyson Fury’s footwork & head movement has more to do with why he wins
    Get ready for another mugging!

  33. I just want to see a great fight. There is speculation around this fight, sure, but I respect the sport. I just wish they’d both shut up and let their gloves talk. I don’t know a lot about Fury, but Wilder is from my neck of the woods, like 45 minutes from me, and I respect the reason he decided to fight. If you don’t know why, then Google it. Regardless of what he has been saying, as a father, I respect that. I do hope he wins, but if not, I just want to see a good fight. No heavy garments, no padded gloves, no accusations of either, just a good match…

    • Won’t happen because when wilder gets knocked out again he will come with the bs excuses… again.

    • Everyone is talking about Wilder he will lose let’s see anyone of you get in the ring with him a see if u can last ……….. Thought so shut up an wait to see what happens this is t.v furry is old Wilder is younger what t.v producer wants a old guy to be champ think about it Tom Brady an the pats an then he moves to the bucks what a come back story right but producers look at oh he has to Winn you know what to do reff it’s all a sho a paying sho

  34. Beyonce Wilder’s probably going to blame the ring walk volume music from not getting up from the canvas in time by a right hook to the busted ear drum due to 24 stone fist’s worth of ‘Titanic Juggernaut Brute Force’ then hail to the ref that the lights be too bright be it why he couldn’t see the straight count properly.

    ..just too many excuses from the ex-champ. He be hadin’so much pride the first go-around, and I had so much respect for what he represented as the true WBC. It’s a shame he had to soil his own reputation by makin’ all these wild outlandish claims.. from costumes, to gloves, his OWN corner slippin’ a mick in his water??! even “COVID-19??!” Are you mad?? Just shake the man’s hand mate, keep your pride, and have another go the next time around, that’s it! Nearly all the greats took took their losses on the chin, an came back.. nothin’ wrong with that at all. That be part of what makes boxing the greatest combat sport between two men, and two men alone.

    Tyson’s the Lineal holder, an their’s a certain heir to having beat the man who beat “The Man.” Pride and well comes with that, an you be representin’ all who a accomplished that feat, which means that you are on the level with Holmes, Dempsey, Bowe, Tyson, Marciano, and the list goes on. That’s why the fight be so spirited between the two, their tremendous belief in themselves unlike any other in the Heavyweight division ever before. AJ’s a wet mop in third place then the previous aforementioned. Fury an Wilder’s Heart alone dominates a fight with AJ.. sorry mate, I hate to say it, but facts are facts.

    Round three of the third Waltz should be an entertaining one. Come on England!!

  35. Does the guy writing this live in the same world as the rest of us. I believe wilder was the one that trash talked. Remember it was because of the gloves then it was racism and anything else he could get someone to print.
    I take his not talking as him knowing this is the end of his career.

  36. You guys seriously don’t know anything about boxing most of you hate Deontay cause of what he represents. Watch the first fight and you’ll see a ref hold a knockout count because he was in Awe of Fury getting sat on his a$$ that was a bs count but let’s act as if we didn’t all see it .

  37. Andre ward has never been in a fight with this magnitude. you retired early yeah no losses but you ain’t fight nobody bro. Wilder might literally kill Tyson fury. That last fight he lost but so what he got cheated on the first fight. I guarantee a knockout by wilder in the 5th or 6th round

    • Wishful thinking, hey got HANDLED the last fight. You say what you want but Fury’s technique made wilder look like a scrub, what can Wilder do that Fury hasn’t already seen? Wish I knew you in real life, then I could bet and win some easy money

    • Really? What world do you live in? Wilder got cheated in that 1st match?
      Any body could see that Wilder gave it his best shot in that first match, but he only landed two good punches… and Fury got up from both… That one punch is the only thing that Wilder has. Anybody that could score that fight, even on points could see that should have not even been close enough to call it a draw, because Wilder only should have gotten two rounds. And the classless way that he has been acting since the 2nd fight, with all of the whining and excuses, that is not how a champion is supposed to act…
      He definitely has more to prove this time for sure, so hopefully his new team can get him back on track, otherwise he might be done…
      I want to see a good fight, but idk if it will be.

    • Wilder is trash he hasn’t fought nobody and I guarantee you the same result as the last fight.

  38. Yo Will Arons,
    You never been in a fight in your life. However, your right Andre Ward has never lost a fight and been knocked out, but Lennox Lewis has, Paulie Malignaggi has, and most importantly Mike Tyson has who everyone in boxing agrees had the closest aura about him to Deontay Wilder until his first loss which was by knockout to Buster Douglas. It doesn’t take a psychologist or an expert on human behavior to realize how immature Deontay Wilder has been acting since his knockout loss to Fury . You could try all you want to debunk what the truth is about Deontay Wilder but we both know your only going to hurt your own credibility.

    • Ok…..plz show me in boxing history where a gloved fist dented a skull especially from someone with no power..

  39. Yo Will Arons,
    You never been in a fight in your life. However, your right Andre Ward has never lost a fight and been knocked out, but Lennox Lewis has, Paulie Malignaggi has, and most importantly Mike Tyson has who everyone in boxing agrees had the closest aura about him to Deontay Wilder until his first loss which was by knockout to Buster Douglas. It doesn’t take a psychologist or an expert on human behavior to realize how immature Deontay Wilder has been acting since his knockout loss to Fury . You could try all you want to debunk what the truth is about Deontay Wilder but we both know your only going to hurt your own credibility.

  40. Even playing field: Make sure Fury don’t come to the ring juiced up like he was in the last fight. And pay close attention to Fury’s gloves. It’s obvious that Fury cheated before now let’s see a fair fight

  41. It’s boxing I mean last time it was the heavy suit. But Mr. Ward I respect your opinion coming from one who has been in this position before. I hope your wrong because yes another knockout like last will definitely end a great career.

  42. Fury putting on more weight he said. But it dont look like it to beat Wilder. If Wilder dont use his feet and slip Fury will have a repeat

    • Because of that overhand he really can’t land because of furys size? Wilder is exposed. He’s got to land that 1 punch but fury has it clocked…. fuggetaboutit

    • Yo Will Arons,
      You never been in a fight in your life. However, your right Andre Ward has never lost a fight and been knocked out, but Lennox Lewis has, Paulie Malignaggi has, and most importantly Mike Tyson has who everyone in boxing agrees had the closest aura about him to Deontay Wilder until his first loss which was by knockout to Buster Douglas. It doesn’t take a psychologist or an expert on human behavior to realize how immature Deontay Wilder has been acting since his knockout loss to Fury . You could try all you want to debunk what the truth is about Deontay Wilder but we both know your only going to hurt your own credibility.

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