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Phenyo Molefe

Final Glory Unveiled: Part 4 of 4 Mayweather- Pacquiao Foreseen


We are only hours away from an event that will call upon the beliefs of all. The sheer magnitude of this occasion is greater than any other, with revenue set to north of $400M. There are only few who would dare deny its significance beyond boxing’s borders. Even the intensity of the weigh in offered opportunity for the champions to display their standing to a paying audience. There has been no need for perpetual slander the demand has prevailed against all obstacles to this battle. Continue reading

Final Glory Unveiled Part 3 of 4: Mayweather, Supreme Greatness


A man of strong opinion, markets himself as the best ever. Polarising the public even his own fans into great disagreement. His detractors do not dislike him, they hate him. There is no neutrality when it comes to Floyd “Money” Mayweather. His lifestyle, success and self-promotion have bred a contingent of admirers and critics. Attention has been diverted from his exploits in the ring to denunciations outside of the ring. He is no angel, nor is he in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize but he is human. There are moments which have cast dark clouds on his reputation but have never soiled his ability and achievements in the ring. Continue reading

Final Glory Unveiled Part 2 of 4: Pacquiao, The Raging Typhoon

Manny Pacquiao

A roaring typhoon has been brewing from the far east and ripped sheer devastation across 8 divisions. Grown men who dared to stand their ground were found lacking while others succumbed to the beatings terror administered to their dire ways. Manny Pacquiao is not an ordinary man, achieving success in politics and business. Manny Pacquiao is not an ordinary fighter, feared by those who have engaged him in duel, respected and decorated by those who have borne witness to his incredible feats. He is certainly a man of diversified interest and accomplishments. Continue reading

Final Glory Unveiled: Part 1 of 4: Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Until recent time this fight was confined to our fascination of a matchup between two incredible fighters. It is a fight that should have taken place five years ago but even today after all that has transpired it continues to arouse polarising opinion and passion in its potential audience. Boxing’s detractors have temporary halted their sermons of its demise. They have secretly purchased tickets, veiled in their backing yet contributing to the record shattering revenue of boxing‘s most lucrative fight ever.

Perhaps it has been with good reason that we have been kept waiting so long for this bout. These fighters are in final season of their prolific careers and this is going to be their most memorable bout. Although the demands and performance will force the clock hands back; the night’s close will usher in a curtain for one of these fighters’ careers. Neither fighter has faced an opponent with similar capabilities and standing. We would be foolish to assume that these fighters have no respect for each other’s ability, achievements and contributions to our beloved sport. Continue reading

Unfinished Business: Tim Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao Part 4 of 4: A Vegas Fire Fight

The concluding result of Saturday’s bout in Las Vegas is not foreign to me or my pre-fight forecast. I do not even have the luxury of ownership of this prediction because many of us considered this outcome with a higher probability relative to some of their other outcomes. However, the manner in which the bout transpired was not anything I could have reasonably predicted.

At times I found myself weaving and throwing double hooks in the air having been drawn into the fire fight which was taking place in front of me yet many miles away. Who would have known that the pursuit of validation would inspire the storm we witnessed. Questions have been asked and on Saturday answers found. Continue reading

Unfinished Business: Tim Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao Part 3 of 4: The Eye of the Tiger

We have all formed opinions of what we believe is going to transpire in the coming hours and I assume that you have your supporting arguments. What I do implore you to do is to make an honest assessment by introducing an ounce of objectivity into your analysis of these fighters and their abilities.

These gentlemen have a history and a bitter one for both parties. Manny Pacquiao was clearly robbed by some blind decision made by two judges who will not rendering their services tonight. Bradley did himself no favour when in days following the bout claimed to have assessed himself the victor. Continue reading

Unfinished Business: Tim Bradley vs. Manny Pacquiao – Part 2 of 4: Finding The Congressman

It is clearly evident to us ways that 2012 was a devastating year for Manny Pacquiao and his team. Disappointment surfaced, some fans rejoiced while others tore their betting slips as the hopes of Pacquiao vs Mayweather were dashed twice in one year, with the last issued in devastating fashion. We all begun to wonder whether the raging Philippines typhoon had finally met its dying days in the boxing ring.

Pacquiao vs Marquez IV

I say this without reservation although Manny went into this fight with a loss to Bradley, it is not a loss of conventional measure but was engineered by some incapable judging. There was no celebration in such but yet another reminder for us all, pertaining to the questionable decisions which tarnish our sport. Manny Pacquiao remained the peoples’ champ, even in the midst of blatant robbery; the congressman was diplomatic and humble. Continue reading

Unfinished Business: Tim Bradley vs Manny Pacquiao – Part 1 of 4: A Storm of Resilience

It has been almost two years since Tim Bradley and Manny Pacquiao cast the script for one of the most controversial boxing decisions of 2012. We all expected a reasonably easy evening at the arena for Manny Pacquiao but with the aid of some incompetent judging, the boxing’s gods did not will it.

Bradley vs Pacquiao I:

I will not deny that Bradley exceed expectations through his resilience in the face of the beating Manny sought to issue on the night in question. He did well, but there is no way that he did enough to convince any of us that he was the rightful victor. Continue reading