See them fight: Brook vs Spence

Errol Spence Jr., Kell Brook - Boxing News

A fight dawns on us, both men continue to fight to prove their worth. Brook and Spence are both in the bright spotlights engaging in what may be the most exciting bout of the year.

I have spent much time, analysing Kell Brook and the contribution he brings to the fighting art. I have often sat in his corner a detractor, aligning with the belief that the Special One was not as remarkable as his more charismaticrivals. Kell Brook has heart; he stepped into the ring against one of boxing most feared executers, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin. I do not think many analysts gave Brook a great chance against the lethal GGG. However what I witnessed in the second round of their contest had me redefining my stance. To see the smaller Brook dishing out punishment to GGG that I have rarely seen him have to absorb. Brook lost the bout, but in that bout he proved so much; He has a remarkable jaw, in round five he swallowed some GGG laced bombs in such a manner that we have not seen any other stand up to.


Upon his throne: Anthony Joshua

Anthony Joshua - Boxing News

A new king has made himself known to boxing and those beyond our doors. Joshua assured us that this day would come, even going in to wage war against a man who graces the list of the effective heavy weight boxing champions. 2017 is a year Joshua will always remember in this phase and those yet to come. It was the year he exhibited the components that has seen him hailed the division’s new king, promising to dominate the division with sheer devastation and tactical brilliance that those before him have inspired.


Wladimir Klitschko – The Heart of a Lion

Wladimir Klitschko - Boxing News

Almost a week has elapsed since we bore witness to a new season in heavyweight boxing. The fight result was as I called it in pre-fight commentary however the events which unfolded on the night were not envisioned by any analyst prior to the fight. The night of the fire fight reminded the world of the presence boxing still holds and the narrative it shares beyond boxing’s enclaves.

Given his celebrated decade of dominance; Wladimir had in recent time been forced to travel a road he has long forgotten. A king disposed from his throne by a jester, was driven to reclaim his throne. In his fight against Tyson Fury he seemed daze and confused by the unorthodox approach Fury applied. The distractions Fury created both in the ring and outside served their purpose; confusing Wladimir to borrowed states of inaction.


The Day The Young Lion Roared: Klitschko vs Joshua

Anthony Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko - Boxing News

Although I have long lined up my bet for the forth coming fight which will see Wladimir Klitschko take upon the formidable Anthony Joshua. I have taken further analysis to uncover how this fight is likely to unfold on the 29th April 2017.

At the time that rumour of the bout filled boxing’s corridors, I was concerned that such a bout would prove rather too early for Joshua to present the highest manifestation of himself on fight night. He remains on a notable path and momentum favours him in the exploits he has undertaken in the last year and half.


Final Glory Unveiled: Part 4 of 4 Mayweather- Pacquiao Foreseen


We are only hours away from an event that will call upon the beliefs of all. The sheer magnitude of this occasion is greater than any other, with revenue set to north of $400M. There are only few who would dare deny its significance beyond boxing’s borders. Even the intensity of the weigh in offered opportunity for the champions to display their standing to a paying audience. There has been no need for perpetual slander the demand has prevailed against all obstacles to this battle.


Final Glory Unveiled Part 3 of 4: Mayweather, Supreme Greatness


A man of strong opinion, markets himself as the best ever. Polarising the public even his own fans into great disagreement. His detractors do not dislike him, they hate him. There is no neutrality when it comes to Floyd “Money” Mayweather. His lifestyle, success and self-promotion have bred a contingent of admirers and critics. Attention has been diverted from his exploits in the ring to denunciations outside of the ring. He is no angel, nor is he in the running for a Nobel Peace Prize but he is human. There are moments which have cast dark clouds on his reputation but have never soiled his ability and achievements in the ring.


Final Glory Unveiled Part 2 of 4: Pacquiao, The Raging Typhoon

Manny Pacquiao

A roaring typhoon has been brewing from the far east and ripped sheer devastation across 8 divisions. Grown men who dared to stand their ground were found lacking while others succumbed to the beatings terror administered to their dire ways. Manny Pacquiao is not an ordinary man, achieving success in politics and business. Manny Pacquiao is not an ordinary fighter, feared by those who have engaged him in duel, respected and decorated by those who have borne witness to his incredible feats. He is certainly a man of diversified interest and accomplishments.


Final Glory Unveiled: Part 1 of 4: Mayweather vs Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather Jr, Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather vs. Pacquiao - Top Stories Boxing

Until recent time this fight was confined to our fascination of a matchup between two incredible fighters. It is a fight that should have taken place five years ago but even today after all that has transpired it continues to arouse polarising opinion and passion in its potential audience. Boxing’s detractors have temporary halted their sermons of its demise. They have secretly purchased tickets, veiled in their backing yet contributing to the record shattering revenue of boxing‘s most lucrative fight ever.

Perhaps it has been with good reason that we have been kept waiting so long for this bout. These fighters are in final season of their prolific careers and this is going to be their most memorable bout. Although the demands and performance will force the clock hands back; the night’s close will usher in a curtain for one of these fighters’ careers. Neither fighter has faced an opponent with similar capabilities and standing. We would be foolish to assume that these fighters have no respect for each other’s ability, achievements and contributions to our beloved sport.