See them fight: Brook vs Spence

A fight dawns on us, both men continue to fight to prove their worth. Brook and Spence are both in the bright spotlights engaging in what may be the most exciting bout of the year.

I have spent much time, analysing Kell Brook and the contribution he brings to the fighting art. I have often sat in his corner a detractor, aligning with the belief that the Special One was not as remarkable as his more charismaticrivals. Kell Brook has heart; he stepped into the ring against one of boxing most feared executers, Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin. I do not think many analysts gave Brook a great chance against the lethal GGG. However what I witnessed in the second round of their contest had me redefining my stance. To see the smaller Brook dishing out punishment to GGG that I have rarely seen him have to absorb. Brook lost the bout, but in that bout he proved so much; He has a remarkable jaw, in round five he swallowed some GGG laced bombs in such a manner that we have not seen any other stand up to.

Errol “The Truth” Spence has been blowing competition out with such devastating precision his gifts cannot go unpraised. He throws body shots which have often left his opponents gasping for life as all breath temporarily departed as the onslaught ensured. He is an effective and widely entertaining fighter whose execution of the art is a beautiful composition; clean, crisp and effective. Very few fighters have the ability to impose such brilliant finishing with such measured composure. Errol Spence is a challenging opponent to fight, it is not merely his power or precision, it is the focus and aptitude he possesses that truly set him apart. Leonard Bundu can truly boxing and has the experience to frustrate opposition with his style which he did against his bout against Spence. However frustrated Spence was in this bout, he plotted an opening and as only he does, finished off Bundu beautifully with upper cut –hook.

I believe that Errol will be approaching this bout as he has those previous to this. Tree chopping exploits will be in instore. He will begin attacking with a varied array with the intent to break down the opposition round after round and open them up for that precision finishing. Errol respects Kell Brook and this will be the best fighter he has faced to date and could provide the brilliant punctuation of his era in boxing’s most robust division. I have analysed his bouts and with every passing bout this rising star continues to improve. His immense balance, speed, power and composure.

The problem he may give Spence is speed, I do not think Spence is going to knock Brook out with a single punch. He will have to frustrate Brook with his speed, superior athletic ability and boxing aptitude.

I do not think notable weight gain and then subsequent shedding bids well for some of the fighters we have encountered. We saw this notably with Roy Jones’ rise to heavyweight and then the subsequent beatings a less gifted Tarver administrated. We never saw Roy Jones Jr recover his throne of brilliance evident prior to his journey to heavyweight. Kell is a lot younger than what Jones was when he made his ascent to the heavyweight division. I do not believe that the return to the welter-weight division will have a negative impact on Brook’s arsenal on Saturday night.

Brook is the bigger fighter and stronger, he has to use his size to frustrate Spence and drain the younger man of his persistent energy and momentum. It is true, Spence is the most gifted fighter that Brook has ever faced. He has to carefully impose his power on Spence and boulder upon respect that is going to force Spence to be hesitant in aggression. He will have to throw sharp, meaningful combinations while lining Spence’s body up for further punishment he will impose. It is important that Brook does not stand immobile ignoring Spence feverish onslaught, rounds will be lost if such an approach is taken. Brook will have to use the gifts which have allowed him to move and be prove illusive to those who has faced him.

This is a notably close fight, both fighters at the brink of their stardom. I have Kell Brook wining this bout likely by decision.