Lion’s Den: Preview Joshua vs. Parker

Tonight, the game of life unfolds in a collusion course for two well developed fighters Anthony Joshua and Joseph Parker. Some have taken upon this opportunity to assess the merits that each fighter brings to the engagement tonight in very liberal means and it is with this impetus that a call for a better prepared analysis.

I find myself rather surprised to hear the various beliefs circulating boxing, pertaining to the notable chances that Joseph Parker poses significant threat to Anthony Joshua. I will not soil Parker and his record, but I implore all to afford themselves an objective assessment.

Parker boats a record of 24 fights, 18 KO’s; some may use these statistics in isolation in a poor attempt to find a equivalent form of measure. However, such analysis is incomplete and merely touches the first degree of comparison. Joshua only boasts 20 fights with 20 KO’s but what we have to assess is the quality of the opposition that they have faced and the manner in which they have delivered against those who have dared to challenge them in the ring. Those who have toyed with such poor comparison were the very analysts that even thought that Lucas Browne had a chance last week against Dillian Whyte last week on paper Browne had the better record, seemingly more season but when it came to doing what he had to do, he was left drowning in waters beyond the Thames. Records assessed within questionable context will never bring forth ripe conclusion.

I smile at the fact that so many have been quick to give Parker a chance to unsettle and dethrone the king, Anthony Joshua. Some have sighted the speed that Parker presents to the fight will be a determining factor. Parker is mobile and truly does have some quick hands, but I believe that he enjoyed opportunity to exploit his above average speed and movement against a particular calibre of fighter. This has incorrectly led to many giving him a chance against Joshua sighting his speed which will be negated tonight.

Yet another attribute that has been draw to his favour is his endurance, and in some manner, I can see why such conclusion in isolation may seem to hold some weight. but the fact is that it is still assessed in isolation. It is easy to give rise to an illusion of great endurance when the fighters one builds their record against are far less capable than what one is, not enough has been demanded from Joseph’s tanks not as much as that which will be required of his endurance tonight. I have seen Anthony Joshua tired in fights more notably against Wladimir Klitschko, but I have never seen him gassed out, even in the time when pressed against Wladimir he took a measured break and attained the respite required to bring certain conclusion to that bout.
Analysis which has not been holistic has been lacking and has allowed too many to draw conclusion of Parker even standing a remote chance of winning this bout. If thorough insights are what we seek to draw then we have to do boxing greater justice than which entertains wishful thinking. Parker is undeniably a good fighter but he is the weakest champion of those under consideration. There is nothing in his overall package that I see which will disturb Joshua. Parker has never faced anyone of similar calibre to Joshua even the countless sparring partner who match Joshua for weight and height have nothing in compassion to the countless combinations that I can see the young Brit throwing on Saturday evening.

Joshua is coming into this bout lighter, tipping the scales closer to 108kg notably lighter than his last bout but that alone is not enough, it is the fact that tonight Joshua will be pressing a quicker fight and looking to bring destruction to Parker in demonstrated fashion. His power will remain a notable aspect of his arsenal and he will look to break Parker’s movement down with cannon balls to the body which will be followed by thrust to his head seeking the KO in the latter rounds. There is nothing that Parker will present that will deter the plans that Joshua has lined up to use this bout as a display in his ability to bring an end to all those who dare challenge him. Joshua will win this bout before the 10th round is ushered in, I need to be reasonable in my assessment but I believe to be fair that we will see Parker KO’d in round 8.