Blood Sport: Whyte vs. Browne

We have been waiting for this bout for many passing moons, endorsing the various battles and taunting that has transpired to give substance to their bout. Tonight, will hold answers for both men, their camps and all those who subscribe to their beliefs, tonight we will know who the imposter is and who the rising star is soon to be. If the introductory music is anything to go by, then it is Whyte who is certain to raise the dead from their forgotten graves.

Round 1

The introductory moments of this bout offer nothing special, but I did find myself rather surprised at Browne’s seemingly fluid torso movement, I have seen him exercise this movement in an attempt to evade punches, but I wonder how long he will be able to do this for. He is undeniably a mountain of a man, but truth be told softer than what I would have preferred for this bout, is this a reflection of an ill prepared fighter, going up against a tested foe. I am not impressed by anything I see, but I do believe both these men are going to be tempted into a brawl soon. Browne turns south paw in a an attempt to confuse Whyte and extract opportunity to land his known devastating punches, by none is offered to him. Bursting with fury, a Whyte overhand right unveils it claws, tearing a cut under Browne’s left eye. If history is anything to meditate upon then, let it be known to all, Whyte is going to continue looking for means to deliver this overhand right until it proves itself spent.
The round comes to an end, I still do not see anything special delivered by either fighter. Whyte gets this round, much more composed, delivered the most damage.

Round 2

Whyte is proving methodical, starting his onslaught preceded by effective jabs. He remains composed despite missing with the overhand right. He has seen something and knows that the overhand right is going to be a cause of concern for his foe. It is proving to be a solid start from Brixton’s body snatcher. Am I the only one taking note that Browne is beginning to look desperately tired, he offers no movement. It is becoming clear that this lethargic movement, is proving an effective opportunity for Whyte to launch deadly combinations. Dillian has found the magic overhead right and it is giving Browne reason trouble all round long.
A Whyte round again.

Round 3

Browne is immobile, drying in quick sand unable to get his punches off, what is it that made this man believe he had a chance tonight because right now, he is drowning. Whyte remains relaxed, disciplined exploiting the cut and every opportunity to punish the bigger man. Whyte continues to serve the Australian tough man painful blows from all angles. Whyte throws, fire bombs laced with hell’s tears and you have to admit, Lucas is feeling each call in his very fibres. It appears to me that Browne has been forced to relinquish his game plan and settle in to that of hope, hoping to land a big punch but nothing else. Even at scattered times when Browne attempts to launch a rally of his own it is Whyte who comes back with piercing blows to punish the older man for even thinking of fighting him. Whyte takes the round comfortably establishing himself as the immoral aggressor looking for opportunities to separate all their senses.

Round 4

Browne’s cutman has a lot of work to do in trying to keep this fight alive, I cannot foresee the referee allowing this bloodletting to continue. Browne is in a world of worry, eating shots that even Anthony Joshua has paid caution to. Lucas has no choice but was forced to stomach all that is dished unto him; he is too tired to work, and fitness is going to be a deciding factor in this match. Whyte is seemingly taking his time, toying with the Australian, rolling his punches, only to unleash stomach turning blows to Browne’s distended gut. Whyte’s arsenal is sanctioned by his relentless body shots, piercing his foe’s gas tank vacating any remaining will to fight. At this rate the former champ is certain to sink to the depths of certain loss. Whyte sails comfortably through this round.

Round 5

Credit to Whyte who seems to remember the importance of the jab, starting the round out with bolting jab laying foundation to the punishing power punches aching to be released. One thing is certain Whyte is punishing his opponent making it known to all that he is ready. Lucas Brown was in deep waters, how did he walk himself into this bout, as he prods forward slow awaiting the punishing phases of head and body attack. Nothing special to say about anything that Browne even attempted to offer.

It is another Dillian Whyte win. This is looking pitiful and this may end up getting stopped. At this rate there is no way the referee is going to allow this to carry on, I noted his concern and this one-sided beating continues to be unleashed with such ease then an end will be called.

Round 6

I would pull Lucas Brown out at the end of this round, he is slow, blinded and with no hope of winning this bout. Dillian is out like restless stream train, looking for opportunity to continue with the 5th round’s destruction. He is firing automatic pistons some careless but many finding their target. I give credit to Lucas Browne, he is one tough mountain, eating so many shots and although struggling for air, he is still in there. Oh what was that, the devil lit a lift hook straight to the temple, slaying the giant in such devastating fashion. It is surely now the end. We wait anxiously, waiting for Lucas to show signs of life after what was such a punctuated end.

Thank the powers that be, that Lucas Browne is going to be well and is able to rise from what was one of the most devastating punches that I have ever seen Dillian throw. He remained humble and called out the elite fighters in all tiers of heavyweight boxing, most notably he called out Wilder, eager to be pressed and challenged to better heights. Say that which you may choose to say about Whyte, he is hungry and wants to garner momentum to favorable momentum.

I am surprised at the ease at which Whyte controlled the bout, I am certain some of his sparring sessions proved far more pressing than anything that Lucas Brown had to offer. Although I certainly expected a Dillian Whyte win this is not what I expected. Brown offered nothing in return for anything Whyte brought to the table, somehow, he was numbed into a state of immobility. Whyte has improved his approach, his is patient, and seemingly taking steps to improve is arsenal. I found myself most impressed with his combinations to the body and head. I think that the fight Whyte is screaming for against Wilder is worth pushing for and I trust that he will get his hands on the champ and allow us to engage in yet another fire fight in the arena.