Dibella: Boxing deserves a Chavez Jr-Martinez rematch

Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez, Sergio Martinez - Boxing NewsBy Michael Collins: Lou Dibella, the promoter for WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez, feels that the sport of boxing needs a rematch between Martinez and former WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. after last night’s one-sided 12 round decision win by the 37-year-old Martinez over Chavez Jr. at the Thomas & Mack Center in Las, Nevada.

Dibella said to the LA Times “Boxing deserves a rematch. My philosophy is when you have lightning in a bottle, don’t let it go. A rematch probably sells out Cowboy Stadium.”

So let me get this straight. Chavez Jr. loses 11 rounds plus the fight, and then gets a rematch out of this? There’s something wrong with this picture because that doesn’t make sense at all. I don’t care that Chavez Jr. knocked Martinez down in the 12th. The fact of the matter is he couldn’t finish him off and it was Martinez who was pummeling Chavez Jr. at the time the 12th round ended.

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Josesito Lopez moving back down to 147, could fight Maidana or Ortiz next

Alvarez-Lopez, Josesito Lopez, Saul Alvarez - Boxing News(Photo credit: Leopoldo Gonzalez) By Rob Smith: WBC Siver welterweight champion Josesito Lopez (30-5, 18 KO’s) will reportedly be moving back down to 147 after losing by a 5th round TKO in his title challenge against WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (41-0-1, 30 KO’s) last Saturday night at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada. Lopez, 28, will be fighting either a rematch against Victor Ortiz or a bout against Marcos Maidana. Of the two, Lopez would probably stand a better chance of beating Ortiz. Maidana hits too hard and the chances would be high that he would basically the same thing that Alvarez did to him by blasting him out with hard power shots.

Lopez moved up from welterweight to take the fight after being selected by Golden Boy Promotions to be the lucky guy to get the payday fight against the young 22-year-old Alvarez. However, things didn’t go well for Lopez, as he was knocked down three times by Alvarez and stopped in the 5th when he was getting snowed under by a heavy storm of punches from Alvarez in the corner.

Lopez made a huge mistake by trying to punch with Alvarez instead of trying to box with him. Why he did this it’s hard to say. Lopez has good boxing skills, but he chose not to use them for some reason. After fighting a fairly competitive first round, Lopez was then knocked down in the 2nd from a hard left hook to the body from Alvarez.

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Chavez Jr. will have major problems once he’s forced to move up in weight

Chavez Jr-Martinez, Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Sergio Martinez - Boxing NewsBy Marcus Richardson: In looking at how utterly clueless Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-1-1, 32 KO’s) was last night in trying to deal with the little bit of movement that Sergio Martinez showed him in winning an lopsided 12 round unanimous decision, it became painfully clear that Chavez Jr’s days as a championship caliber fighter will probably be over once he can no longer make weight for the middleweight division. When the time comes that Chavez Jr. can no longer melt down 180+ to 160 lbs to fight smaller middleweights, I think it’s going to be all over for him in terms of a champion type fighter.

Chavez Jr. is likely going to be completely lost at super middleweight, because those guys are going almost as big as him, but as so much more skilled, versatile and mobile. To be sure, there are some guys that don’t move very well at 168 lbs, like Carl Froch, but he makes up for it by his ability to throw counter shots as soon as he’s hit. But Chavez Jr. showed last night that he’s a fighter with a fighting style from a bygone era that just doesn’t have a place against well schooled fighters that know how to move.

Chavez Jr’s fans are celebrating the fact that he got a knockdown of a much smaller Martinez in the 12th, but he couldn’t even finish him off because of his lack hand speed and footwork.

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Chavez Jr-Martinez could fight rematch in Cowboys Stadium: Anybody want to see another mismatch?

Chavez Jr-Martinez, Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Sergio Martinez - Boxing NewsBy Michael Collins: Top Rank promoter Bob Arum is considering a rematch between his popular fighter Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-1-1, 32 KO’s) and newly crowned WBC middleweight champion Sergio Martinez (50-2-2, 28 KO’s) at the Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas. However, if the rematch comes off it will likely have to wait until 2013, because Martinez suffered a cut over his left eye that required 8 stitches to close as well as possible torn ligaments in his right knee after falling to the canvas after getting knocked down by Chavez Jr. in the 12th. The torn ligaments may require surgery to heal. The rehabilitation will almost surely keep Martinez out of action for the remainder of 2013.

Martinez and his promoter Lou Dibella are both understandably eager to face Chavez Jr. again. Martinez received $1.4 million for the fight, and he’ll likely get a nice extra chunk of cash on the pay per view upside. A rematch in Texas would likely mean another nice payday for Martinez, although it’s hard to understand why boxing fans would want to pay to see Martinez add Chavez Jr. fight again after last night.

It was completely one-sided until the 12th round when Chavez Jr. was able to hurt Martinez with a right hand and then put him down with a left. Chavez Jr. couldn’t finish the job, however, and actually ended up taking more shots than he was landing after he had Martinez hurt. That was the sad part. Even with Martinez hurt, he was still able to out-land Chavez Jr.

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Marcos Maidana Stops A Game Jesus Soto Karass In Drama-Filled Slugfest – “El Chino” Back To His Entertaining Best!

Jesus Soto Karass, Marcos Maidana - Boxing News(Photo: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME) By James Slater – Who doesn’t love Argentine banger and all-round warrior Marcos Maidana? Well, aside from the passionate, in-the-mood-to-celebrate Mexican fans who roared on their countryman Jesus Soto Karass inside a half-full MGM Grand last night, almost every fight fan loves “El Chino.”

Excitement personified, the 29-year-old did it again in halting a game Karass via 8th-round TKO. Last night’s win, which improved Maidana to 32-3(29), was actually a must-win fight for the slugger from Carlos Monzon country, as Maidana had looked quite poor last time out, in losing a wide decision to the slick Devon Alexander in a fight that saw the former WBA 140-pound champ make the move up to welter. But that loss came against a classy boxer/mover – Maidana’s worst nightmare. Put “El Chino” in with a man who will stand and go to war with him, however, and Maidana has a shot of both winning and thrilling the crowd.

It’s not clear how long Maidana – who was last night somewhat dwarfed and pushed around as a result of his size disadvantage – can hang with the elite at 147 (can he still make 140?), but one thing is sure: it will be value for money all the way for as long as Maidana continues to rumble. Last night’s performance was typical Maidana: he fought hard, he fought dirty and he fought like a man obsessed with scoring the KO. Chucking bombs from the get-go, Maidana showed he does have power at 147. The right hand a formidable weapon against the determined Karass, Maidana’s left hand was also effective.

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“Please Stand By” Sergio Wins but With Technical Difficulties!

Chavez Jr-Martinez, Chavez Jr. vs. Martinez, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Sergio Martinez - Boxing Newsby Paul Strauss: What a night for boxing fans. Between Showtime and HBO, there were more fights than you could shake a stick at. The big record setting one was of course at the Thomas & Mack Center, Las Vegas, NV. It was a grudge match pitting Sergio Gabriel “Maravilla” Martinez against the young title usurper with the bloodlines named Julio Cesar Chavez, Jr.

Simply put, Martinez felt he was unfairly stripped of his middleweight title, and to make matters worse, it was given to this undeserving upstart who happened to be the son of a great fighter. Sergio was uncharacteristically vocal about what he thought was an injustice, and he was determined to set things right. Most of the experts and the odds makers agreed he was likely to be successful. On the other hand, JCC, Jr. was hurt and insulted by Sergio’s comments and determined to make him pay. Both promised knockouts.

Even with hall of fame trainer Freddie Roach’s help, it was thought to be unlikely that JCC, Jr. had the necessary skill and experience to pull off the upset, despite his father having done the seemingly impossible years ago against Meldrick Taylor. That was so long ago (1990), it seemed like a dream.
Critics of Sergio, including JCC, Sr. and Freddie Roach and other boxing purists don’t particularly care for Sergio’s style. When it comes to boxing technique, they feel he lacks fundamentals; although, they begrudgingly agree he is a superior athlete. Consequently, they believed he could be “gotten to” and that JCC, Jr. would be able to do so Saturday night.

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Macklin holds Alcine at ‘Knife’point

Matthew Macklin - Boxing NewsPadraig Ivory – Matthew Macklin deployed a controlled explosion at the Thomas and Mack on Saturday night and when the smoke settled former champ Joachim Alcine had taken shelter under the arm of referee Jay Nady. The left temple of the Haitian native duly played the role of the detonator as an invigorated Macklin claimed his 20th stoppage in sensational style.

The 30 year old Tipperary hurling fanatic, who was controversially denied world title honours against Felix Sturm in 2011, emphatically reinstated his status as the major threat to the middleweight crown. The first class surroundings of the new MGM gym may have aptly provided Buddy McGirt’s charge with the script to premiere an action packed Blockbuster in front of an energetic Las Vegas crowd.

‘Mack the Knife’ executed an overpowering assault on the former champ who twice came face to face with the heavily advertised canvas. Macklin was unrelenting and forged iron from leather as he cleverly switched attack between body and head. Alcine offered little in the way of return fire forcing the experienced referee to call a halt to the explosive action with only 2.26 registered on the clock.

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Alvarez stops Lopez; Maidana TKOs Soto-Karass; De Leon defeats Gonzalez

Alvarez-Lopez, Daniel Ponce De Leon, Jesus Soto Karass, Jhonny Gonzalez, Josesito Lopez, Marcos Maidana, Saul Alvarez - Boxing News(Photos: Tom Casino/SHOWTIME) By Rob Smith: In a positively sick mismatch that should have never been made in the first place, WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez (41-0-1, 30 KO’s) absolutely annihilated welterweight Josesito Lopez (30-5, 18 KO’s) by a 5th round TKO on Saturday night in one of Alvarez’s easier title defenses at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Alvarez knocked Lopez down three times, once in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds from body and head shots. Lopez, who looked soft in the midsection, had problems with Alvarez’s body shots. Alvarez obviously spotted the the coat of fat that Lopez had put on around his waist in moving up from welterweight in three months.

In the 5th, Alvarez finished off the hapless Lopez and referee Joe Cortez stepped in to halt the slaughter at 2:55 of the round.

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Martinez dominates Chavez Jr; Rigondeaux decisions Marroquin; Macklin crushes Alcine

Chavez Jr-Martinez, Guillermo Rigondeaux, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Matthew Macklin, Sergio Martinez - Boxing NewsBy Dwight Chittenden: With the exception of the 12th round, Sergio Martinez (50-2-2, 28 KO’s) completely dominated a badly over-matched WBC middleweight champion Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. (46-1-1, 32 KO’s) tonight in beating him by a 12 round unanimous decision at the Thomas & Mack Center, in Las Vegas, Nevada. Martinez, 37, had to climb off the deck in the 12th round to survive after getting hurt and knocked by a desperate Chavez Jr. However, Chavez Jr. was too slow and inaccurate to finish off Martinez when he had him where he wanted him. The final judges’ scores were 118-109, 118-109 and 117-110, all for Martinez.

Chavez Jr. couldn’t get into the fight in the first 11 rounds, as he was too slow and unable to get his shots off. With Martinez constantly moving, Chavez Jr. looked completely clueless with what to do. His past opponents had always been stationary for him to use his body attack on them while they stood against the ropes for him. But Martinez was going to play Chavez Jr’s game and stayed on the move the entire fight.

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Adrien Broner vs. Antonio DeMarco on November 17th on HBO

Adrien Broner, Antonio DeMarco - Boxing NewsBy Rob Smith: Adrien Broner (24-0, 20 KO’s) will be getting an immediate shot at a title in his first fight at lightweight on November 17th by fighting WBC lightweight champion Antonio DeMarco (28-2-1, 21 KO’s) on HBO in a still to be determined venue, according to fightnews.com. The fight still isn’t quite a done deal but it’s close.

This is unfortunately is one of the few appealing options that Broner has by fighting at lightweight, because the division is essentially empty of big named fighters now that Juan Manuel Marquez and Brandon Rios both have moved up in weight. Broner would be wise to fight once or twice in this division and quickly move up in weight to the light welterweight division where there are much better fights for him. Ideally, Broner needs to wind up at welterweight if he wants to get the big money fights. Fighting at lightweight is a dead end for Broner, and hopefully he realizes this sooner rather than later.

DeMarco is a decent fighter with okay power and skills. He’s gotten a little better since he was blasted out by Edwin Valero in 9 rounds in 2010, but not a lot better. DeMarco has won his last five fights since his loss to Valero, beating Daniel Attah, Reyes Sanchez, Jorge Linares, Miguel Roman and John Molina. DeMarco took a ton of punishment in his win over Linares last year in an exciting fight. It’s good that DeMarco got the win, but it was a grueling fight.

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