This Saturday: Tank Davis-Hector Luis Garcia In The First Big Fight Of 2023

01/02/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Having been released from jail soon after his alleged physical attack on a woman shortly after Christmas, Gervonta Davis – who denies any wrongdoing whatsoever – will as we know be going through with this Saturday’s “tune-up” fight with Hector Luis Garcia. “Tune-up?” The fight is seen by plenty of people as more than that; as a very real and dangerous fight for Tank.

Davis, who says he needs the work before going into his April fight with Ryan Garcia (who initially announced a tune-up bout of his own, only to change his mind and ditch the fight, choosing instead to go straight into the fight with Tank) could certainly have picked a softer opponent. So, will Davis, 27-0(25) get the win on Saturday night, and perhaps just as importantly, will the undefeated southpaw get the win unscathed? If Garcia, also a southpaw and the reigning WBA “regular” champ at 135 pounds, gives Tank a hard night’s work, if he manages to inflict any damage on him, say cuts or worse still, any broken bones, that April date with Garcia could be in jeopardy.

On the one hand, Tank deserves much credit for taking on a formidable fighter in a “tune-up.” There are no planned cakewalks in Davis’s career, that’s for sure. But on the other hand, Tank could be made to look quite silly for having taken on such a risky foe in a so-called tune-up if he does struggle or, God forbid, gets beaten by the 16-0(10) Garcia, who says he is coming for a war.

Either way, and whichever way you look at it, the Tank-Garcia fight is the first big and meaningful fight of the new year. Here’s hoping we get an exciting fight to open up 2023. And, for the sake of getting that Tank-Ryan Garcia fight and nothing more (nothing against Hector Garcia), let’s hope Tank does get the win in Washington D.C.

Often times a battle of southpaws can equal a messy, awkward fight, but something tells me this one will be lively and with good action. How do YOU guys see Saturday’s fight going?

Pick: Tank by late-rounds stoppage in a competitive, exciting fight.