Rematch or Step Aside? Tszyu’s Path After Fundora Loss

By Rob Smith - 03/31/2024 - Comments

Tim Tszyu’s manager, Glen Jennings, says they have a rematch clause for their fight against Sebastian Fundora from last Saturday night.

Jennings states that he would like Tszyu (24-1, 17 KOs) to force an immediate rematch with Fundora (21-1-1, 13 KOs) to give him a chance to recapture his WBO junior middleweight title and the WBC belt after losing a 12-round split decision last night at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Immediate Rematch of Wait?

  • Immediate rematch: This is a chance to avenge his loss to Fundora and recapture his WBO belt, which was an email job.
  • Team player: Taking this route would allow PBC to set up a mega-fight between Fundora and Errol Spence, a clash that would help the company. If Tszyu wants to be a team player for PBC, this would be the move to make.
  • Injury: Tszyu’s injury will take time to heal, and it would be selfish to tie down Fundora’s career by having him wait six to seven months.

It’s unclear whether Tszyu will do that because he suffered a bad cut on his scalp, and it could take many months before he’s ready to resume his career.

Also, Tszyu is with PBC, and it’s believed they would like to set up a mega-fight between Errol Spence and Fundora next. If Tszyu were to activate his rematch clause, he would mess things up for PBC with a Spence vs. Fundora clash.

If Tszyu wants to be a team player, he’ll step aside and allow the superstar Spence to face Fundora and then face that clash after his cut is 100%.

Jennings on the Situation

“He knows there’s a rematch clause. If we want to take it, we’ll take it. I’d love for Tim to take it and win the belts right back,” said Tim Tszyu’s manager, Glen Jennings, to Jai McAllister about him having a rematch clause that he could, if he chooses, activate for an immediate second fight against Sebastian Fundora.

“I’m happy for a rematch to happen next, and good luck to him. It definitely affects the schedule. Everything was sort of planned for this year,” said Jennings when asked if Tszyu’s loss affects his hopes for a fight against Errol Spence and Terence Crawford.

“It doesn’t mean it’s for a bad reason. It just means there’s another fight for Tim to consider. Look, if an opportunity to fight Errol Spence or an opportunity to fight Terence Crawford or anyone else. If one of those pops up, it would be silly not to consider it.

“He didn’t lose anything tonight with his stock. It just shows you how much of a warrior Tim is and how much he’s ready to get in there and put everything on the line because he’s a bloke that still fought for ten rounds [with the cut] and pushed it to a split decision,” said Jennngs about Tszyu.

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