Alen Babic Stops Steve Robinson In An Exciting Battle – Boxing Results

By James Slater - 03/31/2024 - Comments

“The Savage” is back. Tonight, on the big Fabio Wardley vs. Frazer Clarke Bill at The O2 in London, fan favourite Alen Babic scored a clubbing sixth round stoppage win over Steve Robinson. Babic, who was returning to work following his crushing one round stoppage loss to Lukasz Rozanski in a bridgerweight title fight, hit the all but defenceless Robinson with a barrage of head shots to force the third man to dive in and stop what had been an exciting but at the same time largely one-sided fight.

Time was :54 of the 6th and Croatian warrior Babic is now 12-1(11). Robinson, who suffered the first stoppage loss of his career, is now 6-3(4).

Babic, back at heavyweight after his disaster against Rozanski, gave his army of fans another of his custom, slug it out, throw wild shots and to heck with what comes back, performances. Not that Robinson offered much in the way of defence or finesse himself, Robinson being hit by every punch in the book.

It was fun and fiery, as are all of Babic’s fights, but more was expected of Robinson, especially after all his bold pre-fight words. Robinson showed heart in soaking up so many flush head shots, yet at the same time he did look like an inexperienced fighter tonight.

Babic was in command and even his wildest shots got home. Robinson was stopped on his feet and he did offer a mild complaint at being rescued, but there really was only one winner tonight.

Babic may well have found his level, but when matched realistically, Babic can and does deliver. After tonight’s win, Babic called out David Allen, while Tommy Welch called out Babic. Expect one of these two fights to take place in the summer.

Say what you want about Babic, but “The Savage” is genuine entertainment.