Lucas Browne: A Message For Fury / Echoes Frustrations At Inactivity

After recent social media “interactions” with WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder and the news that colourful heavyweight rival Tyson Fury has got his big shot at Klitschko, Australian heavyweight contender Lucas Browne has spoken out in a new social media video to air his frustration at 8 months of inactivity, as well as the perceived uncertainty surrounding his status as Commonwealth heavyweight champion – a belt it’s mooted Britain’s Anthony Joshua is to be fighting for in September.

Browne, who is looked after by Ricky Hatton and the former fighter’s promotional outfit, released a video entitled “Big Daddy thinking of Tyson Fury while on the toilet” – and used the opportunity, initially, to address the giant Mancunian.

He said;

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“I thought this was a good place to think about Tyson Fury, sat on the toilet doing a sh**. Hi Tyson, how are you mate?”

“I realise that you think I’m a glorified bouncer and all the rest of it – which I am to be perfectly honest – I know what I am. But I’m big, I’m agile, I do have a good chin and I hit like a mule. I know this, everyone else knows this and it’s why they keep avoiding me at the same time.”

“You got your Klitschko spot and that’s awesome. If you need me to come over and do any sparring, with the wrestling – ’cause you know Klitschko’s gonna do that, send me over – I’ll help you out – no problems whatsoever.”

“I don’t hate you. I still wanna knock you out – but that’s beside the point isn’t it? I still wanna get as far as I can in this world and on the boxing stage.”

Browne then took to airing his frustrations at what is happening with his career. He has today been named the 2nd of two mandatory challengers for WBA (reg) champion Ruslan Chagaev, having stepped aside once already, although the video was released before that news broke.

“Wilder is a little chicken-sh**, he won’t fight me. He’s gonna get knocked out by Povetkin anyway. At this point I don’t know what the hell’s happening with me. It’s been over seven months since I had a fight. Apparently there is something in the pipeline but all I keep hearing is hopefully, hopefully, hopefully.”

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“I’m losing interest in a big way. I don’t even know if I’m Commonwealth champion anymore. Anthony Joshua talking about fighting Gary Cornish for the Commonwealth title, so does that mean I’m not champion anymore?”

“Everybody wants me to fight “Fast” Eddie (Chambers). That’s fine but it’s all up to Hatton at the end of the day. I’m sitting here over 7 months without a fight, it’s up to Hatton, it’s not up to me. If Eddie had the rankings we’d be fighting, but he doesn’t. I’m ranked mandatory for the WBA title so why would I go backwards and fight Eddie?”

“I’ll keep plugging away here, waiting for someone to finally get back to me about something that may happen in my life or not. Sorry for everyone who’s waiting for a big announcement from me – but I don’t know what’s going on myself.”

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