Krassyuk Lays Into Fury: “If He Wants To Be Undisputed, Maybe He’ll Fight Claressa Shields”

By James Slater - 03/25/2023 - Comments

Understandably, all members of Team-Usyk are pretty annoyed right now, this due to the big, we were initially told easy to make unification fight with Tyson Fury falling apart. Usyk and his team firmly blame Fury for the collapse, for making demand after demand. Even a staunch Fury fan has a tough time disagreeing with this way of thinking; although Fury does still have his supporters.

Alex Krassyuk, speaking with Fighting On The Inside, had a dig at Fury – the promoter suggesting two fights for Fury to take now that the WBC champ has no obvious next fight or move. Fury, who might even retire, we just don’t know at this point, “still owes” a rematch to Wladimir Klitschko, the man Fury dethroned all those years ago. Krassyuk said Fury should grant Klitschko the rematch. That or fight Claressa Shields!

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“If He wants to fight for undisputed, maybe he will fight Claressa Shields,” Krassyuk said in bringing up the unified female champ. “What’s his next step? I have a really great fight to recommend that would restore Fury’s reputation. He still owes a rematch to Wladimir Klitschko. There’s nothing to be afraid of, Wladimir is 47. Jump in, fight the old man and show us your balls.”

All jokes and insults aside, Fury’s rep has taken a hit due to this whole mess of a now defunct fight. Usyk, his country at war, won over the lion’s share of the fans with his actions, his agreeing to take that 70-30 split in his rival’s favour being one big factor that drew Usyk praise. Can Fury ever regain his reputation as a working class hero? Does Fury even care about his image at this point?

But who is Fury going to fight next, assuming he doesn’t retire? Usyk has options, mandatories, and a possible fight with Deontay Wilder. But Fury? Who, when and where will he box next?

That Klitschko rematch should have happened, and was set to happen, until Fury was overcome by his mental demons. Let’s hope Fury doesn’t relapse now, as a result of everything that has happened.

Last Updated on 03/25/2023