VIDEO: Top 10 P4P Boxers in the 1910s

By Geoffrey Ciani - 03/25/2023 - Comments

Who were the Top 10 pound for pound boxers in the 1910s?

Welcome to Part 3 of 13 from the newest Boxing Survey Series, which will survey volunteers in an effort to determine the best pound for pound boxers from each decade. For this particular survey which focuses attention on boxers from the 1910s, a total of 18 volunteers participated. Each volunteer provided a chronological list of between 10 and 25 names to cast their votes for the best boxers in the 1910s.

The 1910s is a fascinating period of boxing history, where the foundation laid by pioneers from earlier decades began evolving and taking a more modern shape. Many outstanding all time greats competed during this era, absolute giants during the long rich history of boxing. Compared to the previous two surveys, there was more diversity and less consensus all around, with all but 2 boxers inside the Top 10 typically landing on only 12 or 13 lists out of 18. In large part, I believe this speaks to the strength of the era and the fact we had so many legends competing in this time frame.

Among the all team greats who competed during the decade, one of the most notable standouts was the great Sam Langford. The Boston Bonecrusher was a Canadian boxer best known for having outstanding punching power, amazing agility, supreme ring intelligence, and a great abundance of toughness and courage. Langford was a top black boxer from the era who was the victim of color line discrimination. Langford, however, faced anyone and everyone he reasonably could have faced between lightweight and heavyweight during his 24 year career, and to this day he is widely viewed as one of the very greatest boxers to ever do it during the long rich history of prizefighting.

So who were the Top 10 pound for pound boxers during the 1910s? And where does Sam Langford figure in?

This edition of Rummy’s Corner will attempt to answer that question based on the results from part 3 in this Survey, which included 18 volunteers. Please watch and enjoy the video. This is Rummy’s Corner (produced and narrated by Geoffrey Ciani).