Katie Taylor, Chantelle Cameron Both Happy To Fight On May 20; Can The Fight Be Made?

By James Slater - 03/03/2023 - Comments

How can you not be a fan, an admirer of Katie Taylor? The female superstar, having seen that her big return fight with Amanda Serrano has been postponed due to injury on the part of Serrano, has called for another massive fight – one that would see the Irish hero move up to 140 pounds for her homecoming fight in Ireland. Taylor, not wanting the May 20 date to fall apart, has called out unified 140 pound champ Chantelle Cameron; the rival some critics have suggested Taylor is afraid of.

Taking to social media, undisputed lightweight champ Taylor called out Cameron, who soon responded in the positive.

“Let’s get it done Eddie Hearn. This homecoming has waited long enough!” Taylor wrote. “Three Arena is available so let’s give Ireland a night to remember on 20 May. Let’s go champion Chantelle Cameron, happy to move up in weight for the opportunity to become a two weight undisputed champ.”

“Like you, I only want to fight the best,” Cameron replied. “I’m not difficult to deal with so this fight can be signed, sealed, and delivered in 24 hours.”

In terms of a replacement fight, Taylor Vs. Cameron would have to rank as one of the best in female boxing history. In fact, you could go as far as to say this fight, one that would see two undefeated, undisputed champions going at it in a fight that would see Taylor attempt to make boxing history, is a better fight that Taylor-Serrano II. What’s not to like about this possible match up? Nothing, that’s what. But can this fight be made? Indeed, can it be made in around two months and a couple of weeks?

Sadly, two fighters wanting to fight and agreeing to fight does not necessarily mean a fight will happen. But Taylor has given Eddie Hearn the assignment and now the Matchroom boss is under pressure to deliver. It would of course be a real shame if the whole May 20 card collapsed, with it being far better if Taylor fought anyone to save the show. But Taylor, 22-0(6), against Cameron, 17-0(8), would be incredible.

Who wins if these two superb talents do get it on? Taylor is perhaps at little past her best now that she has turned 36, although her ambition has not faded one jot, and neither has her desire to achieve true greatness faded. At age 31, Cameron would enjoy quite an advantage in terms of youth, while she is the bigger, heavier fighter. But how would Cameron, from Northampton, handle the pressure of her first true super fight?

There are a ton of questions you could ask about this potential fight. But until it’s a done deal – if it ever actually does get made, and fingers crossed – it’s too early to get excited. For now, though, huge credit to both women for agreeing to this fight. True warriors both.