Josh Taylor – Jack Catterall II: Who Wins?

By James Slater - 10/22/2023 - Comments

It remains very much unfinished business. Josh Taylor and Jack Catterall – who fought what was seemingly an age ago now, with defending unified 140-pound champion Taylor walking away with one of the most controversial decisions seen in a British boxing ring in quite some time – absolutely need to meet again!

Since that night in Scotland, Taylor has lost all of his belts – through vacating them and, last time out, losing to Teofimo Lopez. While last night, in scoring a dull and heavily criticized decision win over veteran former champ Jorge Linares, Catterall is in need of a reaffirming performance himself.

Taylor Vs. Catterall II – who wins this one now?

Taylor wasn’t at all slow in putting the boot in over his rival southpaw’s showing last night:

“Couldn’t finish a Sunday roast!” Taylor wrote on social media after watching Catterall fail to put a dent in Linares.

Catterall, 38-1(14) called out Taylor, 19-1(13) in victory:

“Taylor, where are you? Let’s have it, you s**thouse!” he said.

In truth, the rematch is the obvious fight to make, along with it being the only real big-fight option open to both Taylor and Catterall at this point. How much has 32-year-old Taylor got left, and did he simply have a bad night when he fought Catterall all those months ago? How good is Catterall, and did the 30-year-old flatter to deceive, at least somewhat, in the Taylor fight?

It’s questions like these, and the fact that both men really do owe the fans and themselves the return fight, that makes Taylor Vs. Catterall II is a no-brainer.

We want it, Eddie Hearn wants it, and Catterall has wanted a return go at Taylor ever since that simply shocking decision was read out in Glasgow. Now, does Taylor want it?

The venue for a return fight would, of course, have to be sorted out (would Catterall really want to fight Taylor in Scotland a second time?) – but other than that, this one’s a relatively easy and straightforward fight to make, isn’t it?

Who do YOU like – Taylor by repeat or Catterall by revenge?

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