Huge Brawl Ends Mayweather vs Gotti III Exhibition Bout

By James Slater - 06/12/2023 - Comments

Floyd “Money” Mayweather’s latest exhibition bout didn’t go quite as planned. It’s not that Mayweather failed to pick up the win over John Gotti III, of the infamous Gotti crime family, Gotti being the grandson of “legendary” mob boss John Gotti – it’s how Floyd’s win came. And what came after it.

Mayweather was in complete control for five rounds in Sunrise, Florida, with the 46 year old outboxing, taunting and basically playing with 30 year old Gotti, who has a 2-0(1) boxing record along with a handful of MMA bouts to his name. But then, in round five, things livened up. Gotti had a little bit of success, with him becoming more aggressive. Ref Kenny Bayless warned both men for talking. Then, in round six, Bayless disqualified Gotti for holding and for refusing to break.

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Then all hell broke loose.

Gotti, who was fuming over being DQ’d, went right at Mayweather and he began slinging out blows. Mayweather defended himself and he tossed out a couple of shots himself. People piled into the ring and the scenes were pretty chaotic, with security men doing their best to control things. The bout was scheduled for eight rounds but the ending came pretty much out of nowhere. Mayweather’s win stands, however, and the 50-0 man also picked up another bundle.

After the fight, Gotti III had some nasty things to say:

“You’re a punk ass b***h,” Gotti said to Mayweather. “You my enemy for life. [That] bum never put me down or stopped me, it was a DQ for no reason.”

Of course, some people, some cynics, some critics of Mayweather’s ongoing exhibition tour will claim last night’s, shall we say, fun and games, came as the result of a fix. With interest perhaps sagging in Mayweather’s exhibitions, these folks may well claim, something to add excitement and interest was needed, and fans sure got it with the brawl in Sunrise!

Whether the events of last night were scripted or if they were legit and on the level, everybody’s talking about Floyd Mayweather’s latest (and certainly not last) exhibition gig.

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