Happy Birthday Manny Pacquiao! Pac-Man Hits 45

By James Slater - 12/17/2023 - Comments

Living legend Manny Pacquiao celebrates his 45th birthday today. Pacquiao, an all-time great and a former multi-weight king, has perhaps the greatest rags to riches story in terms of modern day boxing. Born dirt poor, Manny took up boxing at a young age and he achieved so, so much, and in a rapid period of time. For many fans, Pac-Man ranks as the best, the most exciting, the most fun to watch fighter of them all.

The question today is, will Pacquiao fight again? There have been, this year, stories about Manny wanting to box in the Olympics next year, of Pac-Man perhaps returning to box more exhibitions, of Pacquiao maybe fighting Floyd Mayweather again, in either “real” or exhibition form. And just days ago, Amir Khan spoke again about the possibility of a fight between himself and his former spar-mate taking place.

Khan recently said there is “interest” in the fight, interest from Manny’s team and interest from the Saudis. Who knows if Pacquiao will hook up with the man he shared trainer with, in Freddie Roach, all those years ago?

But Pacquiao, as the saying goes, really does not have anything left to prove. If Manny wants to fulfil a childhood dream of representing his country at the Olympic Games, so be it (if Manny can actually quality, that is). But further pro fights, against fighters so much younger than he is? We just don’t want to see Pacquiao risk it, his rep or his health. We all know how much boxing history Pacquiao has already made: the only boxer to win 12 major titles in a staggering eight different weight divisions, the oldest welterweight champion ever at age 40, the only man to hold world titles in four different decades, the 1990s, 2000s, 2010s, and 2020s.

Indeed, Pacquiao is in a class all by himself. A hero and inspiration to many millions of people all around the world, Manny is a God at home in the Philippines.

It was way back in January of 1995, when a skinny, raw and undeveloped Pacquiao boxed his pro debut, this at a lowly 106 pounds. This inauspicious beginning would eventually blossom into global superstardom and true, undisputed greatness. Today, as he celebrates his 45th birthday, Manny has so many great fights, great moments, great achievements to look back on.

Pac-Man’s Greatest Hits:

WRTD8 Oscar De La Hoya. The fight that made Pacquiao a superstar.

TKO12 Miguel Cotto. For some, Manny’s finest performance.

KO2 Ricky Hatton. One of the most stunning KO’s ever seen.

TKO11 Marco Antonio Barrera. Manny’s ‘where did he come from!’ moment.

TKO10 and KO3 Erik Morales. After losing the first fight, Manny came back to twice halt the Mexican great.

D12, WS12, WM12 Juan Manuel Marquez. The rivalry that captured the full attention of all fight fans.

WU12 Antonio Margarito. Pacquiao administers a beating to ‘bad boy” Margarito, in doing so picking up a world title at 154 pounds.

WS12 Keith Thurman. Manny’s last great win???