Gervonta Davis Vs. Rolly Romero “Will Be Like A Modern Day Hagler-Hearns” Says Ellerbe

This one WILL be a whole lot of fun. broke the news yesterday how unbeaten, potential stars of the future (maybe even megastars of the future) Gervonta Davis and Rolando Romero will fight one another on December 5 at The Staples Centre in Los Angeles.

The fight, sources say, will be contested at 135 pounds, and Mayweather promotion’s Leonard Ellerbe says the fight will be ultra-memorable, primarily because “these two guys despise each other.”

Ellerbe goes further, saying the December fight “will be like a modern-day Hagler-Hearns.” All these years later, and the three-round classic from April of 1985 remains the benchmark.

But will “Tank” and “Rolly” really give us a great one on December 5? It’s true, the two hate each other, this is no fake hype intended to sell tickets.

And both men, each unbeaten, have shown real skill in the ring – Davis in particular. Davis, 25-0(24) and already a three-weight belt-holder, was last seen moving up in weight to take down the much bigger Mario Barrios to win a belt at 140 pounds.

Gervonta Davis, Rolando Romero boxing image / photo

Romero, a year the younger man at 25, was last seen stopping Anthony Yigit in a fight that contested the WBA interim strap at lightweight. Romero is 14-0 (12) yet many people felt he actually lost his fight with Jackson Marinez, with the August 220 decision in favor of Romero being called a “robbery” by a good number of people.

But there is no denying Romero’s skill, and Floyd Mayweather has great hopes for both of his fighters. But only one man can win on December 5.

Will it be southpaw Davis, or will the trash-talking Romero, who has more of a gunslinging approach, get the victory? Ellerbe says that whoever wins, these two “will still hate each other in ten years.”

Will we see a great fight that is so special we all remember in ten years’ time? Let’s hope so. This fight, a genuinely great match-up, is what makes boxing special. You can make a great case for either young fighter winning this one. Who are YOU picking?

17 thoughts on “Gervonta Davis Vs. Rolly Romero “Will Be Like A Modern Day Hagler-Hearns” Says Ellerbe”

  1. Who the hell is rolly? I’m assuming that this rolly guy has no power and tank is going to run him over, exactly what Mayweather wants for Davis easy fights.

  2. Gervonta I’d going to beat the living Sh?t out of rolly,,he swing to wide and all Gervonta gone do is go right up the middle and its lights out.

  3. Floyd was a smart fighter but was an even greater manager of himself. Now he cherry picks fighters very skillfully for the fighters he manages. Tank will go the farthest with Floyd’s management but sooner or later Tanks going down. Probably sooner. They won’t be able to “ Pacquiao “ Teófimo López for 8 yrs.

    • Jimmy, Tank is the real deal and Floyd is doing right by maximizing his earning potential. We also can’t put all the blame for the Pacquiao delay on Floyd. The fight would’ve happened years earlier if it wasn’t for Pacquiao. All the terms were set but he refused to take the drug test. You don’t move up 8 weight divisions knocking people out without juicing! After he stopped his record is 6-4 his last 10 fights

  4. Comparing these 2 to the all time greats!!?? These guys couldn’t hold those guys ‘ jockstraps !!! Pussies always postponing big fights !! Sheesh u guys that agree must be millenials!! Know nothing !! I personally saw the legends in my day!!!

  5. What a Joke to compare these to fighter’s to “The Never Ducking, Fearless All Time Greats” HANGLER & HEARNS These Warriors Will Forever be LEGENDS!!! They never held their Belts Hostage & where not afraid of an “L” They Never Babied their “O”! Boxers of today are total opposite now a days!

  6. Tank is a monster. Both hands hold the power to put anyone to sleep. From a head shot to body shot as seen against barrios. Rommy talks to much I don’t like the talk. Let your skill show be humble or get humbled. Which I believe is what will happen to Rommy. Tank in 6 rounds. By ref stoppage.

  7. Just because you despise each other don’t make it good fight. I watched Rolly Ro and he was just a flat footed power punched at best with very limited movement. Now does he look strong? Yes but Davis is strong a well as fluid and this fight by the team is serving up Rolly to the sharks imo. He’ll have to change weight classes after this L on Dec 5th. He’s not ready for this fight yet.

  8. Hagler vs Hearns!? Nah, not even close. Rolly R ain’t ready for Tank Davis on his worst day. And Davis ain’t Hagler or Hearns. Not yet. Real.

    • I can see a little Marvelous Marvin in Tank!!!(RIP)A rugged give and take fighter with knockout power in both hands!!! I believe this will be a great fight and definitely will sell!!!

  9. I don’t think it will be a good fight the people the fans want to see Davis fight y’all won’t let him fight back in the day the best fight the best but like the press said it’s a difference between a star and the best boxer and I love Tank watched him grow up let him fight the best while he still got that fire

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