Deontay Wilder Turns 36 Today; What Does His Future Hold?

Will former WBC heavyweight champ Deontay Wilder be having a happy birthday today, as he turns 36? In light of his brave and exciting, yet ultimately crushing defeat to Tyson Fury, maybe not. And despite the continued efforts from some people to try and claim there was something, anything, wrong with referee Russel Mora’s count (or counts) in the fourth round of the October 9 fight when Fury twice hit the mat, the second loss to Fury is one Wilder will have to take with zero complaints of having been cheated.

There is, though, good news for Wilder, in a few areas. Number-one: he is still ranked at #1 in the latest WBC heavyweight rankings. That’s right, despite the fact that Wilder has not won a fight since way back in November of 2019 (this his rematch KO over Luis Ortiz), he is still ranked as the number-one contender to Fury’s WBC belt. Number two: in light of how extraordinarily exciting Fury-Wilder III was, “The Bronze Bomber” remains a huge attraction, a courageous, hard-hitting warrior who can expect to get further big fight opportunities as a result of this. Bottom line – we will pay good money to see Wilder, 42-2-1(41) when he’s back in action.

But here’s the big question: how much did that brutal, at times savage war with Fury and his clubbing hammer fists take out of Wilder; out of his punch resistance, how much did it take from his mental strength, from his inner belief and former assurance that he is the best heavyweight in the world today? Okay, so that’s a bunch of questions, but they are questions that may take months to answer. Does Wilder still believe he can rule the world, that he can and will give the division “One face, One name, One champion?” If not, can Wilder really go on and fight the way he once did?

It does look like a tough road back for Wilder. Maybe Fury and Fury alone can beat Wilder, maybe Wilder takes out any other heavyweight out there? Only time will tell. But would even a string of dominant and hugely impressive KO wins over elite fighters NOT named Fury be enough for Wilder, for “The Bronze Bomber” (two different people, remember)?

If he can never, ever beat Fury, maybe Wilder will never, ever be the fighter the once was; seemingly an age ago now, when he first ran into Fury in December of 2018. Before then, Wilder said numerous times that he would never, ever lose a fight, that he was super-special, that it was ordained that he be so. But does Wilder still believe today? Do his fans and supporters still believe?

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  1. It’s idiotic to allow these chumps to perpetrate such a complete and utter incompetent gambit. They think they are slick and they’re STUPID.

  2. So obviously insulting to the intelligence of the mature sane minded boxing fan rest assured that the top pros are well aware of fury’s fraudulently reframing himself as newfound power. They can’t wait to dissect his defense and pick him apart.

  3. Sugar Hill Stewart incorporated fury into the Detroit area dirty dealing with glove tampering and striking with the wrist area bare knuckle. This has long been taught and used sporadically by small time swindlers but never approved by the big time because of the money involved and the Incredibly accurate technologically advanced cameras of today. This outright anocranistic fraudulent unfoldment could only be able to achieved by an inside job. Sanctioned at the highest level and enforced. Canadian and Japanese News sports media were the first to document the fraudulent activities.

  4. Ever wonder why the white boxing establishment hates Deontay Wilder to the point they would go against their religious doctrines and ideologies to insidiously excommunicate him?

  5. What you Winnie’s talking about? The bronze bomber and Deontay Wilder are the same entity. Of course Deontay Wilder has been injured by fury’s glove tampering and horse hair repositioning advantage floppy gloves flopping around all over the place camera’s rolling bribed judges and referee’s spiked water holding neck wrenching tripping rabbit punching and eggweight loaded gloves. His body, mind, and spirit have been unlawfully damaged by criminals conspiring to commit defrauding. Not to mention Deontay Wilders legacy alone is priceless. That was the intention from the beginning. The bronze bomber, you have to cheat him to beat him.

  6. I saw the gloves that were injected to by the Deontay Wilder team and approved by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. They had no padding and we’re definitely not new gloves.

  7. It’s sure that Deontay Wilder has suffered neurological damage from the bare knuckle strikes and eggweight loaded gloves padding repositioning advantage floppy gloves flopping around all over the place. It’s all on camera and clearly documented evidence.
    Deontay Wilder was robbed in all fights so don’t be so excited. The fraudulent methods of the fury team have been seen by every top boxer. They know fury cheated.

  8. He needs a check up from the head up, and that isn’t going to help. Too much ego, too much money, full of excuses, not a real sportsman. Next.

    • Bruce Lee was perceived as arrogant as well. If you asked them both if they were good and they said yes, you would think they were bragging, but if they said no, you would know they were lying.

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