Will The Problems Ever End? Adrien Broner Jailed Again

It’s starting to seem as though former four-weight belt holder Adrien Broner has spent as much time behind bars or in court as he has spent time in the boxing ring. News has broken how Broner, nicknamed of course “The Problem” (the nickname so, so ironic as things have turned out) was jailed yesterday for parole violation. According to Cleveland.com, Broner of Cincinnati was jailed because he also failed to enrol in an alcohol treatment program, this part of his probation for having assaulted a woman at a nightclub.

Broner, still only 32, may well have boxed his last fight as a result of this latest stroke of the bad stuff; while Broner also faces another date in court, this on October 26, when he will face the charge of contempt for failing to cooperate with a civil lawsuit that was filed against him. It really is tough to think of Broner the boxer, his reputation as a man who is almost always in some sort of trouble with the law instead being what he is best known for these days. And to think, Broner, who had enormous promise and showed great skill in the ring, was once dubbed ‘The Next Floyd Mayweather.’

That sure seems a long, long time ago now. Broner is 34-4-1 with 24 KO’s and he last boxed in February of this year when he picked up a decision win over Jovanie Santiago. Before that, Broner – who held titles at 130, 135, 140 and 147 pounds – had failed to win a bout during a three-fight spell, losing to Mikey Garcia and Manny Pacquiao and drawing with Jessie Vargas. Broner has never been stopped in a fight yet due to this latest event his ring career may well have stopped.

That said, how else can Broner earn money? He may well have some hefty legal fees to take care of over the coming months. In terms of a recent high-profile fighter getting into more consistent trouble with the authorities, it’s tough to think of anyone other than Adrien Jerome Broner.

8 thoughts on “Will The Problems Ever End? Adrien Broner Jailed Again”

  1. He was gifted with a win in his last fight. He is done and to think of all that talent been wasted on pure stupidity.

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  2. Unfortunately we’ve seen such behavior in a number of fighters over the years and it never or rarely ends well. You can’t tell them anything, they aren’t surrounded with the right people, they play the victim card each time, they don’t learn from their mistakes. Stop reporting on these trouble makers and celebrate those who represent themselves morally and professionally, striving to lead by example. They don’t exemplify a life of Me, me, me, or being entitled. They strive to give back and lift others up.

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