Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis is ‘Cherry-picking’ says Gary Russell Jr.

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Gary Russell Jr. says the cherry-picking that Gerovnta ‘Tank’ David has been doing with the help of his promoters at Mayweather Promotions almost bit him in the backside in his last fight against former WBA secondary 140-lb champion Mario Barrios last June.

They picked arguably the weakest of the champions at light welterweight for Tank Davis (25-0, 24 KOs) to fight, and he was losing so bad that his promoter Floyd Mayweather Jr. had to go up to his corner after the seventh round to tell him how desperate things were looking.

WBC featherweight champion Russell Jr. says that Team Tank Davis is trying to “bamboozle” the public by cherry-picking and then trying to tell the boxing public that he’s fighting the best.

Davis, 26, beat Barrios by an 11th round knockout on June 26th to save himself from suffering his first career loss. Tank won’t be defending his WBA 140-lb title, as he plans on campaigning at 130.

The criticism that Gervonta is getting from boxing fans is that he’s being matched against faded guys and weaker secondary champions to make easy money on  Showtime.

They’re not getting in the way of Tank and Mayweather Promotions to insist that he fght better opposition than what he’s been doing. Russell Jr. (31-1-1, 18 KOs says he’d like to fight Tank, but that doesn’t seem likely. He might be too risky.

Russell: Tank’s cherry-picking almost backfired

“I definitely wanted Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis. I still want him,” said Gary Russell Jr. to Fighthub. “I wanted to break my foot off into Leo [Santa Cruz]. Leo ran away from me for the longest.

Gervonta 'Tank' Davis is 'Cherry-picking' says Gary Russell Jr.

“He was in my weight division. We could have made it happen. Everybody that was in 126 when they was fighting whoever.

“Whether it was Shakur Stevenson, whether it was Josh Warrington, and whether it was whoever they were at the time when they had the opportunity to compete against me, none of those guys was in a rush to get in the ring with me.

“I thought it was a very strategic fight,” said Russell Jr. when asked what his thoughts are about Gervonta’s recent fight against former WBA ‘regular light welterweight champion Mario Barrios on June 26th.

“It was strategized and it almost f*** backfired. It was a real strategy fight, and it almost backfired.

“They’re cherry-picking. What I mean by that is they picking the easiest task or whoever they feel is the easiest task or the easiest fight is and fighting that person. And with Barrios, he [Tank Davis] was f*** losing.

“Floyd [Mayweather Jr.] had to come in his corner and tell him, ‘You’re down on the scorecards. You got to get this guy out of here to win this fight.’

“Even when he [Gervonta] was competing against Leo. He was losing that fight. He was down on the scorecards in all of them rounds until he hit Leo,” said Russell Jr. about Tank needing to score a knockout to keep from losing to Santa Cruz.

The way that Davis looked against Barrios, he would be out of his league if he challenged undisputed 140-lb champion Josh Taylor or former champion Jose Ramirez.

Tank is a good fighter, but he’s not a 140-pounders, and he’s going to have to be careful at 135. There are some guys in the lightweight division that would have a great chance of beating him.

Mayweather Promotions probably won’t bother putting Tank Davis in with someone that they’re not certain of victory. If Tank fought guys like Ryan Garcia, Josh Taylor, Devin Haney, or Teofimo Lopez, there would be a lot of risk for him.

Davis isn’t going to become a huge star if Mayweather Promotions are going to cherry-pick weak opposition his entire career.

Tank won’t stay at 140 and take a real risk

“I think it was strategic. I know for a fact he’s not going to stay his a** up there at 140,” said Russell Jr. about Tank Davis.

“He ain’t going to stay at 140. Not with that performance. He’s still got a title at 130 or something like that. The Super WBA or something like that.

“He needs to come back down here and holler at us for a little bit. They [Mayweather Promotions] are trying to trick and bamboozle the fans and the people,” said Russell Jr. when told that Tank Davis’ promoter Leonard Ellerbe, the CEO of Mayweather Promotions, said that Gervonta was moving up two weight classes to fight at 140 to challenge Mario Barrios for his WBA ‘regular’ light welterweight title. For that reason, Tank shouldn’t be criticized. ”

“Don’t try and tell me it’s this when I know it’s that. Barrios, I don’t want to disrespect him. He’s definitely a fighter. S***, I can’t really say that because he was beating Tank. He was honestly beating Tank.

“I’m pretty sure that he [Barrios] was the easier of all the other champions that are up in that weight division. Exactly, they don’t go with him,” said Russell Jr. when told that Josh Taylor is the only champion at 140, being that he’s the undisputed champ.

“They’re [Team Gervonta Davis] are going to pick someone that’s a little lighter that they think they can do. Even with it being a little lighter, they almost got the short end of the stick.

“It almost bit him in the a**. He had to go out there and pull it out. If he wouldn’t have, he would have lost that fight,” said Russell Jr. about Tank Davis needing to rally to beat Barrios.

It’s a given that Tank Davis won’t be fighting at 140 anymore unless Mayweather Promotions sees an opportunity for him to go up in weight to pick off a weak fighter or face a weak champion.

Mayweather Promotions could turn Gervonta into a big star if they were willing to take a risk with him. Keith ‘One Time’ Thurman is obvious that fight would take Tank’s career to the next level should he win.

Thurman says he’d take the fight with Tank if it were offered to him, and he’s sitting by his phone waiting for them to speak to him about the match.


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  1. I saw a.fight where the gloves were flapping around all over the place camera’s rolling , referee watching, no investigation? What happened?

  2. Do you think it’s possible if millions even billions are being waggard on the outcome of a fight that it’s possible someone could be telling a white lie?

  3. Are referee’s qualified enough to say be able to detect an eggweight in the glove? What does it mean if a referee can’t identify loaded gloves? Does it mean he’s incompetent? Don’t officials use instant replay?

  4. How can a champion call himself a champion without fighting all comers?
    That means the world champions allegedly are phoney baloney fancy pants fraudulent interloping intruders.

  5. If a boxer is a.tjreat, can he never fight for the world championship?
    That’s what happens in boxing?

  6. Is cherry picking avoiding the best fighters? Deontay Wilder and Luis Ortiz haven’t fought the top European fighters, are they being ducked? Avoided?

  7. Gary Russell is such a waste of talent. He fights like once a year and always has a chip on his shoulder. Tank Davis would beat him senseless.

  8. Ohh Nooo Tank 🤦 Please Don’t Start Cherry Picking Like Mayweather Was In His Career 🤷🤣😂🤣

  9. With all of Tanks power, what’s most impressive is his chin. He walks people down, eats their jab, then punishes them. Russell doesn’t have enough power to keep Tank away, mid round KO for Tank.

    • Yep, GRJ talking big about fighting a guy at 130 who’s already KO’d 135 and 140 lbers. Rallying to win isn’t a knock, it just shows that he could close the show at anytime. And at the same time, eating those guys best punches without a flinch.

  10. I like Gary but he’s feather fisted . I thk tank walks him down . But I also thk he talks to much s**t and down fighter . That’s not gonna get you a fight by hating . Ppl can say that he almost beat lomachenko . Tank almost loss . I wldn even bring that up . Look at the fight over again tank was not down at all . Mayweather thought he was down . He was ahead by a round or 2 .


  12. Gary Russell would beat Davis like a drum you young Kay’s don’t know jack about boxing I do agree Gary needs to fight more than every 2 years that being said boxing is going down every body wants to be on pay per view but they not worth it that cable bill is enough I don’t get excited about these fights

  13. So you mean to tell me if a fighter is loosing the fight and his corner tells him to knock the guy out and he knocks the guy out that a dink on Davis for winning a fight he was supposedly losing…. No if the other fighter was winning he should have finished the job standing not on his back. H8TR’s are deep

  14. Gary Russell Jr. Why don’t you put up or shut up. You go box him and get your ass handed to you. As I see it Ryan Garcia doesn’t have a chin to handle Tanks power look at his last fight when he got put on his ass.

    • Thank you Brother he is in some real trouble dealing with tank,I mean that guy took him off his feet bruh,he can’t handle on of those upper cut,you better ask Santa Cruz!!!!

  15. Gary Russell is jealous of davis period Why don’t russell call loma? All he does is run his mouth but he’s not fighting no one!Shut up and fight somebody jealous little boy

    • Tank was getting handled lol you can’t sent it if you watched the fight. Seems like Russell just called out tank? So tank need to take it or I want to see him fight Ryan. I don’t think that would happen cause Ryan would handle him his hand speed and power are insane. Rilly even stand s a chance to beat tank. Rilly can crack, his power is amazing

  16. How can he fight but nobody wants to fight him. I don’t see him as a hater he’s right people are scared to lose these days everyone can’t be undefeated period.

    • I see it as ego as well for instance if one fighter constantly calling out another fighter like Gary is and not being heard does not mean Tank is ducking it COULD mean sence your talking sh*t I’m putting you on the back burner but all in all Gary will give Tank hell but Tank power will take over in the later rounds.Just my thoughts.

  17. Gary Russell thinks when he fight once every 2 years that all the other fighters suppose to sit around and wait for him to come back and fight like there world revolves around him but he says he’s a fighter like Hagler from back in the day Hagler fought 15 round fights at least 2 times a year maybe more so you’re not a fighter like Hagler or none of them guys back in the day go back to sleep its past your bedtime MR GARY RUSSELL JR

    • Gary Russell is always complaining about boxers….are afraid to fight him an he’s Tanks number 1 hater.when lomochinko beat him he still had a big excuse for that loss.hey Gary go retire dog really all you ever do is complain 😒

  18. Gary Russell wants to become a household name. The issue is you can’t do that by simply tearing down another fighter. You need a better promotion team. Fortunately, Tank has one of the best that ever did it and can still cash out on exhibitions. Gary Russell Jr only fights once every two years. I am sure most boxers think he’s retired most of the time

  19. Mustafa Saleem Muhammad , I am a dieheart boxing fan but boxing today turns me off…I like boxing from back in the day..These fighters today don’t even want to fight each other..The pick the weakest fight out their and win now they think they did something.What a turn off…

  20. Gary Russell Jr. Is a hater. He only fights once a year and he wants to criticize another fighter?? First get into the ring more often before you have something to say what’s going on across the street. He has been the longest reigning champion 🏆 bc he won’t move up in weight and risk losing. How are you the longest reigning champion and only the hardcore boxing fan are the only ones who know you? What is wrong with this dude? He cherry picking but he said that he has been trying to get a fight with Leo Santa Cruz for a while! What?? Then Barrios was undefeated! He say he cherry picked but then say he was losing the fight. How is that cherry picking? Stop being Jealous, Gary Russell Jr and Congratulate Tank for stepping up and being successful when he did!

    • Until this report I have never even heard of Gary Russell, to much hating and backstabbing in the sport. Shut up and get your management team to get you some fights.

    • I listen to a number of Champions whose ego’s overwhelm their abilities or their pursuits. Gary is a example of such. To build yourself up by attempting to bring another down is really old school. In boxing it appears as though even Hall of Famers do it to try and advertise. I guess they are doing so to feel a status that will forever evade them. Foolish people. I see Gary offer challenges but claim that he is being avoided. Gary simply doesn’t have the power or the toughness of a Tank Davis. He has speed but when he lost to the olympian that speed didn’t seem to help much. He is not Great enough to bring the audience that Tank has nor does he have the comeback ability. He is quick with some power and a decent inside fighter. Tank would be a dangerous opponent for him because with his lost to him Gary would fade extremely quick. When fans speak of Tank they hardly recognize Gary. Tank doesn’t do a lot of boasting and reminiscing. He BANGS and he fights good Latin fighters who bang. Gary has pop and speed. Tank has power and speed. With pop you have to wear a person down and finally you can infiltrate but with power all you need to do is land, you just need to find the opening.It is the shock versus the buzz! Gary has the buzz. You recover from the buzz in a shorter period of time. The shock offers the fans knockout of the year! Hopefully you can see what I see. Gary never rematched his loss. He sure as hell won’t bring that up. He would lose again from that same fighter. The boxer beat Gary up pretty bad. His beard or even a mask couldn’t hide all the lumps he had from that loss on that rugged face. Gary needs to fight what he might consider lesser competition to create a bigger name for himself. That is how you do it. Talking down on Champions with all of this he almost lost this and he almost lost that makes him look weak. You are grasping. If another team loses by one point it is still a lost.Almost is not a draw. I guess it works for horse shoes and grenades! Old school fights amounted to 15 rounds of pacing and punching and some serious endurance and stamina. With the lost that Gary had an old school loss would’ve had Gary looking like old school mumbles! Build your resume off of your deeds and not from tainted arrogance and envy.You then can rise to a higher station!

  21. Nobody cares to fight Gary Russell jr. He been in the same weight class forever and all he got for that was the longest reining champion! Ok we now want you to move up in weight and stop crying for ppl to come to you !!! Go up in weight and you won’t have a problem finding a fight.!,!?!?!?

  22. He is right. Fighters today are fighting less quality opponents and doing more talking then they are doing fighting each other. Take for example Crawford and Porter. They were schedule to sign to fight . That didn’t happen, now they say it was going to Price Bid on September the 2nd. Now it’s Septmeber 14th. And all you here is the boxer talking, the Boxing press talking. While we the boxing fans are paying for these fights get nothing. Boxing to day is a big disappointment compare to boxing during the Ali, Sugar Ray Leonard eras. It really sad for us oxing purists who want to see the Best fight the Best If you good you are not worried about the next man you just going to go there and do your thing, win, loose or draw. That’s the name of the game. Stop all this print media fighting and get in the Ring. That’s what we the fans want to see. For those who are fighting and nit scared to loose their 0, I salute you. But some of you are just faking.

    • It is you, the fan’s fault. Boxers don’t clash with the best because you’ll only respect the ones with unbeaten records. Well, the black boxers, that is. The judges are horrible these days. You end up getting screwed either way. You wouldn’t fight the best fighter every time you fought gtfoh. Fans a ridiculous, and all the best fighters had plenty of tune-up opponents

    • If you really think about it, all the GREAT FIGHTERS have an L on their record. Yet at the end of the day their still considered GREAT. So yeah these fighters of today are going the Floyd Mayweather route. Fight bums, lesser known and past their prime fighters to pad your undefeated record. When people talk about GREAT CHAMPIONS you seldom here the name Marciano. Just like Mayweather he retired undefeated, but it means nothing when all you fault was mostly bums or past their prime guys. What I hated about Mayweather fights was the hype was ALWAYS better than the fight. Only time he impressed me was when he fought Medina. Other than that fight, the rest were snooze fests

  23. Gary Russel Tank Davis lives in your Head Can you even Sleep at Night. Find another
    Dance Partner and See if you Can Put Up
    Tank Davis Type Numbers. Who in the hell
    Has you fought. Stop Making Excuses , go
    Back and fight Lomochinko if you beat the
    Matrix Then I will talk to Mayweather Camp
    About a possible fight with the Champion.
    But you have to beat Lomochinko, Otherherh

  24. Tank is a hell of a fighter Gary russell tank will fight any one he don’t fight weak opponent he fight who ever his CEO want him to yeah he fought 140 I think he would do a good job in the ring Gary russell he was down in barrios fight but he won not because mayweather spoke to him tank is powerful he was coming he just was spotting out he told Calvin Ford his trainer I am about to get him an that just wht he did go tank keep breaking down he is a champion an Alway will be Gary russell

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