Andre Ward helping Caleb Plant with strategy to beat Canelo

By Jeepers Isaac - 09/06/2021 - Comments

Caleb Plant is now getting help from former world champion Andre Ward to put together the perfect strategy to defeat the pound-for-pound star Canelo Alvarez on November 6th.

This is Plant’s big chance to take down the #1 fighter in the sport and put himself among the top fighters.

Whoever emerges as the winner in the Canelo vs. Plant fight will be the undisputed champion at 168.

It’s unclear how important that is in the big scheme of things, as the boxing world is more interested in seeing Canelo and Plant fight the best opposition than unifying an inherently weak division like the super middleweight weight class.

Andre knows how to beat Canelo

Ward is already well aware of Canelo’s weaknesses, and he’s got the Da Vinci code on how to defeat him. The reality is, Canelo’s work is low and has gotten lower as he’s aged.

In Canelo’s last fight against Billy Joe Saunders, it was all he could do to throw a handful of power shots in each round.

‘SOG’ Ward obviously has spotted the age-related flaws in Canelo’s game now, and he’s going to come up with the ideal strategy for Plant to follow to defeat the popular Mexican star.

Plant (21-0, 12 KOs), who holds the IBF super middleweight title, wants to use the heavy artillery by getting tips from former 168-lb champ Ward to defeat WBA/WBC/WBO champ Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs).

As powerful and as talented as Canelo is, Plant will need the knowledge from Ward to give him the tools to lead him to victory.

The 31-year-old Canelo is viewed as a big favorite to defeat Plant, but that doesn’t mean anything, though. Canelo has always struggled against boxers with a great jab like Plant, and we saw him get beaten decisively by Floyd Mayweather Jr in 2013.

Andre Ward helping Caleb Plant with strategy to beat Canelo

Unquestionably, Plant is this era’s version of Mayweather and easily the closest thing to a knockoff version of the famous superstar.

What Plant, 28, has going against him in this fight are two things:

  • Experience
  • Popularity
  • Stamina
  • Power

Of those areas, Plant’s lack of experience against top-level opposition could be his biggest deficiency going into this fight with Canelo.

Since Plant has never fought anyone near as talented as Canelo, he could be in over his head when he shares the ring with him.

Will Plant’s lack of experience hurt him?

It would have been nice to have seen Plant take on some of the tougher 168-pounders like David Benavidez, Ronald Ellis, Carlos Gongora, and David Morrell Jr. before facing Canelo. At least if Plant had fought those guys, he’d be better prepared for a fighter like Canelo.

Plant’s management obviously knows why they chose not to put him in with fighters like Benavidez, Gongora, and Morrell Jr. Perhaps they feared the worst, so they guided Plant towards safer targets like Jose Uzcategui, Mike Lee, Rogelio Medina, and Vincent Feigebutz. Whatever the case, they both helped and potentially harmed Plant with their careful match-making.

You can argue that had Plant been matched tough by his management at Premier Boxing Champions, he might have been beaten already two or three times. He wouldn’t be getting the massive $10 million paydays against Canelo.

On the flip side, if Plant had fought those guys and beaten them, he’d be getting a much bigger payday than $10 million for the fight with Canelo.

There are both positives and negatives about the way Plant has been matched by his management. All we know is Plant is unbeaten, and he’s about to get the biggest payday of his life against Canelo.

Plant may not need Ward’s help long-term, as he’ll hit it big if he defeats Canelo. There will obviously be a rematch should Plant defeat Canelo, and the money he’ll get from that fight will be monstrous.





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  1. Canelo is nothing more then Steroid built. Been caught already so he lost all respect ain’t no different then putting cement in his gloves. So to compare him to any great fighter always will have an asterisk by his name.

    • Very well,indeed …however Canelo gained my respect after he stood toe2toe with GGG & whooped his rears .U gotta give Canelo props for dismantling “Bone Crusher” Kovalev .

    • Your abusalutly correct he’s a cheat and will always have that in his record .
      How do we know if he was on the juice whiling fighting Kolevo.Amd for the first GGH fight he was dirty .So come fans wake up .
      Mexican meaty ass

    • Real Talk, a true and real life cheater in and out of the ring, that’s Mexico’s best to offer….

    • Canelo lost his first fight with GGG the second fight should have been ruled a draw

    • I never seen a good white fighter and Caleb plant could break the spell by defeating canelo Alvarez

    • Canelo is a hype job. The best fighters to come out of mexico were small guys like Barerra, Marquez etc. …not too many bigger than that unless they enlist in what the aforementioned has been caught with in his system. So if Plant beats him, then i think it will be good for the sport and we can do away with the prima donna facade that has real fighters clamoring for a big payday with this conniving clown. Real fans…not canelo fans can then determine who’s deservant of ppv status

  2. I never inmy life time thouht I would hear the kind of racism I hearing from mexicans fight fan. Canello is where he is because of the meat, catch weights and fighting old champions and men he know he can beat. Finally, he is a low life PED user.

  3. Comparing Plant to Mayweather? Canelo age-related decline? And saying it was visible in how he fought BJS? Im pretty sure that’s just how he chose to fight that particular match.. Using Canelo losing to Mayweather almost a decade ago to say he has issues with “boxers”? They’re just hyping Plant and the fight up. Who even wrote this article?

  4. I know that all that bunch big mouth just talked S becouse they’re just so afraid of Mr CANELO ALVAREZ!!!!!!!!

  5. Human nature since the start of humanity we are so pitiful and of no respect Mr Canelo Alvarez is the Dimash of our time a painting by the great Davinci when he gets in the ring with you he lays out his canvis and Canelo starts to paint you in such a way you don’t see and understand how he can stroke that brush and whisper around the ring with both hands and his audience in awe of his skill for his finish painting the haters of Canelo do not even have a eye for great works of art or never sat. In front of an opera the Mr Ali of our time steps into the ring with the grace of his last performance and shows you how it’s done if you see Canelo fights and look at his face and then at his oppenents face you will see a Master at work shaping his work of art God bless mr Canelo and Team.

  6. Sorry, but there is nothing “age related” or anything to suggest Canelo’s performances are lacking
    You are obviously not a boxer, or have any experience in the sport. Where are you based out of.

    • I agree, it depends on the style he is up against, whoever wrote this article doesn’t know boxing

    • Canelo Alvarez been on Peds for a long time I used to have a lot of respect for canelo Alvarez he got to cheat to rip off the boxing world what what canelo Alvarez is doing he fighting old fighters he really is not fighting nobody when this man quit juicing are they stop him from juicing canelo Alvarez is going to get his ass kicked mark my words his day is coming soon and I do believe a lot of people is sleeping on plant if I was plant I make sure canelo Alvarez is tested for Peds before I get in the ring with canelo Alvarez because the man is a cheater and he is paying people off so he can cheat so clean boxing up before somebody get hurt bad when it happened I see a lot of lawsuits

  7. Ward wants to do all he can to stop Canelo from doing what he was never able to do. Unify the 168 division.
    He’s a Canelo Haters Club card carrying member.
    As for plant, he’s been propped up his whole career against NO NAME competition. Let be real, other than Manny Pacquiao no in boxing today had the resume Canelo has.

    • Canelo would never dare step foot inside the squared circle with the likes of SOG Andre Ward. Canelo isn’t talented or bold enough to do something like that.

  8. Canelo takes him out to deep water in the 10th & 11th round and See’s if he can really swim, unfortunately he can’t and drowns.

  9. Mexican are the best boxers in the last 30 years , the racist don’t like it lol 😂

    • JD




      2. MEXICO


      4. JAPAN

      5. PUERTO RICO

      6. SOUTH KOREA

      7. THAILAND

      8. ARGENTINA


      10. COLOMBIA















      1. PUERTO RICO

      2. PANAMA


      4. NICARAGUA




      8. CUBA

      9. VENEZUELA

      10. MEXICO


      The numbers do not lie. If we are talking about the best fighters in the world 🌎, They come from Puerto Rico. While the United States and Mexico produce great fighters that tiny little island has more. Our warrior spirit is unparalleled. The numbers and facts don’t lie Chico.

  10. Andre beat Kovalev with combinations of low blows and a blind referee. Wonder if that’s the strategy.

  11. Mexico has always been number one in boxing.they are true la raza.

    • Number one cheaters and you know nothing about the history. Black fighters been dominating since the beginning of boxing. Check the record for yourself boy

    • Hahahaha. Ali, Tyson, Marciano, Marvin, sugar Ray, Thomas Hearts, Mayweather…. Where are the best boxers from

    • Black fighters is the best fighters in the world they’ve been winning for decades and Mexican fighters are next

      some Puerto Rican fighters are
      very good fighters but I ain’t never seen no good white fighters but I see a lot of people sleeping on plant got the style of a black fighter do not be surprised if plant upset Alvarez that wood be good for white fighter upset a Mexican I never hear of it a white fighter defeating a Mexican fighter but it could happen plant could break the spell for white fighters the best white fighter plant

    • I see a couple boxers could be canelo Alvarez if he just get in the ring with a good fighter what I see Alvarez have not fought nobody for a long time when he do I see he will get his ass kicked soon and he need to quit juicing that is not good for his body and they need to clean up boxing and clean up Alvarez because he is dirty in hell

  12. Once a CHEATER, you are never the same…

    Now with the PED spotlight on Cinderello, we will see just how much power he has without using them…UGGH!!!

  13. The only fighter that can beat Canelo is GGG like he did the first time they fought.Hes the only complete fighter capable of handling Canelo, he has the ring knowledge, power and chin to compete with Canelo.Plant doesnt have the power to get Canelos respect and Ward can throw his expertise into the fight but you know, in boxing the person in the ring is the fighter.Another chosen fighter by Canelo whom he can defeat!!!

  14. The only fighter that can beat Canelo is GGG, cause he did the first time they fought.Gotta remember Ward isn’t going in the ring Plant is and he doesn’t have the power to get Canelos respect. GGG is the only fighter that has the experience, power and chin for Canelo

  15. Canelo is a great fighter. And don’t forget, a great cheater. When he loses next, wether Plant or someone else, he will lose ugly.

  16. Yes i like when all of canelo opponets get fired up all it means its a defeat at the end for them MR CALEB PLANT IT WOULD BE A WISE DECISION TO HAVE A FEW MORE FIGHTS BEFORE YOU STEP IN THE RING WITH POWER SKILL AND EXPERIENCE VIVA MEXICO

  17. Ward struggled to beat a mediocre covalev, what makes him think he has any info that can help caleb? With 21 fights only, Caleb has not gained the experience he needs to win. Training does not make you a great fighter, great fights make you a great fighter, he has not had any decent opponents that gave him the great experience he needed. He would have to be better than GGG to beat Canelo. He will not get that experience in the gym.

    • First Ward didn’t struggle with Kovalev. Ward is going to help beat canelo. But if canelo cheats well that’s different

    • Ward is just thier to tell plant forget about the 10 million because that how much is going to cost him when he goes to the hospital like the other guy he broke his face and quit billy what his name

  18. The real champion and you will see is David benavidez who is also undefeated and lost his title on the scales

  19. I think Ward is jealous because Canelo is considered the best pound for pound fighter in the world right now. He just wants to see Canelo lose and get beat up. Will see what happens when they fight.

  20. Andre Ward is a straight up Canelo hater. What is Ward going to teach Plant? How to clinch and lead with his head and to hit off the break when the ref calls for it. Oh forgot about the delibrate elbows and nut shots. Thats the only advice someone like Ward could offer. He never lived up to his true hype aside from beating Kovalev which a lot if people feel he lost in the same way peiple feel like GGG beat Canelo in their first fight. The only thing that matters is come Nov.6 Canelo will have beaten and wiped out the 168lb division of undefeated champions in less than a year.

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