Caleb Plant: I’ll beat Canelo twice, Benavidez & Jermall Charlo

Caleb Plant is feeling unbeatable right now and is predicting that he’ll defeat Canelo Alvarez possibly twice before moving on to defeat David Benavidez and Jermall Charlo to become one of the greatest fighters in this era.

If Plant defeats Canelo twice, he would be the new star in the super middleweight division. Of course, Plant would receive full credit in beating Canelo twice because the boxing public will assume that the Mexican star had deteriorated from a long career.

IBF super middleweight champion Plant (21-0, 12 KOs) and WBA/WBC/WBO champion Canelo (56-1-2, 38 KOs) will be squaring off on November 6th on FOX Sports pay-per-view in Las Vegas.

The winner of the fight will be the undisputed champion at 168, which is something that Canelo has been hard for since 2018.

Initially, Canelo’s goal was just to pick up an easy title from a weak champion in Rocky Fielding, who held the WBA ‘regular’ super middleweight title in 2018.

After discovering how easy it was to pick up belts from the champions at 168, chose to try and become the undisputed champion by beating Callum Smith, and  Billy Joe Saunders.

Now Canelo is facing the last barrier to becoming the undisputed champion in Plant, and he might be biting off a little more than he can chew.

Plant, 28, says Canelo isn’t the unbeatable fighter that many boxing fans believe him to beat. It’s already been proven that the 31-year-old Mexican star Canelo is beatable in his fights with Floyd Mayweather Jr., Austin Trout, Erislandy Lara, and Gennadiy Golovkin.

Caleb Plant, Canelo Alvarez - Boxing News

“He’s looked beatable in a lot of his bigger fights,” said Caleb Plant to PBC Podcast about Canelo. “He looked beatable vs. [Erislandy] Lara, he got schooled by Floyd [Mayweather Jr], he lost the first fight to GGG and it was really close the second time. They’re not going to convince me the guy’s unbeatable,” Plant added about Canelo.

Plant has the boxing skills to beat Canelo as long as he doesn’t run out of gas and end up standing right in front of him like his last opponent Saunders.

Billy Joe was doing well against Canelo for the first six rounds, but he faced in the seventh and wound up getting stopped in the eighth.

Most boxing fans believe that Canelo will break Plant down slowly by landing hard counter shots to the head and body. They note that Plant’s resume is weak despite being a pro for over ten years.

Plant’s best opposition:

  • Jose Uzcategui
  • Vincent Feigenbutz
  • Caleb Truax
  • Rogelio Medina

“I’ll beat Canelo Alvarez and, if he wants to take the rematch, I’ll beat him twice,” said Plant.

“I’ll beat David Benavidez, I’ll beat Jermall Charlo and I’ll be crowned as one of the greatest fighters of this era, period.”

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  1. Money can buy a boxing carrier, canelo proved it. I’ve watch canelo since fight one and he’s not the boxer tv is trying to sell. If it wasn’t for televisa in the beggining and for some mexican polititians by his side canelo would have not made it to where he is now. Then oscar de la hoya came into canelo carrier and all of a sudden all the top boxers wouldn’t fight canelo the way they used to box other boxers, money was at the table so canelo could survive in the boxing world. Remember: mexico needed an important champion.



    MAURICIO PENELA — Friday, SEPTEMBER 3, 2021 — 2:52 a.m.

    • He can’t beat demetrius andrade fool and he has already been beat

    • GGG won the first fight and if u knew anything about boxing u would agree with the 70 percent of the other knowledgeable people who have said the same thing!

  3. Wait! Did anybody see Plant’s last fight? How he beat up and finally K.Od his opponent? Me neither. Canelo fought some elite fighters and in his defense on why he got schooled with Lara and May was because he was an up and coming guy fighting really good fighters. This was like more than 10 years ago! And with the GGG fight, he fought a tough opponent who people consider old in the boxing world and he still looked impressive. This is coming from a Triple G fan. Plant will wither and collapse on the canvas. I know this because Canelo trains to box and HURT.

  4. Let the best fighter win !!!! It sucks for plant to say that, n don’t come out with the victory. He should learn from canelo like he says we will see in the ring that day…. learn from Saunders to much talk n came out with his tail between his legs sad sad…. be professional keep it low n let the best win !!!!!!!!

    • You mean if Canelo doesn’t knock him out and it goes to the judges because plant isn’t capable of knocking canelo out

  5. Caleb Plant understands that boxing is science not necessarily brawling like most fans like to see. Floyd beat Canelo by out boxing him. In my humble opinion Canelo clearly loss to Lara. The Trout fight should’ve been a draw. And GGG beat him twice. I respect Canelo as the best fighter at this time. But, no one is unbeatable in the squared circle.

    • So he lost every close fight and even 2nd fight to ggg? Ok your opinion is non valid lost all credibilty there he ran circles around ggg in 2nd fight even able admitted defeat lol.

  6. the only thing more embarrassing than plant eating his words is all of Canelos body punches he will eat, he will.wish he never entered that ring, Viva Mexico!!!

  7. I just hope I can watch a good fight that night, not specting Plant get toe to toe, but at least making a decent fight not just running around.

  8. If plant thinks he can beat Canelo. He better fight a whole lot better then his last fight. I was not impressed at all!!

  9. It’s going to be a fun fight I think I’ll go the distance …. Canelo by 2 points … plant has good defense canelo has to much power and defense…. I expect plant running away from canelo by the 7 or 8th round … those body blows really hurt just ask billy joe Saunders

  10. This site always say “they” when referencing people that doubt Canelo’s wins and resume. But doesn’t say who “they” is. This site is so anti Canelo they don’t even try to hide it.

    • Spot on bro. They are delusional thinking pillow fists plant has a chance at beating P4P Canelo. He is a lower version of Billy Joe and is following his path with the talking. Looking to see plants face once Canelo lands those heavy hands on his body and face. 😂 He will snap back to reality immediately and just look to survive.

  11. Plant better sack up his lunch and gather up his kin folks it gona take a while hes gona learn mexicans are killers ask manny when juan Manuel put him to slee

    • Come on now manny beat the mess out of marquez and was winning fight when marquez caught with a great punch.
      Remember marquez got his lunch when he fought mayweather
      Mexicans killers please

      Manny destroyed mexican fighters

  12. Canelo is at the top of his game plant can talk all the bs he wants but at the end of the night he is gonna get his ass whooped. And as for mayweather lol canelo was a kid if both in theyre primes when they fought canelo would knock his ass out. All he did is run. Back in the day you couldnt win or keep titles by running like mayweather did lol

  13. Maybe Caleb will get planted but my hopes is he out schools Canelo. Can’t judge a person if they haven’t faced great opposition. He will answer that very soon. If he schools Canelo, then everyone’s tune will change. On paper Canelo but what good is paper. Gotta let the mitts fly

  14. Good fight, anything can happen but we going with Canelo 100%! And both Charlo bros can’t faze Canelo, they proved that with their last performances! And well Boo boo…. Ain’t nobody out there that wants to fight a boring fighter/style like his! Not even the Charlo’s want to fight him.

  15. don’t know why Canelo Alvarez won’t give no brothers no fight every since MayweatherJR School him 😂😂😂

    • He beat a couple since i believe…isnt jacobs black? He trounced him….every brother isnt floyd they all pretty much suck charlo got beat by a cab driver.

  16. “OPIE TAYLOR” Plant needs to go back to Mayberry and sit his “PALE, OVERHYPED, OVERPRIVILEGED TAIL” down!!!

  17. Caleb plant must be living in an different galaxy. He’s fought nobody’s and now claims he will beat some of the elite fighters. Can’t wait to see Canelo send him to the canvas.

  18. I don’t know what Mr. Plant has been smoking but it must be some pretty good stuff. He hasn’t fought anybody. All bums. I don’t see him making it to the 8th. That Red head Mexican is gonna tear him apart with body shots. Plain and Simple.

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