Caleb Plant: I’ll beat Canelo in an easier fashion than people think

01/23/2021 - By Rob Smith - Comments

Caleb ‘Sweethands’ Plant (20-0, 12 KOs) says he’s going to beat Canelo Alvarez more easily than many fans realize when he meets up with him this year in a unification.

IBF super-middleweight champion Plant, 28, and WBA/WBC/Ring champ Canelo (54-1-2, 36 KOs) are expected to fight next September for the undisputed super middleweight championship with all four belts on the line.

Plant and Canelo still need to win their preliminary fights before they meet in September. Canelo will be fighting WBC mandatory Avni Yildirim (21-2, 12 KOs) on February 27th, and then WBO 168lb champion Billy Joe Saunders in May.

For his part, Plant will be defending against Caleb Truax (31-4-2, 19 KOs) next Saturday night on January 30th on PBC on FOX at the Shrine Exposition Center, Los Angeles, California.

Plant has the easier path to the Canelo fight, as he only needs to beat the 37-year-old Truax, who has lost a few steps with his advancing age.

Caleb wanted full camp for Alvarez fight

“It was a fight I wanted, and it was a fight that I was ready for, and anyone that follows me, you know they’ve been seeing me working throughout the pandemic,” said Caleb Plant to SecondsOut about a fight against Canelo.

Caleb Plant: I'll beat Canelo in an easier fashion than people think

“They know I’m a disciplined fighter, and I keep my weight in check. My manager Luis Decubis felt like with five weeks to go and only four weeks to train for a fight of that magnitude [against Canelo in December], it probably wouldn’t be the best move.

“I really respect that, and I agree with that. I’m glad that we made that move [not to fight Canelo] because the fights are still going to happen.

“I’m saying it’s going to happen, Canelo is saying it’s going to happen, and our team is saying it’s going to happen. You guys can rest assured the Canelo fight will happen.

“That would have not only been a big payday for me but for him as well. So for him to be looking past that and looking out for my best interest, I really respect that about Luis. That fight is going to happen. I know people are sweating us. The fight is going to happen.

“I don’t know how much more a full camp would have done for him, but I know he has a big frame, and it would have made it easier for him to make weight and things of that matter,” Plant said when asked if Callum Smith would have been better off if he had more time to train for his fight against Canelo on December 19th.

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“It did kind of reassure what we said about what was the best move [by not taking the Canelo fight after a short abbreviated training camp],” said Caleb.

It was a smart move by Plant not to fight with Canelo in December after a short camp, as we saw what happened to Callum Smith. He took on Canelo with a short camp, and he weak and drained from the first round.

Plant predicting an easy win over Canelo Alvarez

“There’s nothing really specific. I just need to go out and be myself,” Plant said when asked if there’s anything specific that he needs to do to beat Canelo.

Caleb Plant: I'll beat Canelo in an easier fashion than people think

“I have all the tools necessary to get my hand raised in that fight in a much easier fashion than people think. I feel like I’m the best super middleweight on the planet.

“So, anybody that steps in at 168 pounds, I’ll put them behind me. Whether that’s Canelo or any middleweights moving up or anyone that’s in the weight division now, I feel like I’m the best super middleweight has to offer.

“I just feel like this is about being myself and going in there and doing what I do best.

“When I first started boxing and coming up the rankings, that was my goal to become the first undisputed super middleweight,” said Plant.

“I know Canelo has a couple of belts, Billy Joe [Saunders] has a belt. I’m not sure if they’re fighting or what they got going on. That’s my goal.

“So before it’s all said and done, that’s what I plan on being [the undisputed champion].

“I’m going to be in this weight division for a while, and I’m not moving up anytime soon. So that’s my goal to stay here and try and make it happen,” said Plant.

“I started the year really well with a hometown fight and got a dominant performance and stopped him and got a lot of views,” said Plant about his win over Vincent Feigenbutz in February 2020.

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“Then COVID hit, and it kind of shut everything down. At times, it was frustrating because I was expecting a big year, and it kind of slowed me down. But it slowed a lot of us down.

“At that point, it’s about being able to adapt and overcome and adjust as needed,” said Plant.

When Plant is fresh in the first eight rounds, he’s going to be trouble for Canelo and may put him down two or three times in that part of the fight.

If Plant can pile on the points in the first three-quarters of the contest, he could cruise to victory over Canelo. Of course, if the fight is a friendly Canelo venue, all bets are off. In that case, Plant may need a knockout to win.

Plant wants to KO Truax

“Truax is a former world champion, and he’s upset some people before who didn’t take him serious, but you won’t find me in that boat,” said Plant.

Caleb Plant: I'll beat Canelo in an easier fashion than people think

“This isn’t someone I’m overlooking or looking past. I’m looking to put on a dominant performance on January 30th and stop him within 12 rounds.

“I feel like he is in over his head, but he is my mandatory. That’s been one of my biggest motivations for this training camp, and I haven’t forgotten about it.

“It was a while ago, back in 2016, and when I seen it, I screenshotted it and kept it in my back pocket and thought at some point, I may be using this,” said Plant about a comment Truax had made about him.

“In case our paths ever crossed, I wanted to keep it so I could remind him of the mistake that he made. It was my 11th fight, and him saying, ‘It’s already the first round, and I already hope he gets knocked out. There’s only room enough in boxing for one Caleb.’

“It’s just silliness. It’s just goofy stuff. I’m looking forward to reminding him soon what he said, and next time he should keep his mouth shut,” said Plant.

Well, it would be a good idea for Plant, 28, to try and get Truax out of there as quick as possible. With the power that Truax has in his right hand, it’s not a good idea for Plant to let him stick around.

Plant gasses late in his fights, and he loses his legs and power when that happens. Jose Uzcategui was dominating Plant in the championship rounds of their fight in 2019. That wasn’t long ago.

Although Traux doesn’t have the youth, size, or the work rate that Uzctegui passed two years ago, he can punch every bit as hard. That’s why Plant must try and knock Truax out before he can land something big.