A muscular Mayweather will be impossible for Pacquiao to beat

By Michael Collins: If you’ve had the chance to see the muscle that Floyd Mayweather Jr. has put on during his jail term at the Clark County Detention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, it’s hard to look at him and imagine Manny Pacquiao being able to compete with him now. Mayweather Jr. looks a lot more muscular in the shoulders and arms, and I’m now wondering whether he can even make 147 in the future without having to drain himself in the process.


Floyd Mayweather Released From Jail

By James Slater – Today, boxing superstar Floyd “Money” Mayweather left the Las Vegas jail that has been his home since June. Once again a free man, expected to get back to his job as the world’s best boxer soon, it’s possible the 43-0 master will box as soon as later this year. Reports said the 35-year-old had a tough time of it during his 87-day sentence (reduced due to good behaviour), with some reports suggesting the premiere athlete was barely touching the prison food and water available to him.

Some reports said Floyd was consuming just 800 calories per day. But today, though he might have looked a little underweight (dressed in a baggy hoody as he was it’s hard to really tell), Mayweather beamed as he climbed into his awaiting Bentley. Driving himself away after saying nothing to the gathered media, Mayweather, sporting a thick goatee beard, gave a victory sign with his hand and then he was gone.

Already, barely hours after he has begun to breathe free air again, people are asking, ‘who will Floyd fight next? And ‘when will he fight next?’