Floyd Mayweather Jr. tabs his Father to train him

Robert Jackson – The latest news has it that Floyd Mayweather Jr. whomever he decides to fight on May 4, 2013 will be trained by his father Floyd Joy Mayweather Sr. Floyd Jr’s announced return to his father after a long separation was speculated about previously with Floyd Jr saying his current trainer at the time – Uncle Roger’s health was deteriorating due to his diabetes, preventing him from training at his best.

Floyd Sr. has worked with Chad Dawson, Joan Guzman, currently works with Andre Dirrell and Mickey Bey, and was the trainer of Oscar De La Hoya during his heyday in the ring. Floyd Sr. was also in the camp for Floyd Jr’s return to the ring against Juan Manuel Marquez. During that fight Floyd’s tactics and technique were very sharp with Floyd winning a lopsided UD. Floyd Sr was also in the camp when Floyd Jr faced Shane Mosley albeit in a limited role, and for the next two fights against Victor Ortiz and Miguel Cotto Floyd Sr was absent from his son’s camps. During which a decline in Floyd Jr’s technique and tactics was noticeable.

Roger Mayweather a good trainer in his own right, who’s primary fighter is/was his nephew Floyd Jr. The Black Mamba as he was known when he was fighting is probably the best ‘mitts man’ in the business, which is his most visible asset to the fighters he trains. This ‘perpetual’ mitts routine Roger uses closely simulates real fighting and includes attacks, counters and defenses and my run as long as 10 or 20 minutes continuously, and is physically demanding.

Floyd Sr also has a signature mitts routine which ‘features the jab’, uppercuts, defenses and counters but is used and practiced for the exactness and perfection of the techniques and tactics that Floyd Sr teaches. Floyd Sr. works his mitts routine in intervals rather than continuously like Roger. This gives Floyd Sr. a chance to teach, fine tune and correct a fighters technique or tactics between intervals and then start the next interval of mitts work.

For his May 4, 2013 fight, Floyd Jr will probably work with Roger Mayweather for the physical ‘mitts work’ he provides that improves timing, quickness and reaction time, and then work mitts with his father to improve his tactics and defense, with Floyd Sr. being the primary 2nd in his corner on fight night. This writer expects that Floyd Jr to be exceptionally sharp in his return to the ring.