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Reni M. Valenzuela

Why Floyd Mayweather isn’t fighting the boxers we want him to fight

He’s at ease dodging competition for the basic reason that, whoever he handpicks as an opponent, there are those who pay to watch his fights enough to make him richer every time, by several millions of U.S. dollars.

Thus, Floyd Mayweather Jr. may retire without fighting Manny Pacquiao or any prime boxer in Floyd’s level who has a potential to beat him. Thus, he doesn’t feel obliged to compete in boxing considering boxing is a sport, not a vaudeville show. Thus, King Floyd continues to sit atop his throne to rule the sport and everyone involved in it.
Kudos, who shares the blame? Continue reading

The Half-SOLVED “Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao”

When a boxer or athlete runs out of gas during a competition, it’s almost always like reaching the point of surrender for the same boxer or athlete (not the “apostates”). Stamina is crucial in athletics, and in life. But stamina springs forth from the inner soul (for those who have souls), aside from muscles and cardiovascular. Continue reading

What’s obvious in Pacquiao vs. Bradley 2

The “Pacquiao-Bradley II” yesterday showed me only two things when I watched it on replay this morning. Let me share them with you as I quickly make this piece to briefly dissect what happened in the “show.”

One is Freddie Roach hasn’t solved yet the problem of his pupil with good counter punchers. It only goes to prove that Manny Pacquiao’s power purely lies not on his ability to knockout a fellow boxer, but on his opponent’s inability to effectively counter punch the “one-two” signature combination of Pacman.

Timothy Bradley was a smart tactician in the fight who suddenly veered from his team’s plan to engage Pacquiao only in the early rounds to test the waters, shock Pacquiao and gain some points, deviating from their original “strike then back off” strategy for much of the rounds. Bradley succeeded anyhow on occasions being “aggressive” all throughout the “passive” slugfest. Continue reading

Protest Over “Pacquiao-Bradley” And “Mayweather-Maidana””

The bottom line is the Pay-Per-View numbers of the “fights.” And the question is: Will Manny Pacquiao and Money Mayweather finally be convinced or compelled to fight each other next as a result of the “Pacquiao-Bradley” and “Mayweather-Maidana”?

Don’t succumb to the hype, neither be swayed by blitz nor hypnotics. Roach even went as far as blaming the Bible and mocking God a few days ago, while Arum ripped MGM, Mayweather and Showtime in the Final Press Con of the “Pacquiao-Bradley.” Such pronouncements along with the bold predictions coming from opposite camps and the producers are nothing more than bold desperation to sell the show. Continue reading

April 12 And May 3: Days Of Infamy For Boxing

What liberated people would ignore an injustice, gladly bear its yoke and willingly suffer its injuries by doing nothing? If scoundrels think they are free to do what they’re doing in defiance of reason and what is right, can’t we be at liberty to do what’s right and reasonable in defiance of the baseness of what they’ve been doing? Continue reading

Crookedness In Boxing: Solution To A Wayward Sport

Boxing prides itself to have in its fold the highest paid athlete in the world today but, oh, at the expense of everything that is right about prizefighting as a sound and genuinely robust sport.

In the sense that boxing has been in the grip of predators that foster only their pillage, by hook or by crook, the sport is deemed to have grown seriously ill, if not already totally lifeless. However, life was preserved last Saturday as we witnessed the Toe-To-Toe showdown between Saul Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo. It was a refreshing sight. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Continues To Toy The Boxing World

It’s final, on May 3 at the MGM Grand or Barclay’s Center, square pegs in a round hole will stage a fight that the sport doesn’t warrant and the fans don’t crave, rather the people detest in light of the “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao.”

By picking Marcos Maidana over another undeserving boxer Amir Khan in a frolic of dolts, Floyd Mayweather Jr. continues to toy the boxing world. And certain jerks are just too happy to be toyed around and be used as conduit clowns to trip the gullible all over the planet, yet again. Continue reading

Canelo’s perfect valentine and his date with Alfredo on March 8

Love is magical such that it makes living beautiful like no other. Or love is the place to start life all over again. But contrary to what most people think of love, it is not always about being near or physically intimate with the one you love. “Got to believe in magic,” says the songwriter/crooner Pomeranz.

In the case of Canelo Alvarez and Alfredo Angulo, love means having to beat each other on the forthcoming “Toe-To-Toe” Valentine’s Day which is set on March 8 for them. And it means a lot more than winning for Alvarez; it ought to be a day for him to start afresh in his boxing career for he is coming off his only but humiliating loss against the great dud Floyd Mayweather Jr. last September 14. Continue reading

Pac, Floyd versus different foes: What it means to the fans

About 92% of boxing fans would not spend money to watch the “Pacquiao-Bradley II” and “Mayweather-Maidana/Khan” out of PROTEST against square pegs for failing to make the long-awaited bout between Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao.

Who wouldn’t think of such possibility?

The result of ESPN Sports’ survey to determine which fight the fans want the most to happen corresponds with the outcome of all the other surveys on similar subject before and after that. The latest was the poll conducted by On The Ropes Boxing Radio just this week. It’s no different. Wow! A whopping 92% of those polled voted the “Pacquiao vs. Mayweather” to be the overwhelming choice and runaway winner. Continue reading

BWAA Bestows “Fighter Of The Year” Award On Mayweather???

Sugar Ray Robinson must be grieving somewhere in the great beyond because his name is being used in giving out the award. The Boxing Writers Association of America (BWAA) has chosen and finally reveals that Floyd “Money” Mayweather is its “Fighter of the Year” for 2013. The members are in unison declaring the pound-for-pound “number one” as the best. Cheers! Their consensus on the matter mirrors a lot of odd things in contemporary boxing. And it sends the people a serious message with a serious question. Continue reading