Why Floyd should retire if he won’t fight Pacquiao this year

Some pundits still don’t get it. The fight is a big deal for the fans not just because it interests them but because the fans want truth and they are resolved to prevent “stars” and “bigwigs” from further tricking them and the sport. If you think otherwise, then yours is a hopeless case perhaps.

No person ever solves a problem by looking only at his own concern. Even a hermit in a secluded island can’t do that.

It’s not that the fans are dying to see the mega bout happen for their consumption and pleasure. They want to work out a solution to the controversies, silliness, rottenness and idiocy in the sport surrounding Mayweather and Pacquiao. And to determine who between the two rivals is the better boxer to end endless debates. Any justification to negate such logic boils down to jerk musing, if not blind fanaticism.

Problems are essentially linked to bigger worlds. Hence self-seekers constantly get deeper into dungeon holes. And they are always embroiled in the cycle of confusion and misery inside the same holes, for they think no one else but themselves. So if that’s your mindset, go ignore reason and justice to patronize their future fights prior to “Mayweather-Pacquiao.”

The cold war involving Golden Boy and Top Rank Promotions must be stopped. And this is the chance to do it even before the Fighter of the Decade will have to part ways with Bob Arum at the end of the year. Because of the “cold war,” innocent fans are often caught in the crossfire. Boxing suffers while crocs, vultures, cobras, lions and paid hacks thrive at the expense of the people and the sport’s mental health and cardiovascular condition.

It’s a time of awakening and healing for an ailing sport. Boxing marches on despite the odds and the dogged. Sanity is on a revival mode and it’s heartening that much of media could have finally realized the essence of democracy and that sovereignty resides in the people, not in despots; neither in money nor “Money.”

Media has probably come of age for it is currently taking a responsible stance as catalyst for change and transformation, sans the morons. Freddie Roach is correct: The long-awaited mega bout is at hand and it’s closer now than ever. The climate calls for it. The soil is fertile, and the stage is set for the first “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao” to blossom into reality. And, finally, we will be seeing the best of the bests of Floyd Mayweather Jr. because only Pacman can bring it out in him.

I may be an obvious Pacquiao believer. But truth to tell, I’m a secret Mayweather fan since his incarceration in Las Vegas jail. The trouble with Floyd though is that the fans believe in him more than he believes in himself. Grow boy.

But for all intents and purposes, we cannot entertain the idea of Mayweather fighting on May 3 versus a “solid” boxer other than Manny Pacquiao. The same is true with Pacquiao against any “in-house” opponent other than Mayweather on April 12, except if the proud “king” insits on his habit of duc”king.” But everything is mere talk unless they talk.

It is imperative that we stop looking forward to the “Mayweather vs. Pacquiao” as being the fight “after another fight” because alibis are meant to be forever. Such vicious assumption has been the recurring false-hope warp the sport has gotten entangled in. And it’s precisely why we have reached this far with the matchup still being unable to come to fruition. May 3 is the date. And it stands tough and strong.
Pacman or Retirement are Floyd’s remaining options to cherry pick.

The ball is now in the people’s court. And that includes you in media. The battle transcends dwarfs and Cyclops. And it is most assuredly to be won if all sectors, notably media, will play their part. As in movies, roles have to be performed or there would be no all time best, classic trilogy that is “PACQUIAO VS. MAYWEATHER.”

There are things in life that man can’t do without outside of the material and physical craving. You can’t eat good principle, but you can certainly live well and healthy on it. Or die well with it.
The “Mega Bout” has achieved significant headway thus far.
Nurture the bud.
Not the bad.

(P.S. I am saddened at the passing of WBC President Jose Sulaiman as I was saddened at Nelson Mandela’s death. Mr. Sulaiman was far from perfect, though he’s a rare man. He had a gracious heart, determined to convert himself into a good leader who does his best for the sport and people in the latter of his life. My country is grateful for the help he had extended to the victims of super typhoon and the unwavering support he had given to improving Filipino boxers for years. God is good and I proclaim it at this time because of him. I regret that he had to die before I say this tribute.)