Results: Erickson Lubin defeats Jesus Ramos leaving fans shocked

09/30/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

Erickson Lubin chalked up a unanimous decision against the tough and unbeaten Jesus Ramos Jr. It was a 12-round war that left many shaking their heads and questioning the verdict with the scorecards reading 117-111, 116-112, and 115-113, all favoring Lubin.

Lubin’s approach was all about sticking and moving, and he seemed pretty content with the execution. “We aimed to play it cool, get a read on him, and then pepper him with counters. It was straight outta ‘Boxing 101’,” said a triumphant Lubin.

Now, Ramos was seemingly miffed and a part of the boxing community is rallying behind him. “I genuinely believed I edged it, but it seems the universe had other plans,” Ramos reflected. “Props to Lubin, he brought his A-game. Time for me to re-strategize.”

With previous losses to Jermell Charlo and Sebastian Fundora, Lubin’s now pushing his way back to the top of the 154-pound division, painting this win as a grand comeback. Lubin was all about the counter-attacks and let Ramos lead the fight quite a bit.

“My jab was my best buddy throughout,” Lubin mentioned. “Ramos found his moments, especially when I was cornered. Tried my best to keep off those ropes; there were some punches he definitely felt, even if he didn’t show it.”

Despite a punch count hugely favoring Ramos – he landed a substantial 145 to Lubin’s 92 – the judges seemingly had a different fight in mind. They were all about Lubin’s defensive artistry and relentless jabbing, leaving a disgruntled Ramos to reflect on his fight strategy.

“I was aiming to mix it up a bit, not just go on the offensive,” said a contemplative Ramos. “But man, never leave it to the judges. Next time, more pressure, more aggression. This is a learning curve, and a steep one at that!”

Here’s where it gets spicy, my friends. Lubin is now loud and clear about his intentions in the division. “I ain’t anyone’s gatekeeper. I’m vying to be the king of this division. Those belts at 154 pounds? I’m after them.”

So, the controversial air surrounding this fight is undeniable. Ramos’s fans are in uproar, feeling their man was brutally robbed.