Results: Mario Barrios Topples Yordenis Ugas in Welterweight Showdown!

09/30/2023 - By Vladimir S - Comments

San Antonio’s very own Mario Barrios (28-2, 18 KOs) was in sizzling form, as he danced, ducked, and delivered not one but two knockdowns. He didn’t just win; he dazzled, snatching the Interim WBC Welterweight Title from Cuba’s Yordenis Ugas (27-6, 12 KOs) during a pay-per-view extravaganza.

Rubbing a sore spot on his arm, Barrios laughed, “Feels like I’ve been in a salsa duel rather than a boxing fight!” He continued, “All those late nights and early mornings in training camp weren’t for nothing. Man, Ugas is a warrior. He didn’t just show up; he gave me a run for my money. Hats off to him for such a spirited fight.”

The drama heightened in the second round. Just when things seemed even-steven, Barrios unleashed a sharp left hand that had Ugas seeing stars and the canvas up close. And while Ugas managed to bounce back with the spirit of a champion, that moment was a taste of what was to come.

Recalling that twist, Barrios said, “That first knockdown was a game-changer. I mean, he did catch me off-guard with a sly liver shot early on. Made me rethink my dinner choices,” he chuckled. “But once I got my groove back, started leading with my jab, things started looking up.”

Despite the knockdown, Ugas wasn’t going down without a fight. He landed some clean shots, tried to find his rhythm, but Barrios’ relentless energy and agility made it tough. The numbers spoke volumes – Barrios outpunched Ugas 810 to 484. That’s like comparing the energy of a caffeinated bunny to a tortoise after a big meal.

As the rounds passed, Ugas showed signs of wear and tear, especially around his right eye. It wasn’t just the swelling that caught attention; the ringside doc had to play peeping Tom thrice before the final rounds. By the time the 12th round rolled around, Barrios, ever the showman, delivered a crisp left hook, sending Ugas back to the floor. And as if the boxing gods wanted more drama, Ugas’ mouthpiece decided to make a cameo, not once, but twice, leading to referee Tom Taylor playing the strict school teacher and deducting a point.

Riding high on this significant victory, Barrios is already looking at the horizon. “I’m eyeing the main WBC title now. There’s a roadmap to that, and with my team by my side, we’ll plot the next move. The journey’s just getting started.”