Tyson Fury Vows To Score First Round KO In Wilder Trilogy Fight

Both Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder have put pen to paper, making their third fight, set for July 24th in Las Vegas, official. So, like it or not, whether you are excited and interested in it or not, we will see these two bitter rivals go at it for a third time – you can call it round 20 if you like. While most people you speak to say we will see nothing but another Fury beatdown in July, Wilder does have his supporters; people who say the former WBC heavyweight champ, who took such a fearful hiding in February of 2020 when he hooked up with Fury in their rematch, will get the KO this time.

It would be a stunning comeback if that happened. But Fury says he will surprise us by scoring a quick KO himself – in the first round. Going into the second fight, not too many people believed Fury when he stated how he would jump right on Wilder and knock him out (he said in three rounds). But Fury was as good as his word in that he did go right at the fearsome puncher, pushing him back and basically beating him up for a little under seven completed sessions. Now Fury says he will “crack the other side” of Wilder’s skull, that he will “smash” Wilder.

YouTube video

“Shall we do it and put him out of his misery?” Fury said in a video put out by Top Rank. “Crack the other side of his skull? Give him another shoulder injury, another bicep injury, a leg injury…the whole lot. Wilder, contract’s signed, you’re getting smashed. When I say smashed, I mean smash, smash, smash. You’re getting knocked out, end of, one round, you’re going. I’ve got your soul, your mojo, everything. I own you.”

Meanwhile, Wilder has been training hard with new trainer (and former KO victim) Malik Scott. From the video clips that Wilder has put out, it looks as though Wilder has gone back to some old-school methods of training, with him lifting tree trunks and the like. But the biggest thing Wilder needs to do is to come up with a game-plan with which to defeat Fury; this being something he was sorely lacking in the February 2020 rematch. Wilder’s raw power alone is not enough to defeat Fury.

That said, Wilder will always have the proverbial puncher’s chance. Both men seem to be fired up ahead of July 24. A second distance fight looks extremely unlikely. Somebody is getting stopped or knocked out in fight-three. Most people feel it will be Fury doing the knocking out or the stopping.

YouTube video