Why Does Tyson Fury Want To Beat Up On Derek Chisora Again?

By James Slater - 08/09/2022 - Comments

For a man who is “retired,” Tyson Fury seems to be almost hell-bent on fighting, or should I say, hell-bent on beating up, Derek Chisora. Fury fell out with his old mate due to the way Chisora had the temerity to pick against him ahead of the April fight between Fury and Dillian Whyte, and ever since, Fury has been vowing to punish Chisora for having done so.

Yesterday, Fury took to social media, ordering Chisora to “get that f*****g contract signed.” Fury’s people have sent an offer to Chisora for a third fight – Fury having won a wide decision over Chisora in 2011, with Fury stopping Chisora in their 2014 return – but Chisora turned it down, claiming it was not enough money.

Now Fury is ramping up his insults campaign.

“This one goes out to Derek ‘The S**t House’ Chisora. You’re running, Derek, from the trilogy,” Fury ranted. “You call yourself ‘War,’ but you should call yourself ‘Chicken,’ because you’re running from the trilogy and from a career-high payday. Get that f*****g contract signed.”

But why does Fury want to fight Chisora again, really? There is absolutely zero fan interest in a third fight between these two; Fury is simply too good for Chisora and fans know it. Why would anyone shell out good money to see Fury beat up on Chisora a third time? If Fury is, as has been said, getting “itchy feet” about fighting again, we all know who he should fight – the winner of the Oleksandr Usyk-Anthony Joshua fight, that’s who. A Chisora trilogy would be a complete waste of time.

Or maybe Fury is simply looking at taking a third Chisora fight as a warm-up for a fight with the Usyk-Joshua winner? We fans have long since given up trying to fathom Fury’s mind. But if a third fight between Fury and Chisora did happen, and if the action proved as one-sided as almost every soul on planet earth thinks it would, Fury would be running the risk of coming across as one big bully.

Fury must fight the Usyk-Joshua winner if he is to fight again. Nobody else out there (Deontay Wilder aside, if he returns) can challenge Fury and he knows it. And we know it too.

Last Updated on 08/09/2022