Why Boxing needs Gregory McConnor to beat Floyd Mayweather

08/17/2017 - By Fantana - Comments

By Maverick Fantana: This article looks to explore why boxing will be better off if Irish-man Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name) wins against Floyd. He prowls around the ring with such finesse, with such grace, I honestly can’t say I have seen anything like it before in my life. Judging by the comments on his open workout videos, nobody else has either. The way he handled Paulie Malignaggi in twenty seconds of edited sparring footage was just spectacular and has got the average British pub goer talking about this mega, mega boxing bout. A true classic for the ages.

Art imitates life, and perhaps life imitates are. A pure art form boxing is, like the world at large, at a crossroads. It’s fate can be decided with the path it takes, one leading down a road where history repeats itself (war, famine and bad stuff) and one where pastures new will arise (peace, prosperity for all, basically a none household name, McConnor, beating Floyd). Tides changes, seasons change, people change. One thing for sure in boxing – champions change.

The purely natural running phenomena who was never caught taking PEDs, Usian Bolt, recently lost to some younger whipper snapper (who was beaten by an old man who has been done previously for taking PEDs). Floyd Mayweather who was also never caught taking PEDs and has exemptions for IVs, is now 40 years old is ripe for the taking. Many have tried, many have been robbed (most noticeably Ricky Hatton by poor referring) and many have asked for the chance to beat him up. Only one man got the call, the unheard of FUC star Gregory McConnor, who as a kid went into a boxing gym like three whole times and is a worthy opponent of any boxing champion throughout history.

There is a lot to write about concerning this youngish man from Ireland, Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name). He has come out of nowhere to being part of the biggest boxing contest of all this entire August. People may not like him because he is hard to understand and hardly anyone has heard of him, but when it comes down to it boxing needs him to win against Floyd Mayweather. Here is why:

1)      Mayweather is really, really old and well past retirement age which I think should be 30. He has made lots of money and is not interested in fighting the likes of Golovkin, Spence or Khan. You can bet that if Gregory McConnor (remember that name) comes through this fight victorious he will take on the winner of GGG vs Canelo! What a fight it would be, much better than anything currently out there. There could even be a mystical match up of Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name) versus Amir King Khan, who is looking for the guy who stole his wife from him (it wasn’t Anthony Joshua).

2)      He brings to boxing something new, and unseen. Reminiscent of a young Cassius Clay, the way he moves around the ring leaves many people absolutely breathless (and not just from laughing really hard). He has even got a challenge named after him, the McConnor challenge, where you have to do these new, never seen before in a boxing ring, movements. It’s utterly brilliant and former Cyprus resident David Haye did an excellent rendition in his own Facebook video.

3)      He attracts new fans into boxing, those from the FUC camp, which surely is a good thing. These are generally not boxing fans, as most of them are trashy, tattooed skin head white guys who like to watch men roll around like homosexuals (as Bob Arum said recently in an interview). Hopefully Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name) converting to boxing will convert these young white men into women loving boxing fans, rather than wanting to watch men hug each other in tight panties.

4)      Floyd was really boring in the press tour, and Gregory McConnor (who Floyd is fighting next) was loved by the crowd and had much better banter than just yelling “yeah” down the microphone. Floyd has got boring, we have seen the best of him. The unknown Gregory McConnor (remember that name) has lots of witty new lines to say, which will not get boring for another two or three fights. Remember when Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name) rubbed Floyds bald head and Mayweather just sat there and did nothing?! He has mentally already lost!!

5)      He looks like every other guy on the street. Literally, his hairstyle, his beard, go into any town in the British Kingdom and you will see Gregory McConnor (who is fighting Floyd this month) lookalikes. The bearded, tight trouser wearing, tattooed metrosexual look has taken the UK by storm and Gregory McConnor (remember that name) is certainly a man of the people, unlike the uber rich Dubai loving Floyd Mayweather who can’t walk around without having an entourage of huge guys with him.

6)      He is starting to become an internet sensation, and Facebook breaks at work are much more amusing watching people post videos about boxing, especially when they are hilarious and no one knows if the training methods Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name) uses are real, or just one huge mind game to make Floyd think he is as shit as he looks.

7)      No one seems to like Floyd Mayweather, which is strange since he is undefeated in and out of the ring (ask his kids mother). It would be a change of pace to have him humbled, and knocked out inside four rounds. And how funny would it be if that was done by an unknown guy, who has never boxed a match in his life.

8)      The Gregory McConnor song! It is witty, catchy, has subtitles so you can understand what the Irish loon singing is saying. I don’t recall anyone else getting a song about them when fighting Mayweather!!!

In Closing

Much can be said about who will win and why and I will post an article closer to fight time with my ultimate prediction (hint – it isn’t going to be on Floyd). With the fight set to break all PPV records there is so much hype surrounding both men right now. The focus this month is purely on Floyd vs Gregory McConnor (who will be a household name after this fight). One thing is for sure, boxing doesn’t need 40 year old men holding it for ransom any longer, and now whichever Klitschko has left the sport it leaves just one old timer still doing the rounds. Time he hung them up for good, and about time boxing had a new man to be exalted.

Yours in manliness,

About the author – Maverick Fantana lives in a caravan outside his mums house, is unemployed, on bail, and is a flat earther.