Why Boxing needs Gregory McConnor to beat Floyd Mayweather

Conor McGregor, Floyd Mayweather Jr - Boxing News

By Maverick Fantana: This article looks to explore why boxing will be better off if Irish-man Gregory McConnor (not yet a household name) wins against Floyd. He prowls around the ring with such finesse, with such grace, I honestly can’t say I have seen anything like it before in my life. Judging by the comments on his open workout videos, nobody else has either. The way he handled Paulie Malignaggi in twenty seconds of edited sparring footage was just spectacular and has got the average British pub goer talking about this mega, mega boxing bout. A true classic for the ages.


Is Floyd Mayweather Jr still the biggest name in boxing and MMA?

Floyd Mayweather Jr - Boxing News

By Maverick Fantana: Boxing said farewell to Money Mayweather after a dominant and very exciting final display of boxing prowess against Andre Berto. With Manny Pacquiao back from his amazingly long retirement there is of course speculation that a rematch with Floyd Mayweather could be in the works. Mayweather has quashed any rumours of a return to the ring much like he did throughout his career with overmatched opponents. That is except for the recent speculation and comments from Floyd saying he will fight MMA and soon to be Game of Thrones star Gregory McConnor (who is not yet a household name).


Mayweather vs Pacquiao – Khan eliminator almost upon us

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We are only a few days away now from the fight which almost everyone wants to see – Mayweather vs Pacquiao. In the build up to the fight the focus has strongly been on three things – How much money the fight is generating, why it took so long to make the fight happen and who folks believe is going to win. Most predictions have surprisingly favoured Floyd Mayweather Jr. I am not too sure why, perhaps because he is undefeated and always wins. The fight has not been without its detractors though, and rightly so. Both guys are past their prime, the fans are getting ripped off with prices for the PPV and tickets (if indeed they could get any) and the fight has been blown out of proportion and should be recognized for what it truly is – a final eliminator to face the sensational pound for pound number 1 fighter on the planet, Britain’s great Amir Khan.