Warren “Astounded” Dec Spelman Got A 45-Day Suspension After His Stoppage Loss, When Dillian Whyte Only Got 28-Days After Povetkin KO

Promoter Frank Warren has brought up an interesting fact regarding the respective suspension of two fighters – Dillian Whyte and Dec Spelman.

Whyte, as everyone knows, was stunned and was quite brutally knocked out in a big upset by Alexander Povetkin on August 22. Spelman, a light-heavyweight, was rescued by the referee in his fight with Anthony Yarde last weekend.

But whereas Whyte, who was knocked cold and was administered oxygen in the ring after taking that wicked left uppercut to the chin, was given a 28-day medical suspension, Spelman, who was not rendered unconscious, has been given a 45-day medical suspension. And Warren says this discrepancy needs to be looked at.

Writing in his usual column for The Star, Warren pointed out the following facts:

“Spelman was handed a 45-day medical suspension despite not being knocked out,” Warren wrote. “Safety first is the way the British Boxing Board of Control should look at it so there is no problem with that.

“But I am astounded Spelman got 45 days when Dillian Whyte only got 28 days after his brutal knockout by Alexander Povetkin. Spelman was hurt but he wasn’t completely knocked out like Whyte was when he was caught by that huge left uppercut.

“Whyte needed oxygen administered in the ring which shows the seriousness of the knockout. It does seem strange that his team are allowing him to push ahead with this rematch so quickly after it was announced for November 21 this week.”

Warren added that although he doesn’t blame Whyte himself for wanting the immediate rematch – “he’s a fighter,” he said – he does feel Whyte’s team should have advised Whyte to take a longer rest before going back in with Povetkin.

“I just don’t see what the rush is because Whyte isn’t going to get a shot at the WBC heavyweight title any sooner,” Fran pointed out.

Indeed. So is Whyte doing the foolish thing by going back in with Povetkin just three months after being laid out by the Russian? Is Warren correct when he says Whyte’s team should have advised him to wait?

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The biggest question (aside from why two British fighters who both suffered a stoppage around the same time of a fight, Spelman being stopped in six, Whyte in the fifth round, have been handed different medical suspensions) is what will happen to Whyte if he is knocked out for a second time in the rematch with Povetkin?

Is Whyte being looked after properly by the people around him?