Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko to come face to face at Manchester press conference next week

The fight is dubbed “Repeat or Revenge,” and next week in the city of Manchester in the UK, heavyweight rivals Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko will come face to face for the first time since their November fight, at the official press conference to announce the date and the venue of the anticipated return.

Press conferences can be dull affairs, merely a matter of formality. However, in light of the crazy, and highly amusing antics Fury got up to in a previous press conference with Klitschko – where he, amongst other things, dressed up as Batman, rolled around on the floor in a mock fight, knocked the then-champ’s belts on the floor and hurled plenty of verbal abuse at an often bemused-looking Klitschko – people are asking themselves what will happen when Fury meets Klitschko next Wednesday in Manchester?

The fans and the media never know what Fury will get up to (maybe Fury himself never really knows) and Klitschko doesn’t know, either. In fact, there is probably a good chance Wladimir is all but dreading being in Fury’s company again! Fury certainly appeared to have intimidated Klitschko with his antics and aggressive behavior. Will this be the case ahead of the rematch? Indeed, was fight-one won and lost, in large part anyway, at that Batman press conference?

Will fight-two be previewed by a press conference that gives us an inkling of how the rematch will go? Klitschko doesn’t seem able to intimidate Fury, but Fury is sure to try his hand at mind games next week, due to how successful they were last time. The demeanor Klitschko displays could prove interesting. Will Wladimir be able to keep his cool once again if Fury insults him and threatens to do who knows what to him in the ring? Could we see an edgier, even aggressive Klitschko next week?

Fury has earned a reputation for providing memorable press conferences and interviews (as has his father John, the former pro who has been so annoyed by members of the press and has felt the need to vent his anger, in entertaining fashion, at recent conferences involving his son) and people now expect “The Tyson Fury Show” at every turn.

Some critics have even suggested Fury’s press conference performances outdo his fights in terms of entertainment. And yes, Fury-Klitscko-one was largely dull, with precious few action highlights. But something says the rematch will be a totally different fight. We may get more of an idea next week!