Tyson Fury v. Derek Chisora: What A Waste

11/28/2022 - By Jeff Meyers - Comments

Tyson Fury is set to square off against Derek Chisora December 3 at Tottenham Hotspur Stadium. Regrettably.

Derek Chisora? This is not a way to cement a legacy. Tyson Fury has fought many top fighters, but not enough to forge his place in the pantheon of all-time heavyweights.

How about Oleksandr Usyk? How about Anthony Joshua? Andy Ruiz? Three guys off the top of my head who have been champions. Derek Chisora is a solid heavyweight, but not one who will ever make anyone’s top 50 heavyweight list.

Tyson Fury is an amazing fighter. This is not an amazing choice. It’s a rather disappointing one.

Fury is 34 years old. After this fight, where does he go? Yes, heavyweights can last into their late 30s, but I don’t think Fury is a George Foreman clone.

Did Fury and his promoters notice that Chisora has lost three of his last four fights against top contenders? That he fought Fury back in 2014 and lost decisively?

The contracts are signed, so it’s a little late to hope Fury has a change of heart That’s tragic for boxing, and more so for Fury’s legacy.

It appears Tyson Fury is taking the Floyd Mayweather approach to ending his career/retirement. Say you’re retiring, not really meaning it, then proceeding for the next three or four years to fight easy fights in exchange for worldwide publicity and tons of cash.

Boxing fans around the globe have become used to fighters dodging top-notch competition for easier, big money fights. That doesn’t mean they have to sit there and like it.